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Snoop Dogg G Pen Vaporizer – is it worth your money?

Snoop Dogg G Pen is undoubtedly the best-known ‘vaporizer’ in the UK, which is a pity because all the devices sold under this brand name have very little to do with actual vaporization. What’s more, they provide a poor vaping experience and discourage people who were initially interested in vaporization. Our experts give you a step by step explanation why it’s best to stay away from G Pen.

Let’s start by explaining what the famous G Pen is. It all started when the well-known rapper Snoop Dogg started a collaboration with Grenco Science company. The result of this collaboration was the first G Pen, offered in two options – one for dried herbs and one for concentrates.

Another product associated with G Pen brand is G Pro, which is, in fact, a Chinese vaporizer called Titan 1, just sold under a different name. Let’s have a look at all the G Pen models and see why you should avoid them at all costs.

G Pen is not a vaporizer!

First G Pen came on the market a good few years ago and this is the model that has gained the biggest popularity in the UK. However, even the original product is of such a low quality that right now no renowned vaporizers store has in in the offer. That’s why the only places where you can get it are auction websites, where almost all the G Pens sold are fakes. Still, even the original G Pen is not a real vaporizer because it burns the herbs.

The plant material comes in a direct contact with a red-hot heater, which results in burning and the release of smoke, rather than vapor. Therefore, calling G Pen a vaporizer is a lie as the device generates smoke that’s as harmful as the one from a regular joint.

The original G Pen is made of poor quality materials, but the fakes are sometimes sold for less than £10 (!), which means that they are made of the cheapest possible materials that don’t meet any safety standards. Those who buy G Pen not only miss the real vaping experience but can also get intoxicated with harmful fumes.

G Pro – a poor-quality vaporizer

Another product from Grenco Science is G Pro, the successor of G Pen. It’s not a new device, just a rebranded Titan 1, a Chinese vaporizer. This means that the exact same vaporizer is sold by a different manufacturer, under a different brand name. G Pro has a much higher price, too.

You can get Titan 1 for less than £20, while G Pro costs around £100. G Pro might not burn the herbs and it actually vaporizes the material, but it’s made of components of a very low quality, just like Titan 1. With every draw, you notice the smell of melting plastic and rubber, which effectively spoils the fun.

On top of that, the vapor path is not isolated at all from the electronic parts so there is a big chance you inhale toxic fumes released by the heated elements and the battery. The vapor is hot and it burns the throat. G Pro/Titan 1 is the best way to get intoxicated with the fumes of melted plastic. And in the case of the fake products bought on some auction websites, you have it practically guaranteed.

G Pen Elite – it was supposed to be amazing, but…

G Pen Elite is the first original (not just re-branded) model from Grenco Science. It’s much better than its predecessors but we still believe it’s not a safe product. It’s best illustrated in the photos below. They were taken by a user who disassembled his G Pen Elite:

The photo shows melted parts around the heating chamber, which means that the toxic fumes were absorbed along with the vapor. Bear in mind that these are photos of the original G Pen Elite. We don’t even want to think what the inside looks like in the fakes sold at 1/3 of the original price.

G Pen Vaporizer? No doubts – it’s bad for your health!

No G Pen model is a device that can be used with no harm to your health. We strongly recommend that you avoid using these products, including the original versions. The fakes you can get on various websites are obviously even worse. Instead of getting poisoned with the vapor from one of those ‘inventions’, choose one of the models that are verified and safe for your health.

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