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CBD crystals – do you vaporize it?

CBD crystals contain much cannabinoids, which make it effective product. What are the benefits of CBD? How to use CBD crystals? Keep reading!

CBD crystal is the type of CBD concentrates, i.e. extracts obtained from hemp. It contains more than 90% of cannabinoids and that is why its performance is much more effective than performance of dried CBD. CBD crystal is a legal  product in Poland, and you can find wide selection of this item in our store – please visit CBD concentrates section of our website.

Just a little amount of CBD is needed for vaporisation – only a few breaths is enough to obtain the strong effect. This is due to high concentration of the substance – crystals entirely consist of pure CBD. It does not cause psychoactive effects, nor hinder normal functioning and is completely legal. Let’s see what benefits of CBD are!

CBD for everyone!

CBD is naturally occurring cannabinoid in cannabis plants, and its concentration is relatively high. The use of CBD is widely disseminated for health purposes and well-being.

Endocannabinoid system in human body is responsible for basic processes. Operation of this system is regulated by CBD, therefore its use can be a help in the treatment of many diseases. Beneficial effects of CBD on human health has been confirmed by many independent studies.

It is proven that CBD has anticancer, anti-depressant, antipsychotic, anxiolytic or anti-inflammatory effects. It will be helpful in cancer therapy, depression struggles or anxiety. It has positive effect in case of any inflammation.

CBD is a natural compound that does not show undesirable effects in itself. It is not possible to overdose the product. CBD is not addictive, on the contrary – it is used to relieve withdrawal symptoms from other substances, such as alcohol or nicotine.

Taking CBD crystals? Vaporization!

Recommended, safe and effective method of absorbing CBD crystals is vaporization.

Low temperature of vaporization  allows to evaporate active substances from the crystals without formation of any undesirable substances eg. no tarry substances. Such a way of  taking CBD is incomparably more effective than oral use – in form of capsules or oil.

To vaporize you need a vaporizer. For this purpose a special vaporizer for concentrates or a device intended for both dry CBD and concentrate is available.

Drip vaporizers equipped with a special concentrate insert is a very universal solution. A perfect example is Ghost MV1 Vaporizer or Mighty Vaporizer.

Except of universal vaporizers you will find in our offer devices intended only for concentrates. Its price is lower usually. Small dimension and fast warm-up time make the device much more discreet. Due to fact that it was designed strictly to operate with only one type of substance (concentrate), it mostly deal better with vaporisation of concentrates than universal devices. We recommend Puffco Plus Vaporizer and Linx Hypnos Zero Vaporizer.

CBD crystals available in our store!

CBD crystals are relatively new products on the Polish market, that is why its purchase could be problematic at the time. As one of the first on the Polish market we introduced CBD crystals – and other CBD concentrates. We have extensive knowledge and considerable experience in selling those products. In our store you will find a wide selection of the highest quality CBD concentrates, tested by our experts. All of our products are tested labolatory both for containing of cannabinoids and purity – you can be sure that our concentrates are free from pesticides, GMO or heavy metals. What are the main differences between particular CBD crystals?

Synergy Extracts crystals contain 90% of CBD and are enriched with terpenes – compounds responsible for taste and hemp aroma. In our offer there is many types of crystals that differ in taste and aroma, available in packages with different capacities.

The second type is CBD Endoca crystals. In this case, the concentration of CBD is up to 99%! This isolated CBD is available in the purest possible form. IT is perfect solution for those seeking the most concentrated CBD performance.

We are vaporizing CBD crstals! Do you?

Vaporization of CBD crystals is pleasant and can have many beneficial effects. In our store you will find the highest quality CBD crystals, CBD concentrates, and vapors designed for their vaporization. If you have any questions – our experts will gladly dispel all doubts and share their experience for free.


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