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Session vaporizer vs. on-demand vaporizer

Vaporizers can be divided into many different categories, depending on the criteria. In this article, we want to have a closer look at the style of inhalation and talk about session vaporizers and on-demand vaporizers.

This division is very important because once you know the pros and cons of both inhalation styles, it will be much easier for you to choose a device that will be better adjusted to your personal preferences and needs.

Whether you choose a convection or conduction vaporizer, an electronic or butane device, the inhalation style of each vaporizer will determine many important factors, like the efficiency and the speed of inhalation. What’s the difference between session and on-demand vaporizers? What are the pros and cons of both inhalation styles? Keep reading to find out!

Session vaporizer – comfortable and carefree inhalation

If you have a session vaporizer, you have to use the content of the chamber during one inhalation. It´s not recommended to cease the cession and finish it later on. The reason is that session vaporizers are mostly based on conduction or a mix of conduction and convection. This means that they heat the herbs with a heater connected to the chamber that takes time to both heat up and cool down.

If you stop the inhalation, the material will still be heated, until the walls of the chamber cool down completely and your material will be losing its properties. Further loss takes place when you get back to the session after some time and start heating the device again.

Basically, for the best efficiency of the inhalation with a session vaporizer, you shouldn´t cease the session. Session vaporizers are also less efficient because they constantly heat the herbs, even in the breaks between draws. To sum up, they have some drawbacks.

On the other hand, session vaporizers are a much better solution when you vape outside because 99% of models don´t require stirring in the heating chamber, which is necessary in the case of on-demand vaporizers. Stirring is not a very discreet process and if you do it outside on a windy day, you can lose the content of the chamber.

Session vaporizers are much more comfortable to use – you just set the temperature you want and start taking draws until you use up the material. Another advantage of this type of devices is the easy technique of taking draws – it’s very similar to regular smoking.

All of these aspects make session vaporizers a perfect choice for those who like vaping outside or with a group of friends.

On-demand vaporizer – efficiency champion

On-demand vaporizers are usually convection devices, even though there are some exceptions, like Magic Flight Launch Box. They all share two major features. First of all, they heat up in an instant (within a few seconds) and cool down equally fast. Secondly, the herbs in the chamber are heated only when the user takes a draw.

Thanks to these two aspects, the herbs are not heated all the time (unlike in session vaporizers) and the material doesn’t lose its properties, which translates into a higher efficiency of the inhalation.

What’s more, the fast heating and cooling lets you stop the session at any time and go back to it whenever you want, with no loss in the efficiency. On-demand devices allow for quick inhalations – by the time a session vaporizer finishes heating up, an on-demand device already lets you take a few draws of vapor.

It’s a perfect choice for those who like reaching for their vaporizer for a quick draw.

Despite the high efficiency, on-demand vaporizers have some drawbacks, too. First, you have to stir the herbs throughout the session, which is not very comfortable, especially when you vape outside.

What’s more, on-demand devices are usually Convection vaporizers, so they require more energy and their batteries have shorter life. If you want to avoid this problem, get a vaporizer from Sticky Brick series – they are butane-powered devices, so they don’t require a battery at all.

As you can see, both session and on-demand vaporizers have their pros and cons. The choice depends on your preferences. If you like having session with several draws, get a session vaporizer. If you prefer taking a quick draw from time to time, choose an on-demand vaporizer. Whichever type of device you choose, we’re sure you’ll enjoy it a lot!

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