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TOP10 Grinders for dry herbs

Dry herb grinder is an indispensable tool if you want to fully enjoy vaporization. It lets you grind the herb properly so that the inhalation is as pleasant and effective as possible.

Are you wondering what kind of grinder to choose? The options are countless. There are almost as many grinders as vaporizers. While there might not be any huge differences between various grinders, some of them are more comfortable to use and more efficient, while others… a bit less so.

These are the TOP 10 grinders we recommend. Check them out and you will have no doubt which grinder to choose.

Grinder #1 Santa Cruz Shredder

There is a reason why we put Santa Cruz Shredder on the top of this list. This is the best quality premium grinder that is considered a legend among grinders.

Many people claim that it’s the best among all the herb grinders ever made.

High precision and incredible attention to detail paid during the production process give every user an incredible surprise when they vape the herb ground in Santa Cruz Shredder. It’s made of anodized aluminium, which makes it very light and durable at the same time.

Santa Cruz Shredder
Santa Cruz Shredder grinder

What makes Santa Cruz Shredder stand out are the blades – their shape is the result of long-lasting research on what a grinder should look like in order to guarantee the best possible grinding process.

What’s important, this grinder has 4 compartments. Apart from the compartment for dry herb, it has a compartment for pollen, which is the richest in active substances. The herb ground in Santa Cruz Shredder has a perfect, fluffy texture. It’s a true winner from the USA, and you can be sure it will grind your herb for many, many years.

Grinder #2 SLX

SLX 2.0 Non-Stick Grinder is another 4-piece grinder. It’s made of 7075 aluminium, and it’s coated with a special, ceramic layer that prevents the herb and plant resin from sticking to the walls. This lets you reduce the frequency of cleaning compared to grinders from other manufacturers.

This grinder is also equipped with a very small mesh screen that lets you collect even the finest pollen.

SLX Non-Stick Grinder
SLX Non-Stick Grinder

One of the things that stand out in the case of this grinder is the incredible comfort and simplicity of use. It will definitely be appreciated by those who want to grind their herb in a fast and easy way, and who don’t want to spend time cleaning the grinder too often.

Grinder #3 NewVape Fine Grinder 

The third place on the podium we give to NewVape Fine Grinder. Unlike the previous two grinders, this one is a 2-piece tool. It’s the best option for those who want their herb to be very finely ground.

It lets you achieve a very fine texture, which is necessary when you use certain types of vaporizers, such as PAX 3 Vaporizer.

NewVape Fine Grinder is made of 6061 aluminium and it has two powerful magnets that prevent the grinder from opening by accident.

There is no third compartment, so all the most important ingredients of herb remain in the same place.

The longer you grind, the finer the texture will be – it’s the user who decides what texture will be the best.

Grinder #4 Thorinder and Thorinder Mini 

Two grinders: Thorinder and Thorinder Mini got classified just outside the podium. Thorinder is a 4-part, designer herb grinder with a unique arrangement and shape of the blades that help to get perfectly ground herb.

Thanks to a 4-compartment system, you can also separate the pollen to use it later on.

Another interesting solution is a see-through cap that lets you see how well the herb is currently ground, with no need to open the grinder.

Dry herb grinder Thorinder
Dry herb grinder Thorinder

It’s a very simple and ingenious solution. Thorinder Mini is a smaller version of the same grinder. It also has a see-through cap, and the blades are arranged in a way that guarantees a perfectly ground herb. There are a few color options to choose from.

Grinder # 5 New Edge

A reliable, aluminium, grinder. New Edge is also made of four parts. It has a compartment for finely ground herb and for pollen that’s rich in active substances.

Grinder New Edge lets you grind your herb to any texture you want. If you want it to be finer, simply turn the grinder upside down while grinding.

This way, the herb won’t fall into other chambers and you will be able to continue it until it’s completely ground. It’s a good option for those who look for a high-quality grinder at an affordable price.

Grinder # 6 Kannastor GR8TR

Kannastor GR8TR is an offer for the most demanding users. It’s an improved version of its predecessors and it’s made of anodized aluminium.

Everyone will appreciate its highly elegant design and the fact that it has extra plates that let you get finely or coarsely ground herb.

GR8TR grinder was designed in such a way that it doesn’t require a lot of energy when you grind the herb.

Kannastor grinder
Kannastor grinder

It also has an interesting solution – a herb compartment. You can use it to store the herb that’s waiting for its turn to be ground. The chamber in which you grind the material is much deeper compared to other grinders. You can be sure that the herb won’t fall out when you open the grinder.

It’s another simple, yet very handy solution. Kannastor GR8TR gives you numerous options for its modification. Depending on how you combine various elements, you will get a simple container for dry herb or a grinder without a pollen compartment.

Kannastor GR8TR is another interesting item for those who like practical, modern solutions.

Grinder # 7 Kannastor 4-piece

4-piece Kannastor is a slightly reduced version of GR8TR, which translates into a much more affordable price. It’s made of light aluminium, so you can easily carry it on you.

This grinder lets you grind the herb quickly and easily without using too much force. It was designed in such a way that the herb becomes perfectly smooth after grinding.

It is also equipped with a screen with very fine mesh screen, which allows for pollen separation. Just like in the case of GR8TR, you can take the screen out, depending on your needs. Then, the pollen won’t get separated and the herb will be richer in active substances.

Grinder # 8 Volcano Grinder

Whoever uses a conduction or hybrid vaporizer knows perfectly that the herb must be finely ground. Volcano Grinder consists of two parts, which allows you to get a perfect texture of the herb. You just need to grind it for an adequately long time.

Volcano herb grinder
Volcano herb grinder

What makes Volcano Grinder so unique? The simplicity and the high quality. Its price is very competitive – it’s a perfect offer for those who don’t want to spend too much money on a grinder but want to have a perfectly ground herb.

Grinder # 9 MFLB Grinder

MFLB Grinder is dedicated to MFLB Vaporizer. You can install it directly above the chamber of this vaporizer and have the herb fall immediately into the chamber. MFLB Grinder is designed only for grinding herb that will be used in conduction vaporizers, not only in MFLB. It will do a great job if you use PAX 3 Vaporizer.

Remember to crush the herb first in your fingers or in a different grinder. Only then will you be able to grind it further and get a fine texture. MFLB Grinder is especially popular among the owners of conduction vaporizers. It also has an interesting look – it’s made of wood and it’s available in three colours.

Grinder # 10 Santa Cruz Shredder 2-piece

The list ends with 2-piece Santa Cruz Shredder. Let us remind you that the first grinder on the list was also a Santa Cruz Shredder, but the 4-piece version. As for the 2-piece option, it is also considered one of the best in the world.

There’s no doubt that the manufacturer of Santa Cruz Shredder knows the business. There is no separate compartment for pollen, so the grinder is much smaller. It can also serve as a travel option.

Santa Cruz Shredder
Santa Cruz Shredder

The unique shape of the blades guarantees a perfectly ground material. Depending on your expectations, you can grind the herb a bit shorter or longer, and it will be reflected in the texture.

The blades tear the herb apart rather than chop it and squash it. That’s why it becomes fluffier, and simply more plentiful, so you get more draws out of the same amount of material.

Do you know which grinder is the best?

The list above is a guide to show you the best grinders on the market. They have different elements, number of compartments, and the shape of blades. They are also made of different materials and they’ve got different prices.

However, each of them will do a great job. Just choose a grinder that will match your expectations – either s premium one or a simple, 2-piece tool.

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