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How to choose a vaporizer?

Best critics of vaporizers

The number of vaporizers available on the market can make you slightly dizzy, and a person looking for the first vaporizer can feel a bit lost and confused. In this situation, the reviews of vaporizers published on the Internet by professional critics of these products may be very helpful. Below, we present some of the best and most reliable vaporizers critics.

Flowermate Vaporizer
Flowermate Vaporizer

Along with the growing popularity of vaporization, the number of vaporizers critics started to grow, too. They test various products and share their impressions on their blogs and their YouTube channels. Currently, there are quite a few English-speaking reviewers from the USA and Canada, but some people from Europe have started to appear as well.

Pax 3 Vaporizers
Pax 3 Vaporizers

Most reviewers get commissions from stores (for purchases that their readers/viewers made thanks to the recommendation), others are employed by vaporizer stores.

However, in the case of reliable and professional reviewers, this does not affect the honesty and objectivity of their opinion. Unfortunately, as usual, in addition to reliable and objective critics, there are also those who are not too honest in their reviews because they created them to promote specific products and to deprecate others. Obviously, we won’t recommend those reviewers or bloggers. Let’s take a look at the best vaporizers critics.

The VapeCritic

The VapeCritic is one of the first and certainly the best-known vaporizers reviewer. His blog with reviews of vaporizers and his YouTube channel have been on for many years, and Vape Critic himself is the owner of a collection that consists of hundreds of vaporizer models and, as he says, plans to open a museum of vaporization in the future.

Best portable vaporizers
Best portable vaporizers

VapeCritic publishes new films regularly and he analyses all aspects of the tested products in an interesting way. Recently, a lot of controversies has arisen around the figure of VapeCritic due to his personal involvement in the creation of the Ghost MV1 vaporizer – many people accused him of lack of objectivity and thought he promoted this product disproportionately to its quality.

Until the premiere of Ghost MV1, the review by VapeCritic (which was extremely positive) was the only source of knowledge about this vaporizer, which meant that many users assumed that it was totally biased because it was focused on sales.

However, after the premiere of Ghost MV1, it quickly turned out that this vaporizer really is unique and VapeCritic did not mislead the vaping fans community. In our opinion, he is still an objective reviewer who, though involved in business, did not compromise his ideals.

VapeCritic films are certainly one of the most advanced from the technical point of view, they are reliable and it’s just a pleasure to watch them. We can, therefore, recommend this reviewer to you with a clear conscience.

Sneaky Pete Vaporizers

Sneaky Pete is an interesting example of a reviewer of vaporizers because he is also the owner of a vaporizers store and one of the most objective and respected reviewers of these devices. Sneaky Pete loves vaporizers and sells them, yet his reviews are considered some of the most objective and professional in the industry.

Pax 3 and DaVinci IQ Vaporizers
Pax 3 and DaVinci IQ Vaporizers

Sneaky Pete’s reviews are specific – he does not maintain a blog with reviews and uses a YouTube channel only to publish a new video every week. On the Sneaky Pete channel, we will see reviews of all new products that are worth attention. In addition, these are extremely comprehensive reviews, in which he analyses in detail every single aspect of using a given vaporizer model.

Reviews are combined with usage tips and are usually quite long – on average, they last about 20 minutes. Interestingly, Sneaky Pete does not show faces in his reviews, despite the fact that he lives in an area where marijuana can be legally bought in stores. As he says himself, his films are not about his face, but about the products he’s testing.

In addition to reviews of vaporizers, Sneaky Pete also regularly publishes films from the Vape Talk series that make up a vlog, where he discusses all the most interesting novelties on the vaping market. In our opinion, he is the best English-language vaporizers reviewer.


VapoManiak is an example of a reviewer from Europe and he does reviews in the Polish language, both on his website and his YouTube channel. VapoManiak decided to transfer the proven solutions in the USA to Poland and was the first in Poland to start a blog where he shared his impressions from vaporizers tests.

Three Vaporizers
Three Vaporizers

When you compare his activity with foreign reviewers, you can get the impression that VapoManiak is somewhat inspired by Sneaky Pete’s videos – he does not show his face either and he analyses the tested products in details. It is certain, however, that the reviews by VapoManiak are objective and that he is one of the best experts in vaporizers in Poland.

VapoManiak points out all, even the smallest flaws of the tested vaporizers with a relentless sincerity. VapoManiak’s videos are still a bit far from overseas production from the technical point of view, but he’s got many fans who value him for his honesty and professional advice on the selection of vaporizers.

What’s interesting, due to the repressive law in Poland, VapoManiak tests vaporizers in the video only using legal herbs, so that his activity is within the limits of the applicable law. It is certainly good that Polish users also have their reviewer of vaporizers who introduces them to the secrets of vaporization objectively and in their native language.

Vaporizers critic – a new profession?

The number of reviewers of vaporizers will certainly grow in the coming years – we believe that the biggest wave of vaporization popularity is still ahead of us. As long as the reviews are objective, they are very useful – whoever thinks about spending a round sum on a vaporizer, definitely wants to check the opinion of professional testers of these devices.

If you have any questions about vaporization or vaporizers, you can watch reviews and tests of the devices you’re interested in or you can ask VapeFully experts who will be happy to answer all your questions.

If you have doubts whether your vaporizer is suitable for aromatherapy or you would like to get more information about it – contact us, our experts will be happy to give you professional and free advice!

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