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How to prepare herbs for vaporization?

The herbs you vaporize require various methods of preparation, depending on the type of vaporizer you use. This article tells you how to prepare the herbs so that the inhalation is as effective as possible. You’ll also find some tips on how to achieve the perfect consistency of the herbs for vaporization.

Moist and good quality herbs mean good vaporization

The effectiveness of the vaporization depends largely on the quality of your herbs. The vapor generated by a vaporizer consists mainly of the active substances particles so with poor quality herbs you will always get poor quality vapor, even if you use the best and the most expensive vaporizer.


Higher quality herbs will not only guarantee a better vaping experience but also a more plentiful vapor. That’s why it’s worth spending more on the herbs and get the best quality material. You will need only a small amount of them anyway if you use a high quality vaporizer.

Another aspect that influences the quality of vaporization is how moist the herbs are. At the beginning, fresh and moister herbs will generate less vapor but it will be more delicate. Even the moistest herbs will dry out during the session and they will start producing more vapor in the second half of the vaping session.

If you start the inhalation with extremely dry herbs, you will get much more vapor from the very beginning but it can irritate the throat quite a lot. It’s best if you try out various options and find the optimal level of moist for your herbs, then adjust the method of herbs storage to it.

Conduction vaporizer: grind as finely as possible!

Conduction vaporizers transfer the heat directly onto the herbs so you’ll get the best results if you grind them until you get the texture of powder and squeeze them quite tight in the heating chamber. This way the herbs touch the hot walls of the chamber, which allows for more heat to be transferred onto the material.

Green Mint Herb
Green Mint Herb

How to grind the herbs perfectly?

There are some special grinders that let you grind the herbs to the perfect consistency level. One of them is MFLB Finishing Grinder – a grinder created for Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer. It works great for any type of conduction vaporizer. If you don’t want to invest money into an extra grinding solution, you can use a regular herb grinder and leave the herbs some time to dry completely.

Then, you can squeeze them tight in the grinder again and repeat the grinding process in order to get a finer consistency. Alternatively, you can put all the herbs into a small, plastic container, along with a coin or a steel ball. Once you close the lid, shake the container well for a few minutes. The coin or the ball will turn your herbs into a powder.

Convection vaporizer: medium ground herbs

Convection vaporizers heat the herbs with a stream of hot air, in which case it’s recommended to avoid finely ground herbs and use medium ground material instead. The stream of hot air flowing through finely ground herbs can carry small particles and bring them to your mouth and your air pathways.

Eucalyptus Leaves Herb
Eucalyptus Leaves

What’s more, the effectiveness of the inhalation doesn’t increase just because you grind the herbs well. The majority of convection vaporizers require medium ground herbs – just like the ones you’ll get using a standard grinder, e.g. Volcano Grinder. Convection vaporizer gives you the smallest amount of hassle when it comes to herbs preparation.

Hybrid vaporizer: how to grind the herbs?

Grinding the herbs for the use in a hybrid vaporizer is the most tricky. Hybrid vaporizers use both convection and conduction – to a different extent in each case, which determines the way you should grind the herbs for each of them.

Basil Herb
Basil Herb

If your vaporizer uses mainly convection, which is the case of Boundless CFX, Crafty or Mighty, you can use medium ground herbs, just like for regular convection vaporizers.

In the case of hybrid vaporizers, based mainly on conduction, just like AirVape XS or Odin, you should reach for finely ground herbs, even though they don’t need to be as powder-like as in fully conduction devices.

If you have any doubts about how to prepare your herbs for inhalation, check the tips prepared by our experts for specific vaporizers. Alternatively, you can simply contact VapeFully experts – we’ll be happy to help you decide on what to do in order to get the most out of the inhalation with your preferred model of vaporizer.

Don’t forget to check the herbal blends we recommend and read about what to do with herbs after vaporization!

If you have doubts whether your vaporizer is suitable for aromatherapy or you would like to get more information about it – contact us, our experts will be happy to give you professional and free advice!


  1. do you think it would be okay if I vaped ground up dried lavender? I’m using a vape pen.

    1. Hi Bella,

      what sort of vape pen do you use? If it is a vape pen for concentrates it probably would offer too high temperature, what would lead to combustion. Let me know what vape pen it exactly is, just to be sure. Cheers!

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