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CBD – which one to choose?

Recently, new types of CBD appeared in our store. What are their features and which one will be the best for you? Let’s see!

Sativa Poland – Super Lemon Haze
Sativa Poland – Super Lemon Haze
  • CBD – what its it?
  • Features of a good quality CBD
  • What does CBD contain?

What is a CBD?

The CBD is dried hemp, which contains less than 0.2% of THC. Such low concentration of THC makes it completely legal due Polish law and does not cause psychoactive effects. Cannabis are used for production of many different specifics, include CBD oil, CBD concentrates or CBD Hash. These are increasingly popular products due to their benefits.

What are the features of the highest quality of CBD?

High quality of CBD is a result of special way of cultivation, great appearance, aroma and its content. Top-quality flowers are grown indoor – greenhouse. As a result they have a better look, taste and smell. This method of cultivation allows the production of CBD without seeds. It is often sold in the form of whole blocks, which are compact and dense.

Cbd Amnesia Haze 1000mg 1g
Cbd Amnesia Haze 1000mg 1g

CBD grown by the outdoor method is always of lower quality. Very often it also has seeds, large stems and leaves. In addition, it contains less of terpenes, i.e. aromatic compounds that affect CBD aroma and its effects.

Each CBD from our offer comes from indoor or greenhouse cultivation method. Thanks to this, we can be sure that only the best quality products are delivered to your hands, with a high content of terpenes, characterized by a wide spectrum of effects.

CBD content – is this important?

High-CBD hemp seed will provide better results in less time. Domino CBD, Kush CBD or Strawberry Kush CBD products may contain up to 15% of CBD, but it may vary depending on the production batch and in practice it is usually much lower than 15% indicated by the producer as the upper limit of the CBD level. On the other hand, Amnesia CBD hemp seeds contain about 9.52% of CBD, while Cheesecake CBD or White Berry CBD – 7%.

However, positive effects of hemp seeds are also associated with a high content of terpenes. Silver Bud by Aroma Kult contains 4% of CBD, but thanks to the terpenes we can benefit from the interaction of these compounds. CBD in connection of terpenes has stronger effects and may be more effective than taking a larger dose of CBD, but with a lower dose of terpenes.

Amnesia CBD and hemp sow from IdroGrow available in our store are packed in sealed bags, which depending on the variety, contain 1-5 g of CBD (various options available). The bags, the CBD is packed in are made of materials, which do not let the light in, so that our CBD is resistant to its effects.

Sativa Poland Amnesia CBD
Sativa Poland Amnesia CBD

In addition, cannabis is not exposed to moisture. As a result, CBD will retain its flavor and aroma for a longer time. Fans of CBD in jars are definitely dedicated to Silver Bud by Aroma Kult. This CBD is sold in jars, which is a very practical solution.

Silver Bud Aroma Kult
Silver Bud Aroma Kult

The jars in which Silver Bud by Aroma Kult is available hold 3, 5 or 10 grams of product and are made of black glass, which protects CBD against UV rays, which is cannabinoid killer.

CBD – we’ve already found your type!

CBD products are a great source of cannabinoids. High quality CBD is a guarantee of pleasant and aromatic inhalations. The products available in our offer have been thoroughly tested. We advise to follow our offer frequnetly. Soon more new products!

If you have doubts whether your vaporizer is suitable for aromatherapy or you would like to get more information about it – contact us, our experts will be happy to give you professional and free advice!


  1. Lemon Haze is a sativa marijuana strain that smells and tastes like fresh peeled lemon slices. Lemon Haze is made by crossing Lemon Skunk with Silver Haze. Its buds appear to be green and yellow with amber hairs on the trichrome, giving it the yellow tint. … Lemon Haze is made by crossing Lemon Skunk with Silver Haze.

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