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Vaporizers for the elderly – which models are the best?

If an elderly person that’s close to you – e.g. your parent, grandparent or anyone else from your family – suffers from symptoms that could be alleviated with medical herbs, it’s a great idea to get a vaporizer for that person. You might wonder if an elderly person will be fine using a vaporizer. That’s why we’ve decided to talk about the models that are the easiest to operate, therefore the most user-friendly in the case of an elderly person.

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer
Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

As we all know, the list of diseases that cause symptoms which can be alleviated with medical herbs is very long. In many cases, inhalations with herbs can replace pharmaceutical drugs. If you’re reading this text, you’re probably a fan of vaporization and there’s no need to tell you about the numerous benefits of this method of herbs absorption.

But is it possible to teach an elderly person how to use a vaporizer? Of course, it is! Below, we talk about the features you should look for in a device if you want to pick a vaporizer for an elderly person.

Vaporizers for the elderly – important features

Let’s think about the elements of a vaporizer that would be perfect for an elderly person. Since the device will be used for medical purposes, you should make sure it’s the best possible quality. It’s obvious that it should be made of the highest-quality materials – anyway, in VapeFully store you won’t find any low-quality products.

Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer
Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer

Remember, however, that it’s best to choose a device that provides a smooth vapor that is properly cooled down so that the inhalation is comfortable. Another important feature is the possibility of temperature regulation so that the user can adjust the temperature parameters – the potency and thickness – to his/her preferences and needs.

Bear in mind that an elderly person using a vaporizer cares more about the medical effect rather than about getting into a party mood. That’s why a full temperature control is a must.

The ease of use is also crucial. Elderly people often have problems with eyesight and find it difficult to use technically complicated devices. Therefore, you should choose a vaporizer that’s very easy to use so that the new owner of the device can use it independently once you present him/her the instructions.

The ease of cleaning is important, too. It’s not a good idea to buy a device that requires frequent and complicated cleaning. It’s better to get one that is as easy to maintain as possible.

To sum up, the best vaporizer for an elderly person is one that provides a high-quality vapor, has a full temperature regulation and is very easy to use and clean. Which models meet all these criteria?

Vaporizers for the elderly – recommended models

We believe that a desktop vaporizer is the best solution for an elderly person. Among all the models available on the market, Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer will probably do the best job. This vaporizer was designed especially for those who use marijuana for medical purposes – those who often have problems with their eyes, have a reduced mobility and might find it difficult to use a complicated device.

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer
Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

Volcano Hybrid features a large, LCD display and is very easy to use. Once you fill the chamber, all you need to do is attach the balloon. You activate the heating with one button and the balloon filling with another one. What’s more, you can fill more than one balloon with one load of a chamber, which makes the use much easier. The vapor is of the highest quality – it’s smooth, tasty and doesn’t irritate the throat.

Volcano extracts the active substances from the herbs in a very efficient way, even at lower temperatures, around 180 degrees Celsius. There is no need to clean the device too often – it’s enough if you give the owner a hand once every few weeks. Among all the desktop vaporizers, Volcano Hybrid is, therefore, the best solution for an elderly person.

If for any reason you prefer to choose a portable device, then Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer is the best choice for an elderly person. Why this model? Arizer Tech (the manufacturer of Solo 2) is a Canadian company that makes all of their products in Canada, rather than in Asia. This guarantees the best production quality. Arizer Solo 2 features a long mouthpiece that not only cools the vapor down but also improves the vapor flavor.

The vapor quality is great, which is a condition of a comfortable vaporization. The temperature can be set with one-degree precision, which allows the user to adjust it to his/her individual needs.

Arizer Solo 2 also has a clear display that shows large font digits, so it won’t be a problem to check the temperature even if the user has problems with the eyesight. Arizer Solo 2 also has the most powerful battery among all the portable vaporizers.

Even if it’s used on a daily basis, there’s no need to charge it more than once a week, which is a great advantage from the point of view of an elderly person. Another important aspect is the ease of cleaning – all you need to clean in this model is the glass mouthpiece. You just soak it in isopropyl alcohol once every few weeks and it’s done. To sum up, Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer is the best portable vaporizer for an elderly person.

Can the elderly vape? Of course!

It might not be an easy task to convince an elderly person to start vaping, but once he/she gets to know the effect that the inhalation has on the body, all the doubts will be gone.

One of the most convincing arguments is the fact that vaporization, unlike smoking, has no side effects and with the use of lower temperatures it can have a minimal psychoactive effect, but provide effective medical help.

If you have doubts whether your vaporizer is suitable for aromatherapy or you would like to get more information about it – contact us, our experts will be happy to give you professional and free advice!


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