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ABV dry herb – What is Already Been Vaped herb? What to do with ABV?

Every time you finish inhaling, do you discard the used dry herb? That’s a big mistake! It turns out that such dry herbs can be used in many interesting ways! Learn exactly what ABV dry herb is and how you can reuse it!

What will you learn from this article?

👉 What exactly is ABV?

👉 What can you use ABV for?

Table of contents:

  1. What is ABV?
  2. What to do with the dry herb after vaporization?
  3. ABV recipes
  4. Can you smoke ABV?
  5. ABV – summary

What is ABV? 🍀

Vaporization is becoming increasingly popular. No wonder – it’s the best way to benefit from the therapeutic potential of CBD dry herb or other herbs. During such inhalation, many valuable active components enter the body, and it is completely safe for the body, due to the absence of harmful substances in the vapor. Vaporization is also extremely pleasant – a good quality vaporizer can provide an excellent taste and aroma.

After vaporization, we are left with CBD dry herb. It turns out that it can be reused. The dry herb that has already been vaped is referred to by the acronym ABV. Another less popular name is AVB (Already Vaped Bud). So, you no longer have to wonder what ABV is. It is simply the dry herb leftover from vaporization.

What to do with the dry herb after vaporization?

Not everyone knows that the dry herb that has already been vaped can be reused. Certainly, it is not worth throwing it away immediately after the inhalation is finished. Although it might seem that such ABV dry herb is completely useless, this is not true. It can be reused in many interesting ways.

Of course, ABV dry herb differs from the dry herb that has not yet been used during vaporization. Its color changes primarily (from green to brown), as well as its smell. Much depends on the vaporization temperature, inhalation time, cannabinoid content before inhalation, and also on the quality of the dry herb itself. In most cases, however, ABV dry herb still contains a lot of terpenes, as well as a certain amount of cannabinoids.

ABV recipes 🍀

There are plenty of ideas online on how to use ABV dry herbs by adding them to food. It’s worth experimenting a bit! Of course, you can simply eat such dry herbs without adding them to any products, but they may have a slightly bitter taste. Certainly, a better idea is to prepare simple, homemade cookies or a cocktail. 🍪

Using ABV is the art of recycling in the cannabis world, allowing for the maximum use of every gram.

Lucas Cysewski – president and founder of VapeFully

🛒 ABV and food products

One of the most common ways to reuse ABV (Already Been Vaped) material is by incorporating it into food. ABV is edible without any further heat treatment, as it has already undergone decarboxylation.

One suggestion is to add ABV to peanut butter and use it to prepare a healthy smoothie or sandwich. Peanut butter can be used in many interesting ways in the kitchen, including the preparation of tasty dishes.

Hemp butter made from ABV is also very popular. You can use ABV to prepare it. Making such butter is very simple, and its aroma will surely surprise you.

🍪 ABV cookies

ABV can be used by dissolving it in oil and adding it to various homemade baked goods, such as cookies or muffins. This process allows for the extraction of remaining cannabinoids and terpenes that stay in the material after vaporization. Importantly, this will not significantly affect the taste or aroma of the cookies, meaning that the baked goods will retain their original flavor. This simple method of using ABV allows you to create treats that combine delicious experiences with potential health benefits, making them an excellent alternative to traditional snacks.

🫖 tea or coffee with ABV

While cannabis tea is currently very popular, using ABV to prepare coffee or tea is a solution known to a relatively small group of people. Adding ABV to coffee – especially coffee with milk – can be a very interesting idea. You can do the same with your favorite tea. Such material will not significantly affect the taste of the beverage but will give it a very interesting aroma. You’ll easily create coffee or tea that will not only delight you but also your cannabis-interested guests.

🍷 tincture with ABV

Although making homemade tinctures may seem very time-consuming, those who try it often treat it as a new hobby. It’s not hard to see why. Contrary to appearances, preparing a tincture is very simple, so in a short time, you can create a product with many interesting properties. Not to mention the unique taste!

If you’re a fan of various tinctures – fruity or sweet, such as coffee or gingerbread-flavored – a tincture with ABV will surely appeal to you. To prepare such a tincture, you need to add ABV to high-proof alcohol, close the bottle, and then wait a few weeks, shaking the bottle occasionally. After a few weeks, the liquid should be thoroughly filtered to remove the remains of the material. And it’s ready!

Such a tincture is also a very interesting idea for a handmade gift – of course, for a cannabis fan!

Can you smoke ABV? 🔥

Some wonder whether ABV can be smoked. Of course, it can be smoked in the form of a joint, but this is not the best idea. Smoking introduces many toxic substances into the body, which will certainly not have a positive effect on health or well-being.

A possible solution could be using ABV when using a bong. Of course, the cannabinoid content will be lower than that of fresh material, but it’s an interesting option for those who like to experiment. People who enjoy using a bong might want to try this method of using ABV.

ABV – summary

As you can see, ABV, which has already been used during vaporization, can be reused. There are indeed many methods. You can add it to food, prepare delicious cookies, hemp butter, or even a tincture. One thing is certain – discarding ABV after vaporization is wasteful, as such material still contains plenty of terpenes and cannabinoids. Therefore, it’s worth reusing it.

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