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About authorLucas (CEO VapeFully)

Founder of VapeFully, entrepreneur and vaporization enthusiast. He discovered vaporization by looking for alternative methods to consume the active properties of herbs without the toxic by-products. After extensive research, he came to the conclusion that vaporization is the answer to his quest - as it most resembles smoking, has great flavor, is extremely cost-efficient and easy to control.

Unfortunately, his excitement was quickly dampened by the prevailing trend at the time on the Polish market, which promoted vaporization using devices such as Titan 2 Hebe or Snoop Dogg G Pen. The commercially available vaporizers were very far from what Lucas was looking for - they either smelled of plastic and raised huge doubts about health issues or burned the herbs (so they were not much different from a glass pipe for 20 euros). Back then, the devices that appeared in shops and on many auction sites were not meeting the expectations of true vape connoisseurs and were only destroying the reputation of vaporizers.

Lucas, however, continued on his quest and finally found quality devices that properly fulfilled their function - they were made of safe materials, did not burn herbs and were not too expensive. And most importantly, in these premium devices, the vapor path and the electronic components were separated, guaranteeing a pure and clean vapor production. Finally he had found what he was looking for.

Excited by his discoveries, he came to the conclusion that the benefits of vaporization were too important to leave the vape world in the state it was. Since 2015, Lucas has been promoting vaporization for what it really is - safe for your health, inexpensive and tasty. He does this by offering users the best, safest vaporizers, effectively contributing to eliminate the devices that gave vaping a bad reputation.

By giving vapers access to quality devices, potential users don't have to go through the struggles that he went through himself - spending money on devices that are disappointing. Lucas gathered a team of enthusiasts who share the same goal. Together, they test vaporizers before launching them on the market and select only the highest quality models to add to the VapeFully product range. Thanks to Lucas, Polish herb lovers could discover devices such as DynaVap (VapCap), Sticky Brick or Lotus. Lucas' goal is to create a platform that will provide users with top-quality vaporization solutions from around the world at an affordable price.

Author of the e-book: “Waporyzacja bez Tajemnic” (Vaporization without Secrets) published in 2018 by VapeFully and many industry texts.
Privately, a fan of healthy lifestyle and personal development. Pianist, yogi and traveler. A graduate of Wroclaw University of Economics and Business (specialization: Risk Management), organizer of many development events such as Career EXPO or DevCamp, former member of @AIESEC Poland and ToastMaster International. Certified AgilePM® Project Manager.

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