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Fum Box Pocket Case Large Black

Fum Box – revolution of herbs storage!

Meet the Fum Box – this accessory will change storage of herbs forever. VapeFully offers Fum Boxes in a various colors and 3 different sizes. In this article you will find out how particular models differ and why it is the best accessory to store the herbs.

Caja Curado Mini Fum Box
Caja Curado Mini Fum Box
  • Fum Box – what is it?
  • In what sizes is it available?
  • Choose the right Fum Box for you!

As some of you may have noticed, in the Storage section of our website there are fresh, new products – stylish Fum Box containers. These are the highest quality products made of precious okume wood. Fum Boxes are produced in Spain. Let’s start from the key characteristics and what for these containers are.

What Fum Box is?

Although the individual models differ significantly, there are several features common to all Fum Boxes. The first is the purpose they serve – it is the storage of herbs in the best possible conditions. Humidity plays important role in it. Too low humidity of herbs results in its crumbling, loss of taste and aroma. Okume wood from which Fum Box is made, perfectly keeps the humidity. Moreover sealed closure ensures slowing process of drying of herbs.

Each Fum Box is equipped with a special screen on which herbs are stored. This screen has very fine mesh, which measure only 135 microns. It means that no herb will drop through the screen, only pollen, rich of active substances. With the time of using the Fum Box there will be possibility to recover the pollen separated from the materials – very helpful toll is the acrylic tray, from which user gathers collected pollen.

Fum Box Mini – take it with you ! 

Fum Box Mini is the smallest of Fum Box containers. Fum Box Mini will fit in almost any pocket, which makes it an excellent accessory not only for storage, but also for transferring of material.

Caja Curado Mini Fum Box
Caja Curado Mini Fum Box

Due to the compact size, Fum Box Mini does not contain too much CBD herbs – it can store about 3 grams of material. Even for  intensely vaporizing users, it should be enough for the whole day. Individual elements are connected by strong magnets, which prevents accidental opening in the pocket.

Fum Box Small – perfect for most users! 

Fum Box Small is the smallest size of stationary Fum Boxes, intended for using at home. Fum Box Small is an advanced container for storing herbs in the right humidity. The device has an analog hygrometer (moisture meter) and two high-quality sponges – if herbs are too dry, just soak the sponge with a little water, place it in a designated spaces and leave for a few hours – after this herbs will be moisturized. 

The Fum Box Small is design in a way to provide the perfect circulation of air and humidity inside the box, which help to maintain the desired moisture of your herbs, optimal taste and great aroma.

Herbs are stored on a sizable tray – it suits storage of amount from 5 grams and up. The maximum capacity of this Fum Box model is 50-60 grams, which is enough to store large amount of material. A Part of the set is a compartment that allows to divide the tray anywhere into two parts – it allows to store two types of herbs without mixing them.

Fum Box Large – for the most demanding amateurs of herbs

Fum Box Large is the largest Fum Box in our offer. This model is designed for users focused on storing large amounts of herbs. Size of the box is similar to toolbox. In the middle of the space under the cover you will find a compartment in which two high-quality sponges and an analog hygrometer (humidity meter) are hidden – if the stored material is excessively dried, just moisten the sponge, close the lid and leave the Fum Box for several hours. 

After evaporating the water it will moisturize material. The appropriate Fum Box Large design ensures perfect air and humidity circulation inside the container. Proper humidity is necessary to keep optimal taste and smell of herbs.

Fum Box Pocket Case Large Black
Fum Box Pocket Case Large Black

In Fum Box Large, herbs can be stored on two separate trays, each of them can hold from 5 to 50-60 grams. It means that with Fum Box Large we will be able to store even 100-120 grams of herbs – this amount should be enough for everyone, even the most demanding amateur of herbs. 

Fum Box Large is equipped with two compartments, designed to separate each tray in any place. In practice, this means possibility of convenient storage up to 4 varieties of herbs without the risk of mixing them.

Do you know already which of Fum Boxes suits you the most? 

Three sizes of Fum Boxes allow to tailor a specific model to your personal needs. The Fum Box Mini will be perfect to carrying and storing small quantities of herbs. Fum Box Small is great for storing medium amounts of herbs and keeping it in a perfect humidity. Fum Box Large allows to store quite large amount of herbs, while providing optimal humidity. Each of Fum Box is available in several color versions. In a word – something nice for everyone!

If you have doubts whether your vaporizer is suitable for aromatherapy or you would like to get more information about it – contact us, our experts will be happy to give you professional and free advice!

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