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Best electronic portable vaporizers under 100£ – 2018 edition

Some of the vaporizers in the price range under 100£ are very good, other are not-so-good or even bad. That’s why you have to be extra careful when you buy a device within such budget. In VapeFully, we sell only high-class vaporizers that are safe for your health, so there is no risk you’ll get a low-quality product in our store. Find out which vaporizers from under 100£ range are the most recommended devices.

Xvape Fog Vaporizer
Xvape Fog Vaporizer

Since the last time we wrote about the best vaporizers under 100£, our offer as grown a lot, so we’ve decided to update the list. Note – this article is about electronic vaporizers only!

XVape Fog Vaporizer – a Convection vape at an affordable price

XVape Fog Vaporizer is new in our offer and we expect it to be a real hit. XVape Fog Vaporizer is a model equipped with a hybrid heating system that heats the herb mainly through convection (with a stream of hot air).

Xvape Fog Vaporizer
Xvape Fog Vaporizer

This guarantees the quality and flavor of the vapor on a much higher level than in the case of conduction models, and the majority of vaporizers under 100£ fall into this category. The quality of the vapor produced by this model is comparable to the one generated by some much more expensive devices.

Fog heats the herbs inside a chamber made of stainless steel that’s very small – it houses only 0.15 g of loose dried herbs, and the vaporizer is able to provide enough vapor from this quantity for a long session that consists of several draws. Apart from the great vapor quality, XVape Fog also guarantees a very efficient use of the material.

There are 5 temperature settings available, in the range from 180 to 220 degrees Celsius, which allows for a variety of inhalations with the most popular herbs. The heating process is very fast – it takes just 30 seconds. The cherry on the cake in this model is the replaceable, standard, 18650 type battery.

You can buy a spare one and replace it when need be, which is a very comfortable solution. You won’t find another vaporizer at this price that heats the herbs almost exclusively through convection and provides a vapor of such a high quality. Highly recommended!

Fenix Mini Vaporizer – the master of discreteness!

Fenix Mini Vaporizer is the first vaporizer from the Fenix series that we included in our offer. The previous models, even though they are made of materials that are safe for the user’s health, did not meet our expectations.

Fenix Mini Vaporizer
Fenix Mini Vaporizer

What is Fenix like? First of all, it’s very small – you can easily hide it in the palm of your hand, which lets you use it in a discreet manner, in any place you want. Fenix Mini is locked in a durable, elegant, metal cover that doesn’t attract any unnecessary attention.

Obviously, the fact that the device is small and inconspicuous is not enough to put Fenix Mini on the list of the best vaporizers under 100£. We’ve included it in the ranking mainly due to the functions it offers and the great vaping experience it guarantees.

Fenix Mini is a hybrid device that uses mainly convection – the herbs are only partially heated with the walls of the chamber. This guarantees a very good vapor quality and flavor.

Also, despite the small size of the device, the vapor is surprisingly well cooled down, which adds comfort to the inhalation. Another aspect worth mentioning is the fact that Fenix Mini produces a truly plentiful vapor, even at some lower temperature settings.

Fenix Mini Vaporizer lets you control the temperature with a one-degree precision and it heats very fast – it reaches the highest available temperature within 30 seconds. Taking into consideration the size of this vaporizer, we are amazed by the performance and the range of functions that the manufacturer managed to include in this device.

X-MAX Starry V2 Vaporizer – premium options, budget price

X-MAX Starry V2 Vaporizer is another device on our list of best vaporizers under 100£. It’s similar to XVape Fog Vaporizer (you can find a comparison of the two models here). X-MAX Starry V2 Vaporizer is very small – in terms of size, it can be compared to PAX 3 Vaporizer.


This makes it a very handy and discreet vaporizer, perfect for inhalations on the go. The range of functions squeezed into this model is amazing – X-MAX Starry V2 offers a full temperature control, with a one-degree precision as well as a built-in display that shows the battery level, the temperature and the remaining session time.

The set comes with a concentrate pad. What’s important, the temperature range offered by X-MAX Starry V2 Vaporizer is wider than in the case of the majority of vaporizers for dried herbs – the highest available temperature is 240 degrees

Celsius, so Starry V2 does a better job at vaporizing concentrates than most devices, as very often the highest temperature you can set is 220 degrees Celsius. The heater is very powerful, and it lets the device heat up to the required temperature within 30 seconds and produce plentiful vapor.

Another great advantage is the replaceable, type 18650 battery that can be easily replaced with a new one that can be bought separately. All of these aspects put together make X-MAX Starry V2 a device that offers functions which until now have been reserved only for some more expensive vaporizers, yet it’s available at an affordable price.

A high-class vaporizer under 100£? – Why not!?

All of the vaporizers described above are great devices available at budget prices. Each of them is a great choice both for those who are starting their adventure with vaporization and those who want to enjoy a high-quality device without spending too much on it.

If you have doubts whether your vaporizer is suitable for aromatherapy or you would like to get more information about it – contact us, our experts will be happy to give you professional and free advice!


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