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Arizer ArGo Vaporizer vs. Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer vs. Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer

With the arrival of ArGo Vaporizer (Arizer Go Vaporizer), our offer includes all the Arizer brand vaporizers released in 2017. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the most important differences between ArGo Vaporizer, Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer, and Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer.

Arizer Solo Vaporizer
Arizer Solo Vaporizer
  • Quality versus quantity
  • Inhalation efficiency and comfort of use
  • Power and discretion 

Although the Arizer Tech portable vaporizers differ a lot in terms of looks, they have many features in common, such as a heating chamber integrated with the mouthpiece (vapor path made entirely of glass), a hybrid heating system, a great vapor flavor, and a high level of plant material conservation. Below, we compare the 3 models in several categories – we hope it will help you choose the best vaporizer for your needs!

Quality, quantity, and potency of vapor

All 3 models – ArGo Vaporizer, Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer, and Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer – are characterized by the excellent quality of the vapor they produce. This is due to the hybrid heating system (a combination of conduction and convection) and an extended glass mouthpiece. The vapor is full of flavor, smooth, and gentle to your throat.

Arizer Argo Vaporizer
Arizer Argo Vaporizer

The vapor is equally potent in the three devices. As for the amount of the vapor produced, it’s comparable in Arizer Air 2 and Argo Vaporizer, while the vapor in Arizer Solo 2 is more plentiful, which is due to the stronger heating element installed in this model. The quality of vapor is practically the same in all 3 devices. However, Solo 2 produces larger amounts of steam and lets the user make largest clouds.

Inhalation efficiency

Although the diameter of the mouthpiece in the case of ArGo Vaporizer is slightly smaller than in other Arizer vaporizers, the chamber in this model is proportionally deeper, so it holds exactly the same amount of ground material – between 0.1 and 0.15 g.

This amount is enough for a full session that lasts even more than 10 minutes and guarantees very good effects. This means that all 3 portable vaporizers are extremely economical and let you save a lot of money on herbs. In terms of efficiency, the three devices get the same note.

Comfort of use

In terms of comfort of use, ArGo Vaporizer definitely outclasses the “elder brothers”. ArGo is incomparably smaller and handier. In addition, the ArGo structure (the extended glass mouthpiece is located inside the device) lets you carry the mouthpiece filled with herbs inside the device, rather than separately, which was a problem with the earlier Arizer models.

Arizer Air 2 Vaporiser
Arizer Air 2 Vaporiser

This is the most important aspect affecting the convenience of using portable Arizers. As for the heating time, it is similar in the case of ArGo and Air 2, while the Solo 2 warms up a bit faster, which is due to the stronger heater. All models have full temperature control (you can set it with a precision of 1 degree Celsius), which is very convenient.

ArGo Vaporizer also has a function that was missing in the previous models – a short “beep” informs the user that the temperature is reached, so you don’t have to watch the display all the time. It may seem to be a minor detail, but it significantly increases the convenience of use. The ArGo Vaporizer is definitely the winner in terms of comfort of use.

Power and battery

Arizer Solo 2 has the most powerful battery among all portable models – it allows for up to 3 hours of continuous operation on a single charge, which translates into more than 20 inhalations. The battery, however, is built-in and is of a non-standard type, which means that it cannot be replaced by the user.

Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer
Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer

In turn, ArGo Vaporizer and Aizer Air 2 offer a shorter operation time on one charge (respectively, 60 and 75 minutes of continuous work), and they are powered by replaceable batteries of the standard 18650 type. This means that you can buy spare batteries and replace them instantly if need be. Also, when the battery wears out after a few years, you won’t have to send the device for service to replace it.

ArGo Vaporizer and Arizer Air 2 are charged via a micro-USB port, while Solo 2 is charged with a dedicated wall charger. All 3 models can be used while charging. Despite the incredible time of work on a single charge in the case of Solo 2, in terms of power supply and battery, ArGo and Air 2 are better.


In terms of discretion, ArGo Vaporizer definitely outclasses Solo 2 and Air 2. ArGo is much smaller so you can hide it in the palm of your hand. In addition, the lack of a glass mouthpiece mounted on the outside (like in Air 2 and Solo 2) makes the use of ArGo incomparably more discreet. In terms of discreteness, we have a clear winner – ArGo Vaporizer.

Summary – which Arizer will be the best for you?

All the 3 models we’ve compared are excellent vaporizers and you will be satisfied with each of them. They provide a very similar vaping experience. When you decide which one to choose, think about how important the discretion of inhalation is to you.

If you vaporize primarily at home and discretion is not that significant, then the best choice for you will be Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer. Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer will be slightly more discreet, plus it has a replaceable battery, which is a big advantage. If you also vaporize a lot outside the home and discreteness is a priority, then without a doubt the best choice will be the latest ArGo Vaporizer.

Below, you will find our review of Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer. Have a look!

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If you have doubts about whether your vaporizer is suitable for aromatherapy or you would like to get more information about it – contact us, our experts will be happy to give you professional and free advice!

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