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VapeFully helps Ukraine

The last couple of days have really shocked us. Hearing about the situation in the Ukraine, we feel compelled us to show our support in words and acts. We have therefore decided to contribute to the ongoing fundraising effort for humanitarian relief in Ukraine.

How is VapeFully supporting Ukraine?

There is no doubt that the people of Ukraine are currently in a very dramatic situation. As we have been closely following the events taking place just over the Polish border, we are very concerned about this escalation. Because of this, we have decided to help by answering to the call for financial

Consequently, we are committed to donate 5% sales revenue to the “Nationwide fundraising for humanitarian aid to Ukraine” organized by the Się Foundation.

More information about the „Nationwide fundraising for humanitarian aid to Ukraine” initiative

This fundraising focuses on providing large-scale deliveries of basic necessities. In the context of this initiative the foundation has created a special Large Deliveries Unit specifically developed for the Ukrainian crisis, which creates and manages channels of supply of essential goods.

At the moment, the Foundation is in direct contact with the KPRM and RARS teams, who are coordinating the humanitarian aid operation with the Ukrainian government. Besides food, the most needed goods are medical supplies, defibrillators and military boots.

The Się Foundation has joined forces with the Zobacz Mnie Foundation, which, among other things, organized for children affected not only by disease, but also by war, accommodation and food, as well as psychological and pedagogical care. The Iskierka Foundation also participates in the initiative, providing support for several dozen families of oncologically ill Ukrainian children who have been or will be admitted to Polish hospitals.

You can help too!

The initiative has attracted great interest and the amount raised continues to grow. Most importantly, the aid is already reaching those in need. The Się Foundation is working around the clock for the relief effort to be directly delivered to the victims of this conflict as quickly as possible. We encourage everyone to help the Ukrainian people. You can support the initiative in any moment, also by donating 1% of your income taxes.

Let the aid reach those in need, and let there be peace in the world as soon as possible.

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