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The best convective vaporizers – 2018 edition

Convective vaporizers are often considered as the best type of the devices. They provide the highest quality steam and are very economical at the same time. Do you plan to buy a portable convective vaporizer? Check out the best models!

Waporyzator Ghost mv1 w dloni
Waporyzator Ghost mv1 w dloni
  • Ghost MV1 Vaporizer – why is it so powerful?
  • Boundless Tera Vaporizer – convective master
  • Sticky Brick Original Vaporizer – what’s good in it for dense clouds fans?

Convective vaporizers do not require fine grinding and tightly filling herbs into the chamber, on the contrary – they work best with medium ground herbs and rather loosely poured into there. For inhalation, we will need less of materials.

Compared to conductive vaporizers (heating herbs by walls of the chamber), convection heating devices provide the steam with much better taste and quality. This dependence can be explained very easy – herbs are heated only with hot air, not the heating chamber, which material affects parameters of the steam.

Convection heating system is more complicated technology, that’s why for a long time it was typical for stationary devices. Recently  we can meet more often on the market convective, portable vaporizers. Which of our products will be the best choice? What portable convection is worth choosing in mid-2018?

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer – force and power!

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer is great in the hand, although its dimension and weight are quite large. The size of the device is close to Mighty Vaporizer, but the weight is heavier. The size of Ghost MV1 Vaporizer is definitely not conducive to its discretion, but thanks to this, producers could use a heater with an amazing power and unique cooling down system of the steam.

Mighty Vaporizer
Mighty Vaporizer

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer provides aromatic, thick and smooth steam in just a few seconds. Despite the fact that inhalations are instant, the steam is extremely full of active substances. In turn, the cooling down system makes the steam perfectly chilled and safe for respiratory track, in addition, the resistance while smoking almost does not occur.

The quality of the steam definitely compensates not very discreet appearance of the device. In terms of quality of the steam, Ghost MV1 Vaporizer leaves far behind any portable devices, and only stationary vaporizers can be compared with it, eg Volcano Vaporizer.

The heating chamber is a removable ceramic capsule. It is a very practical solution that facilitates use and cleaning. You can buy few extra units and fill it by herbs. When vaporising outside home, just take the capsules and exchange it in a convenient way. The capsule holds about 0.1-0.15 g of herbs, which allows for economical and effective inhalation. It is also possible to vaporize concentrates.

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer is powered by special, replaceable battery. One charge allows vaporization up to 10 capsules of herbs. A definite disadvantage is the long time of charging of the device, which is even up to 8 hours. This time can be reduced only by using a charger designed specifically for this vaporizer.

Boundless Tera Vaporizer – a new face of convection! 

Boundless Tera Vaporizer is the latest portable vaporizer from Boundless Technology. Fans of vaporization have been waiting for this model long time – due to design issues, it was withdrawn twice from the market. However third version is completely safe and vaporizer works really great.

Boundless Tera Vaporizer
Boundless Tera Vaporizer

With Boundless Tera vaporizer you can inhale variety of herbs. It is possible thanks to precise temperature control in the range of 60-220 degrees. In addition, a special mode increasing the temperature to 260 degrees, allows to vaporize CBD concentrates. Due to highly growing popularity of CBD concentrates in Poland, we believe that it is a very useful feature.

For example, CBD Endoca crystals provide a high dose of cannabinoids in a very short time. In addition, Boundless Tera Vaporizer chamber holds about 0.3g of ground herbs, what allows for longer sessions. Vaporizer works great when inhaling in the company. The quality of the steam is really great.

CBD Endoca
CBD Endoca

Convection heating has many advantages, but a huge problem is high consumption of power. It usually results in necessity of frequent charging of the device. Luckily, Boundless Tera producers had this in mind – the vaporizer is powered by two replaceable 18650 batteries.

It means that the device will work longer on one charge and there is possibility of quick replacing discharged batteries. As a result, we get a brilliant convection vaporizer free from issues typical for other devices of this type, such as low battery life.

Sticky Brick Original Vaporizer – dense clouds guaranteed!

Sticky Brick Original Vaporizer is a butane vaporizer that uses a flame from the lighter or a jet-flame burner. Using a flame, we heat the air, which then goes to the chamber with herbs. It means fully convection heating, the steam produced is extremely dense and aromatic.

Sticky Brick Vaporizer
Sticky Brick Vaporizer

Most of Sticky Brick Original Vaporizer elements are made of high quality wood and durable borosilicate glass. The individual modules are connected by strong magnets. This vaporizer not only works great, but also presents itselfe very interesting from the visual side. It is quite considerable, but it is fully compensated by the quality of the steam supplied.

We can put any amount of herbs to the heating chamber – the device handle great both with 0.1g and 0.25g of herbs. In addition, the method of grinding does not significantly affect vaporization.

Love convection!

All presented vaporizers are the top shelf products, and their performance has surprised not only one veteran of vaporization! These convective devices consume little quantities of herb products for inhalation – we are sure that thanks to this its purchase will pay back quickly. Are you looking for a portable version of the convective vaporizer? We recommend all of the above models!

If you have doubts whether your vaporizer is suitable for aromatherapy or you would like to get more information about it – contact us, our experts will be happy to give you professional and free advice!

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