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Black Friday at VapeFully – get ready for the best deals of the year!

Black Friday is upon us and VapeFully is preparing some great deals for you! Check out the amazing discounts we have in store for you, you will be shocked at our price cuts! 

VapeFully – what special offers await you this Black Friday 2021?

As a deal hunter, isn’t Black Friday your favorite time of the year? Have you been looking for vaporizer or vaporization accessories at a fair price but decided to wait until Black Friday for a great price? We understand your expectations, that’s why this year’s Black Friday at VapeFully starts on 25 November and lasts until 1 December 2021!  

15% off all products in our shop!

This year we have slightly changed the format of the sale. There will be no promotional codes or deals on specific products. Why? Because this year our Black Friday deals include our entire catalog: all products are discounted by 15%! And that’s not all – this special offer will also apply to previously discounted items, on which it was not possible to add promotional codes. So whatever model vape you are hunting, don’t miss the chance to buy it at the best price of the year! 

But that’s not the end of the surprises!

There is an additional surprise in store for you. On top of the 15% discount, the offer will also include products already on sale – the two discounts will accumulate! Be sure to check out what special offers we have prepared! To help you find the right device, this year we have divided the vaporizer promotions into several categories. Take a look!

For every budget

After all, who doesn’t like to save money – especially when it doesn’t compromise the quality of your vape? Those who are looking for an affordable vaporizer will certainly be interested in our recommendations that aim to suit every budget. 

The Sapphire by Storm Vaporizer is our first choice, which during our Black Friday sale is available 20% off. This small portable vaporizer offers excellent performance, particularly when it comes to vapor production. It is compact and discrete, easily fitting in any pocket, and it is constructed from durable, high quality materials, allowing you to carry with you this solid vape on any adventure. The ceramic herb chamber and Zirconia ceramic mouthpiece guarantee properly cooled, smooth and very tasty vapor! 

Sapphire 1
Sapphire 1

Another interesting product in this category is the Vivant VLeaF Go Vaporizer – during Black Friday its price is reduced by over 50%! This is a small, very discreet on-demand convection vaporizer. The most important feature of this device is that you can start vaporizing immediately after powering it up – without waiting!

The vaporizer has a modular design, so you can replace the heating element and the chamber by yourself if need be. In addition, the VLeaF Go mouthpiece fits almost all water filtration systems – no adapters required. And most importantly, the Vivant VLeaf Go produces massive clouds of vapor! At this price, it is definitely worth it! 

The third proposition is the legendary VapCap M 2021 now available at over 40% off. We remind you that we are still adding for free the VapeTube Mini to your order, making this purchase even more convenient! Considering that VapCap M is one of the most iconic and popular vaporizers on the market, this is a deal hard to come by.

What’s all the fuss over VapCap vapes? First of all, with an analog, battery-free operation, it employs a torch lighter as its heat source, allowing you to use it anytime and anywhere! The VapCap M 2021 also guarantees great vapor quality, magnificent aromas and outstanding performance, making it one of the best vaporizers on the market – especially at this price! 

Butane vapes 

Another category is butane vaporizers – that is, those models that have no electronic components, and to use them you need a butane torch lighter. What are the advantages? There is no need to charge or use batteries, but most importantly the vapor is not contaminated by plastics or electronic components – the quality of the vapor thus remains pure and perfect.

The first choice is the OmniVong Hydra Vaporizer, one of our all-time favourite devices and now available at an incredible 20% off! The OmniVong is undoubtedly one of the most unique vaporizers from the legendary brand DynaVap. This pen vape features a titanium chamber and airflow regulator – just like in the OmniVap –, yet has a wooden body that fits 14.5mm water pipes. This device allows you to produce amazing quality vapor, while offering you one of the most efficient (thus economical) herb extractions available on the market. 


Other flame fuelled vaporizers on promotion include the Dreamwood Punch Mini and the Dreamwood Dobby V2 – both available 20% off. The Dreamwood Punch Mini Vaporizer is a device that has been handmade in Germany, using top quality wood. This small yet very powerful convection vaporizer will amaze you with its performance – especially when it comes to flavor and vapor production. This compact powerhouse is one of the smallest vaporizers on the market!

The same goes for the Dreamwood Dobby V2 Vaporizer – also made from carefully selected premium wood. The Dobby V2 is extremely handy and portable, while producing a very dense vapor with a rich aroma profile. The design and exotic woods also deserve special recognition – using such a device is a real pleasure.

Masters of discretion

If you are looking for a discreet vaporizer that you can use virtually anywhere, our Black Friday deals showcase very interesting models. 

The first of these is the Weecke Rush Vaporizer, now available 40% off! Weecke Rush is a hybrid vaporizer, remarkably small, ergonomic and discreet, but provides phenomenal power. The device comes with a large steel heating chamber, which allows you to vaporize up to 0.25 g of finely ground herbs. You can set the temperature with a one degree accuracy. We should also point out its efficient extraction, rapid heating and a powerful battery.

Pax 3 Vaporizer
Pax 3 Vaporizer

Another very discreet device is the PAX 3 Vaporizer. This legendary vaporizer is now available with a 25% discount, both in the Complete Kit version and in the Basic version. The PAX 3 is characterized by a modern design, a wide range of innovative and smart features, great user experience and generous vapor production, not to mention its small size. It is a portable vaporizer suitable for those looking for a handy vaporizer that guarantees 100% discretion. 

Masters of taste

It’s no secret that vapor’s exceptional flavor and aroma are the reasons why more and more people are turning to vaporization. This method of inhalation makes it possible to rediscover the true taste profile of your favorite herbs. In this respect, the DaVinci vaporizers undoubtedly sets a higher standard on the vaporizer market. 

During Black Friday, VapeFully offers the DaVinci IQ2 at a 35% discount, while the DaVinci IQC is reduced by 20%!

The DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer is a truly innovative device. A number of smart features allow this vaporizer to provide amazing results. Above all, the DaVinci IQ2 stuns for the pure flavor of the vapor it is able to deliver. The clean quality of the vapor is also provided by a thin layer of glass lining in the heating chamber and a vapor path made from Zirconia ceramic. However, DaVinci IQ2 offers much more. The vaporizer allows you to adjust the air flow, to vaporize concentrates and even to monitor the amount of inhaled active ingredients. And all this is hidden in a stealthy, sleek and stylish device. 

DaVinci IQ2 Black
DaVinci IQ2 Black

The DaVinci IQC Vaporizer is another portable vape that delivers incredibly tasty vapor – and in very large volumes. Once again, the manufacturer has introduced a number of advanced technological solutions, such as the practical Smart Paths modes, a mobile application to enhance its functions or instant charging via USB-C port, which also allows you to use the vaporizer as a power bank. Fans of technological innovations should definitely get to know this device! 

Herborizer XL Vaporizer 25% off! 

The Herborizer XL System Vaporizer is another device that you can buy at an extremely convenient price during this year’s Black Friday. This is definitely one of the most iconic desktop vaporizers on the market! The Herborizer XL System is mounted on an 18.8mm female water pipe. A 100% convection heating system and a fully glass vapor path deliver truly amazing vapor, surpassing even the famous Volcano vaporizer – its flavor and power are truly unrivalled!

The exceptional vapor is what makes this home vaporizer stand out – the vapor produced is abundant, dense and full of flavor, everything a user could be looking for in the perfect vaping experience. Note: the Herborizer needs to be mounted on a bong, a water filter is necessary for this vaporizer to function. By combining the Herborizer and a water filtration system you can achieve truly unbelievable results – as confirmed by even the most experienced vaporization lovers.  

There are many more special offers this year! 

At VapeFully we have also prepared many interesting deals on vaporizing accessories. Special prices apply to Bomb Tower, Honey Tower or Side-Arm Bubbler water filters – especially the latter one is available at a very convenient price, reduced by 46%!  

Owners of the Mighty vaporizer will certainly enjoy the special offer on the 3-in-1 M Mask case

The special offer also applies to the two-chamber VapeStash herb container. Now you can buy it with a 46% discount! The VapeStash has two separate chambers with glass inserts, suitable for dry herb storage. In addition, it is completely odorless, airtight and resistant to UV rays. It is a true expert in the preservation and protection of dry flowers!

Or perhaps you are looking for a good deal on dry herb grinders? If so, you’ll definitely be interested in the Swiss Grinder Fire, which during Black Friday is 60% off, as well as the Swiss Grinder Future – over 50% off! These are definitely premium grinders that will handle any consistency of dry herb – and very effectively and efficiently. We particularly recommend the Swiss Grinder Future, which comes with two grinding discs. Depending on the vaporizer you’re using, you can choose a fine or medium texture for your dry herb. 

Don’t miss the special deal on the VapeHeater Go induction heater – for Black Friday, you can purchase the device at 35% off. Induction heaters for DynaVap vaporizers are becoming more and more popular. The VapeHeater Go is easy to use because it automatically detects your vaporizer, and has a wide range of interesting features. It is a good way to experience the next level of vaporization with DynaVap devices!  

CBD products at discount prices – test them all!

Special offers are available for all lovers of CBD products! We have reduced prices for EIR Health oils, which are now available at a 25% discount and also for delicious Sweet CBD gummies – you can buy them with a 20% reduction! 

Sweet CBD Gummies 250 mg
Sweet CBD Gummies 250 mg

We would like to highlight the special offer on all CBG flowers by Medicuana. This exceptional, top quality dry flower is available on sale for only 6 EUR per gram – an unbeatable price! You can’ t miss such a deal!

And finally some interesting information – we are reducing the prices of all Integra products from regular prices to match our wholesale prices! Remember that we are the official distributor of these products, but since we have already caught the Black Friday fever, we wanted to surprise you with one more insane deal! 

Price madness at VapeFully – Black Friday 2021 starts now!

Do you feel like you won’t leave the VapeFully store with an empty basket this year? Black Friday is the only time of the year when we introduce such spectacular deals – this is why we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity, while supplies last! After all, every year the amount of vape-hunters looking for a great deal grows at a rapid pace! 

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