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Vaporization – What is it and what do you need to know about it?

There are a lot of articles about vaporizers, the effects of vaporization, and the benefits vaping. If someone is new to the subject, all of this information can be unclear and chaotic, especially without a previous explanation of what vaporization is.

If the first question that comes up in your head when you hear the word ‘vaporization’ is: ‘What is vaporization!?’, then this article is for you.

What is vaporization?

The term ‘vaporization’ isn’t new. It’s been around for a while and it’s used to describe a physical phenomenon of generating vapor.

Woman vaporising
Woman vaporising dry herbs

In the last years, the term has been given a second life and now it is also used when we refer to the evaporation of active substances from herbs.

The idea of evaporating desired substances rather than absorbing them during smoking occurred in the early 90s in California.

Herb vaporization – how does it work?

Initially, the idea didn’t catch on, but it started to change with time.

More and more advanced devices for vaporization began to be created and the phenomenon of vaporization gained popularity. Let’s get to the point, then – what is vaporization?

Herb vaporization – how does it work?

In the context we talk about here, vaporization is heating your favourite herbs up to a certain temperature in order to evaporate the active substances and to inhale the vapor generated in this process.

What is vaporization? How to evaporate herbs?

This solution lets you absorb the same active substances as when we smoke, but we completely avoid smoke.

Is vaporization healthy?

If smoke from herbs is believed to be less harmful than the smoke from tobacco, why is vaporization gaining so much popularity? The explanation is in the wide range of benefits that come with vaporization.

  • First, the lack of smoke means there are no harmful substances that affect your health. No smoke, even from organically grown herbs, is good for your respiratory tract. According to American research, the condition of the respiratory tract significantly improves within just months of switching from smoking to vaping.
  • Second, vaporization is a much more efficient way of extracting active substances from herbs. When you smoke, a large amount of them gets damaged due to a very high temperature. The higher efficiency translates to bigger savings on the herb expenses. You can save as much as half of your previous herb budget.
  • Third, Vaporization is much more discreet than smoking. Vapor has a much less intense smell and the aroma disappears much faster. There are many more benefits of vaporization. So many that we wrote a whole separate article about it!

What is a vaporizer and how to evaporate herbs?

The second question people usually ask is ‘What is a vaporizer?’ One of the conditions of efficient vaporization is the right temperature. It should be high enough to trigger active substances evaporation.

Grinder with herbs
Grinder with herbs

At the same time, the temperature should be low enough to not allow the ignition of your herb, because this would end up in the production of smoke. Reaching the perfect temperature and applying it to your herbs is impossible without a specially designed device, such as a vaporizer.

Since you already know what a vaporizer is, let’s have a look at how it works. It heats the herbs up to a certain temperature, which results in vapor production, or vaporization.

Depending on the type of vaporizer, the user can inhale the vapor in various ways. In some models, you can inhale the vapor directly from a mouthpiece that’s built into the device. Other models let you inhale from a balloon filled with vapor or through a silicone tube.

There are hundreds and hundreds of different vaporizer models, of better or worse quality.

Due to the high temperatures reached during vaporization, a vaporizer should always be made of materials resistant to them, otherwise using it might be dangerous for your health. Using the cheapest materials of the lowest quality is a common problem in the vaporizers from the lower price range.

Vaporizers – safe vs. not recommended

As we mentioned above, not every vaporizer is safe for your health. So what is the difference between a safe vaporizer and one that might be bad for your health?

There are a few features that determine whether a certain model can be safely used or whether we should avoid it at all costs. Let’s get to the point.

The materials that the device is made of are crucial. Some of them, such as glass or stainless steel, titanium, or ceramic are resistant to temperatures that are required for vaporization, so they don’t emit any unwanted fumes.

vaporizery pax3
Pax 3 vaporizers

When it comes to plastics, some of them are resistant to high temperatures, others are not. The latter ones might produce potentially toxic fumes when they come in contact with high temperatures.

Can vaporization be harmful?

There are many reports about the cheapest models of vaporizers. Manufacturers chose the cheapest available materials for their production, which results in the melting of some parts when the device is on.

In the past, there were also stories published online about vaporizers with lead heaters. Everyone can imagine how harmful they would be. That’s why the first element of a safe vaporizer is the material that it was made of.

Is vaporization harmful?

Every vaporizer has a so-called vapor path – a route that the vapor goes down before it reaches the user’s mouth. In the cheapest vaporizers, it’s not isolated from the remaining elements of the device, including the battery and electronic components.

In those cases, the air that enters or leaves the chamber comes in direct contact with components such as batteries or transistors, which results in the so-called off-gassing caused by high temperature.

If the vapor path is not isolated, all the unwanted fumes will be inhaled by the user along with the vapor produced by the vaporizer.

On the other end, there are devices with a completely isolated vapor path. Thanks to this solution, even if hot components end up releasing gas, the user won’t inhale those fume with the vapor.

To sum up, when you choose a vaporizer, make sure it’s made of materials that are safe for health and that they have an isolated vapor path.

Vaping or smoking?

If you asked yourself this question, you should check what vaporization gives you and what it protects you from.

Quitting extremely harmful smoke that is produced during smoking will definitely help you protect your health and lead a healthier lifestyle.

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