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Bubbler – what is it and how to use it?

Recently, bubblers have become extremely popular, and for many people, they are an essential element of daily vaporization. Find out what a bubbler is and how to use it! Who knows, maybe soon it will become one of your favorite gadgets used during inhalation.

What will you learn from the article?

👉 What is a bubbler?

👉 How is a bubbler built?

👉 How can it be cleaned?

Table of contents:

  1. Bubbler – what is it?
  2. Bubblers – how are they constructed?
  3. How to use a bubbler?
  4. How to clean a bubbler?
  5. Summary

Bubbler – what is it? 🤔

A bubbler is a type of special water pipe that can be used during vaporization or on its own. It serves as an additional water filtration. It’s not only making inhalation more pleasant but also more friendly for the respiratory system – mainly because the vapor from the vaporizer is better cooled and more moisturized.

To a large extent, a bubbler resembles a bong, however, it differs from it in several aspects. Bubblers are much smaller than traditional water pipes. Thanks to this, they can also be used outside, without attracting excessive attention from others. Certainly, bubblers are much more discreet. At the same time, bubblers are more mobile – you can take them everywhere.

🛠️ Bubblers – how are they constructed?

Most of the bubblers available on the market are equipped with several basic elements, such as a mouthpiece, a bowl, a smoke chamber, and a water chamber. Water is a necessary element of water filtration. Its main task is to cool and moisturize the vapor that is created during inhalation. Of course, there are also bubblers in stores with more complicated structures. They may be equipped, for example, with percolators or additional filtrations.

When choosing a bubbler, you should pay attention to how it is constructed. This is important because there are a few kinds of those on the market – there are universal bubblers and those that are dedicated to specific devices. Which bubbler to choose? It depends on your expectations. If you use only one vaporizer every day, you can opt for a bubbler dedicated to that device. However, if you have several vaporizers, a universal bubbler will be a better choice.

How to use a bubbler?

The simple construction means that bubblers are very easy to use. This is certainly also one of the reasons why bubblers are currently very popular.

To properly fill a bubbler with water: pour about 3-4 cm of water from the top (from the side of the mouthpiece). Then turn the bubbler upside down and inhale air for a moment from the side of the joint (from the bottom). Turn it over, shake off the excess water, and repeat until the water stops pouring out. 💦

🧽  How to clean a bubbler?

Cleaning a bubbler is not easy, mainly due to the small dimensions of the item. However, there are simple tricks that make keeping a clean bubbler not so complicated. The best solution is, of course, to clean the bubbler after each use. This way, no dirt will accumulate in it, as it may be difficult to remove over time.

To clean a bubbler, just place it in a bowl or container with warm water and a cleaning agent, then leave it for a while. This way, all dirt should be easily removed. Of course, in the end, you need to thoroughly rinse the bubbler under running water to remove all cleaning residues, including cleaning agents.

Bubblers improve the quality of use and comfort of vaporization. It’s a small, inexpensive thing, but can make the user more content.

VapoManiak – professional vaporizer reviewer


Now you know what a bubbler is, how to use it, and how to clean it. Without a doubt, a bubbler is a very interesting and useful gadget, especially if you like to diversify your daily inhalations. Bubblers are also a good proposition for people who appreciate vaporization but want to use the benefits of water filtration. Thanks to the fact that bubblers are small, they can be used anywhere. There is no doubt – it’s worth getting a bubbler and checking out what vaporization with a bubbler looks like!

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