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Best Vaporizer Gift for Him

Are you fed up with the characteristic smell of smoke that fills your flat? Do you want your partner to stop damaging his own health by constantly inhaling harmful smoke? Or perhaps you just want to give him a gift to make him happy? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, it means that you should give your man a vaporizer for dry herb!

Arizer solo II vs Arizer air
Arizer solo II vs Arizer air
  • Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer
  • Crafty Vaporizer
  • Sticky Brick Junior

If you’re tired of the smell of smoke filling the whole apartment, if you have children who shouldn’t inhale or smell it, or just want to take care of the health of your partner who loves herbs, then you should know that there is a way to kill two birds with one stone – you won’t have to worry about the problems we’ve just mentioned, and your partner won’t have to give up his favorite plants, which he will certainly be happy about.

The solution we are talking about is a portable vaporizer – a device that will let your partner use the herb in a healthy and discrete manner, without bothering everyone around. Below, we present a few vaporizers that are the best gift ideas for your partner.

Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer

Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer is a new release from autumn 2017. It’s an improved version of the renowned Arizer Air. The latest generation brings many changes, but it also has all the features that made vaping fans fall in love with its predecessor. The Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer is small and discreet – it looks like a slightly larger e-cigarette.

The device uses a hybrid heating system – dry herb placed in the ending of a glass mouthpiece is heated both through convection (with hot air) and conduction (with the walls of the heating chamber), which ensures excellent performance and even heating. The chamber is small – it holds only 0.15 g of herb.

Thyme Herb
Thyme Herb

Such a small amount, however, allows for a full inhalation that consists of more than a dozen of draws. The vaporizing technique in the case of Arizer Air 2 resembles smoking, but is incomparably more economical, more pleasant and – of course – much healthier.

Arizer Air 2 has a powerful battery – it allows for up to 75 minutes of continuous vaporization on a single charge, and if necessary, you can connect the device to a power bank (Air 2 has a micro-USB port) and continue the session. Another important feature of this model is the replaceable battery – you can buy a spare one and replace the used one in a few seconds, which is extremely convenient.

Above all, however, Arizer Air 2 delivers a vapor of an outstanding quality. Thanks to the glass vapor path, the vapor comes in touch only with glass and has no aftertaste, so its flavor is amazing. On top of that, the vapor is really potent, which is one of the most important aspects for every fan of vaporization. Arizer Air 2 is a perfect gift!

Crafty Vaporizer

Crafty Vaporizer is a legendary device, now available in a new version – last year, the manufacturer introduced a number of improvements to it, among others, replaced the battery with a new model, of 20% greater capacity. This portable vaporizer is made by the renowned German company, Storz & Bickel, the producer of the legendary Volcano.

Crafty Vaporizer
Crafty Vaporizer

The quality of production is at the highest possible level, like in the case of most German-made products. Crafty Vaporizer is a typical vaporizer for a man – it is very durable, has a raw, futuristic design and provides extremely powerful experience.

The device uses hybrid heating (the herb is heated by the chamber walls and a stream of hot air), which ensures excellent inhalation efficiency. Thanks to this type of heating and an advanced cooling system, the steam quality is at the highest possible level, so it will satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs with many years of practice.

In addition, Crafty Vaporizer can be paired with a mobile application that lets you adjust the vaporization temperature with a one-degree Celsius precision and personalize a series of settings. If you want to give your man a gift of the highest quality, the Crafty Vaporizer will definitely be a good idea. It’s a Mercedes among portable vaporizers!

Sticky Brick Junior

Sticky Brick Junior is a smaller and much more portable version of the outstanding Sticky Brick Original Vaporizer. This is a fully analog model – it has no battery or electronic components. How does it work? You use the flame of a mini jet-flame lighter to heat the air outside of the nozzle of the vaporizer.

Sticky Brick Junior Butane Vaporizer
Sticky Brick Junior Butane Vaporizer

The hot air gets sucked inside the device and into the heating chamber, where it heats the material and trigger its intense evaporation. As a result, the user can enjoy a dense and potent vapor with parameters that are practically unachievable in electronic models.

Sticky Brick Junior is a fully convectional vaporizer, which means that the herb is heated only with hot air and only when the user takes a draw. This translates into a very high efficiency – you only need 0.1 g of herb to have a satisfactory vaping session! What’s more, you can cease and resume the session at any given moment, which also adds to the economical use of herb.

The inhalations are intense and can be compared to the inhalation from a bongo (a water pipe). If your partner likes getting great results in a short time, then Sticky Brick Junior is the best choice for a gift him – he’ll be amazed at how potent and tasty the vapor is. Also, the device comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, which is another proof of the high quality of this vaporizer.

Vaporizer – the best possible gift!

If your partner likes using herbs, a new vaporizer will be a great idea for a gift for him. Thanks to this device, he’ll be able to fully enjoy the properties of herbs and the sessions will be more efficient. Plus, vaping, unlike smoking, won’t bother anyone around him as it produces no smoke. A vaporizer is something every fan of herbs should have!

If you have doubts whether your vaporizer is suitable for aromatherapy or you would like to get more information about it – contact us, our experts will be happy to give you professional and free advice!

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