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Autumn Sale at VapeFully!

Autumn sales at VapeFully start now! Check out our featured products and find the best deal for you!

Amazing deals on vaporizer accessories

If you’re on the hunt for great accessories at an even better price, look no further. You probably won’t find the products below at a more attractive price this year – you can consider this sale as a sneak peek to our big annual Black Friday sale! Are you not curious about the special offers and discounts we have prepared for you? 

VapeStash 40% off!

First interesting offer is VapeStash – now almost 40% off! VapeStash is quite a treat, particularly for lovers of high quality dry herb. This modern dry herb container has quite a few features, such as having two capacious compartments with a glass insert, being completely airtight, and offering protection from odours and UV rays.

So, you can carry two types of dry herb with you, and the herbs will be protected in any way possible – from light, moisture and drying out. By the way, you will surely appreciate the design and high quality materials of the VapeStash.

The latest version of the VapeStash now features improved threads and a redesigned glass that allows you to store your moisture stabilizer in one of the VapeStash’s chambers. At a discount price, this purchase pays off even more!

Attractive discount on water filters

Honey Tower and Bomb Tower are water filters for demanding customers. They’re available now at a great deal – if you’re looking for a water filter, you definitely shouldn’t wait until stocks last!

You can buy Honey Tower 46% off on the Autumn Sale at VapeFully! This is a high quality water filter, made of thick glass, so that it is sturdy and durable. This water filter comes with a 14.5 mm female glass joint. Interestingly, inside the water filter there are three so-called “honeycombs” acting as diffusers. They ensure that the vapour is perfectly smooth and has the optimum temperature.

Another interesting product is the Bomb Tower, a water filter with a 14.5mm female joint. For a limited time, the product is available at a special price – 50% off! This filter is also made of very sturdy glass, which makes it durable and therefore a really good investment. What makes the Bomb Tower so special is that it measures 35 cm in height.

The filter has a dual filtration system that is extremely advanced. The inside of the filter is divided into two chambers, where separate filtration takes place. This solution also makes the vapour perfectly cooled. 

Be sure to also check out our deal on Side-Arm Bubbler, which is the perfect choice for most vaporizers. While it features only one diffuser and a compact design, it performs great and comes at an extremely affordable price.

Handy FumBox Mini dry herb container

FumBox Mini is a very popular dry herb container. It’s available now at VapeFully at 20% discount. Please note – the special offer applies to the green model! The container is made of high quality okume wood, which is famous for its ability to maintain the right level of humidity, it is also extremely durable and very eye-catching! The container has a pollen collection system and holds approximately 3g of dry herb.

If you like to carry a small amount of dry herb with you, then the FumBox Mini is sure to appeal to you – not only does the Fumbox Mini allow you to conveniently carry and store your herbs, but it also provides the additional bonus of high quality pollen!

CBD oils and gummies at a special price! 

On our Autumn Sale at VapeFully, you will also find CBD oils and CBD jellies available. What specific products can you buy at a special price? 

The first offer is CBD EIR oils – a 25% off deal on all the brand’s products is on right now! EIR Health offers oils that are produced exclusively from the manufacturer’s own crops. They have gone through a number of tests and hold certificates to prove their quality – including the absence of any undesirable substances such as heavy metals, pesticide residues or mycotoxins.

At VapeFully, you’ll find a full review of EIR Health products. What is important is that they vary in CBD content from 300 mg to 3000 mg per pack. This allows you to adjust the dose to the needs of the individual user. An interesting product is CBD night oil, which contains melatonin, lavender and a composition of sleep-promoting terpenes. Be sure to check the CBD oil ISO.30 – CBD isolate, where the THC content is 0.0%. 

Sweet CBD Gummies 250 mg
Sweet CBD Gummies 250 mg

And that’s not the end of the special offers. You’ll also get a 20% discount on all Sweet CBD products at VapeFully! CBD gummies have quickly gained recognition from customers, not only for their sweet taste, but also for their high quality and ability to easily absorb the valuable cannabidiol. The delicious Sweet CBD gummies are definitely products worth testing. All the more so because they are available now at a discounted price! 

The Autumn Sale at VapeFully is just the warm up! 

More offers will be available soon – as Black Friday, a real treat for all deal hunters, is coming up! We encourage you to follow our current special offers and, in the meantime – take advantage of the discounts we have prepared for you right now!

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