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Looking for an on-demand vaporizer? Check the comparison of VapCap M Vaporizer vs. Grasshopper Vaporizer

On-demand vaporizers have many advantages that are appreciated by those who like short but intense inhalation sessions. In this article, we’re going to have a closer look at the cheapest but reasonable quality, on-demand vaporizer, which is VapCap M Vaporizer and we’ll compare it to a device from the highest range – Grasshopper Vaporizer. Our experts have compared these two vaporizers and looked at them from various angles.

One of the main features of on-demand vaporizers is that they heat up rapidly (from just a few do a dozen seconds) and cool down very fast, which allows you to have quick and discreet inhalations.

With this type vaporizers, you can stop the inhalation at any moment and finish it off later on, which is very comfortable and helps you save money that you spend on the material. We’ve decided to compare a budget range VapCap M Vaporizer and luxury Grasshopper Vaporizer.

VapCap 2020
VapCap 2020

What’s the difference between the two models? Is the price difference justified? Which model is better? Read on to find out!

VapCap M Vaporizer vs Grasshopper Vaporizer: quality and strength of vapor

VapCap M is a conduction vaporizer (the herbs are heated by the walls of the heating chamber). Grasshopper is a fully convectional (heated with hot air) that looks like a pen. In practice, it means that Grasshopper offers us a vapor that’s got a much better quality – it’s smoother, more delicate and it tastes way better.

When it comes to the vapor power, both devices do a good job, with VapCap M being slightly more effective – even though it uses a completely different method, it generates vapor that’s equally strong, sometimes even stronger than the one produced by Grasshopper.

In general, when it comes to the quality and the strength of the vapor, Grasshopper wins.

VapCap M Vaporizer vs Grasshopper Vaporizer: efficiency

Convection heating in Grasshopper theoretically should guarantee a higher efficiency – dried herbs are heated up only when you take a draw, while in VapCap M it’s heated a little bit longer by the walls of the chamber that are cooling down. In practice, however, the VapCap M chamber is much smaller, which helps save the material. Grasshopper doesn’t require the user to fill the chamber 100% but if you use small amounts of herbs, it’s better if you choose VapCap M. In terms of efficiency, VapCap M is a bit better.

VapCap M Vaporizer vs Grasshopper Vaporizer: discreteness

VapCap M is a butane model – in order to heat the herbs in the chamber, you need to use an external source of heat, like a jet-flame lighter. Thanks to this solution, the device is very small – almost the size of a regular cigarette. In turn, Grasshopper is a fully convectional model (the herbs are heated with hot air) that looks like a pen.

Even though taking draws from a metal pen might look a bit weird, Grasshopper is way more discreet – it doesn’t require heating with a jet-flame lighter, and this action might attract some attention, especially in public places. From the point of view of discretion, Grasshopper is much better.

VapCap M Vaporizer vs Grasshopper Vaporizer: ease of use

It takes only 5 seconds to heat Grasshopper up. You just activate the heater with a button and you can start inhaling. This device doesn’t require any special technique of inhalation – all you need to do is take relatively long draws, no matter how strong they will be.

On the other hand, the mouthpiece of Grasshopper heats up quite a lot and after a few draws you have to let it cool down in order to be able to continue the inhalation, which is not the most comfortable solution. VapCap M, in turn, needs to be heated up with a jet-flame lighter, which takes (depending on the size of the lighter) from 5 to 15 seconds and requires some practice and skills.

What’s more, during the inhalation you need to use the ‘clutch’ (cover and uncover a hole in the cover), which also requires practice. To sum up, Grasshopper is a much easier device to operate.

VapCap M Vaporizer vs Grasshopper Vaporizer: battery/power source

As we mentioned before, VapCap M requires an external source of heat and has no battery. It’s a very comfortable solution because you will never have to worry about a dead battery, the necessity to have it charged at all times or the need to replace a used battery after some time.

Vaporizing dry herbs
Vaporizing dry herbs

The only thing you need is a good jet-flame lighter and a can of butane to refill it. This gives you a lot of freedom. Grasshopper is powered with a 70 mAh replaceable battery that lasts from 3 to 4 sessions, which is not too long. This means that you have to get a set of spare batteries.

You can charge the battery with a magnetic, USB charger and the process takes up to 60 minutes. In terms of power source, VapCap M definitely wins.

Which model is better?

From the technical point of view, Grasshopper is a better device than VapCap M – it provides a better quality vapor and is incomparably more comfortable in terms of use. It’s also more discreet. The efficiency of both models is at more or less the same level. VapCap M is better in terms of power source and it’s definitely much more durable.

The difference in price between these two vaporizers is huge, which makes VapCap M a better value for money. To sum up, if the price is not the most important criterion for you, choose Grasshopper. However, if you have a limited budget, but still want to get a good quality, on-demand vaporizer, VapCap M might be a better choice.

If you have doubts whether your vaporizer is suitable for aromatherapy or you would like to get more information about it – contact us, our experts will be happy to give you professional and free advice!

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