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Fenix vaporizers at VapeFully

The most popular models currently, Fenix Mini and Fenix Pro, are devices sold under a brand belonging to the Chinese manufacturer, Weecke. It’s one of the few Chinese dry herb vaporizer brands that have gained the approval of Western consumers and are considered completely safe for health.

Which Fenix vaporizer should you choose?

Fenix Mini vaporizer is a very interesting proposition for those looking for a small vaporizer with significant capabilities. Interestingly, the first Fenix brand vaporizer that permanently made it into the VapeFully offer was precisely the Fenix Mini model, available in the second half of 2017.

The direct successor to Fenix Mini is Fenix Pro vaporizer. The model is improved in many aspects. It features a larger, more efficient battery with a capacity of 2300 mAh, a retractable black glass mouthpiece, and a unique system allowing the disassembly of the spiral heater and thorough cleaning of the vaporizer’s interior, including below the screen located at the bottom of the heating chamber.

Fenix Pro vaporizer is certainly a step forward compared to Fenix Mini. However, due to its simple and rather short vapor path, the vapor produced by it can be quite warm.

Fenix Svaty is a technologically advanced vaporizer that operates on a hybrid heating system with a predominance of convection. This ensures abundant clouds of vapor that are dense, aromatic, and pleasant in taste. Fenix Svaty also features an electronic display, allowing precise temperature control – from 160 to 210 degrees Celsius. Combined with its black, inconspicuous casing, this makes Fenix Svaty extremely discreet, allowing its use practically anywhere.

Fenix vaporizers – prices

Fenix vaporizers are known for their exceptional value, offering high-quality performance at various price points to suit different budgets. At VapeFully, we ensure competitive pricing across the entire Fenix range, making advanced vaporization technology accessible to all.

For those looking for an affordable yet powerful option, the Fenix Mini is an excellent choice, providing great vapor quality in a compact, portable design.

For the ultimate vaporization performance, the top-tier Fenix Pro combines cutting-edge technology with superior build quality, justifying its higher price tag.

No matter your budget, Fenix vaporizers deliver reliable, high-quality vapor and innovative features. Explore our collection at VapeFully to find the perfect Fenix vaporizer that fits your financial plan and meets your needs.

Accessories for Fenix vaporizers

Maximize the performance and versatility of your Fenix vaporizer with our extensive selection of vaporization accessories at VapeFully. For those looking to enhance their vaporization experience, we offer a range of mouthpieces, water pipe adapters, and cooling units specifically designed to fit Fenix models, ensuring smoother and cooler vapor delivery.

Additionally, for users wanting to expand their vaporization options, we provide a variety of capsules and inserts for concentrates, allowing for a more diverse usage of your device. Each accessory is crafted to complement your Fenix vaporizer, enhancing both its functionality and your overall vaping experience.