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About authorVapoManiak

VapoManiak - a big fan, enthusiast and promoter of vaporization and vaporizers. In 2016, he founded the portal, and not too long after he started the YouTube channel of the same name. He gave up his career to devote himself fully to the world of vaporization and became the first Polish professional vaporizer reviewer.

He used a vaporizer for the first time in 2011, but only fell in love with it completely a little later, after he gave up cigarettes and found that any kind of smoke inhalation was no longer comfortable for him. Since 2015, vaporization is the only way for him to intake the properties of herbs and he cannot imagine returning to the classic methods of consumption. He is an active promoter of vaporization, trying to convince the widest range of Polish consumers to give up inhaling toxic smoke.

He believes that there is no single best vaporizer on the market - there are only vaporizers best matching to the needs of each specific user. When giving advice on a vaporizer, he follows this principle and tries to figure out as accurately as possible the specific needs and habits of each person, in order to recommend the device best suited to each user.

In his reviews, he carefully analyzes individual aspects of the devices tested, honestly pointing out also all their defects. He provides his readers and viewers the possibility to compare and inform themselves about many different models, to help herb lovers consciously choose the vape best suited for their needs.

He has worked in the publishing industry, Internet marketing (including Onet) and in an organization for collective copyright management. In the summer of 2018, he finally gave up his career and devoted himself 100% to the vaporization industry.

Privately, a fan of near and far travel, good food and Netflix. A graduate of International Relations at Collegium Civitas and Strategic Studies at the Jagiellonian University.

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