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FlipBrick Cherry Vaporizer

FlipBrick Vaporizer – preview

FlipBrick Vaporizer is the latest vaporizer from Sticky Brick Labs, the creator of the famous butane vaporizers from Sticky Brick series. FlipBrick will be soon available in our offer, but we’re giving you a sneak peek at this model already – check how it works, what features it has and why it’s so special.

FlipBrick Vaporizer
FlipBrick Vaporizer

Since spring 2017, VapeFully has had the whole range of Sticky Brick Labs vaporizers in the offer: Sticky Brick Original, Sticky Brick Junior, HydroBrick Basic and HydroBrick MAXX. For those who don’t know these devices, here’s a quick reminder how they work – they have no electronic components or batteries and the source of heat the source of heat in these devices is the flame of a mini jet-flame lighter that gets sucked into the chamber with herbs.

The hot air heats the material and triggers its evaporation. Therefore, these vaporizers are 100% on-demand devices – you can inhale potent vapor within a few seconds after you start the heating and you can stop the inhalation at any point. The vapor produced in this process is of a high quality and it’s full of flavor.

On-demand vaporizers are also very economical as you can use very small amounts of herb to get some really good results. No wonder Sticky Bricks Labs got very popular among fans of vaping all over the world. Let’s have a look, then, at some unique features of FlipBrick Vaporizer.

FlipBrick Vaporizer – the most important features

FlipBrick Vaporizer is very small and looks a bit like HydroBrick Basic (even though it’s much smaller) – instead of a mouthpiece, it has a glass cut that matches a water pipe joint. The nozzle through which the air gets sucked inside resembles the one from Sticky Brick Junior. Just like in the case of other models, FlipBrick Vaporizer is made of precious wood – cherry, walnut or maple.

Sticky Brick Junior Vaporizer
Sticky Brick Junior Vaporizer

However, the most important aspect is this – while on the cut in HydroBrick Basic you have to install a bubbler or a pipe connected to a water pipe, FlipBrick can be connected directly to a water pipe. It’s possible because the spinning element in which the glass cut is installed – you can twist it and connect it to a bong without changing the position of the chamber.

In HydroBrick Basic it’s impossible because the chamber is located in the same element as the glass cut. In order to connect HydroBrick directly to a water pipe, you’d have to put the whole device upside down – the herbs inside would be moving, and the heating wouldn’t be effective. The construction of FlipBrick solves this problem and makes it very easy to connect the device to a bong.

HydroBrick Basic Vaporizer
HydroBrick Basic Vaporizer

FlipBrick is, therefore, de facto an insert for a bong and it lets you get vapor of the same quality as other models from Sticky Brick Labs. The vapor is tasty and free of a burnt aftertaste, so typical of cheaper, electronic elements. What’s more, the vapor is filtered through water – the filtration lowers the vapor temperature and lets the user inhale larger amounts of vapor than usually, so you can make larger clouds of vapor and notice a more powerful effect.

Another benefit is the extra moisture added to the vapor, which makes it very smooth and less irritating for the throat. However, you can also use FlipBrick without any water filters, by installing a glass mouthpiece on a cut that matches the FlipBrick cut.

This vaporizer is available both with a 14.5 mm and am 18.5 mm cut so you can easily adapt it to the majority of water pipes for vaporization. Therefore, it’s a very versatile model. The efficiency of FlipBrick is as high as of other Sticky Brick Labs devices.

You need only a small amount of herb to have a satisfying session – it’s enough if the material covers the screen at the bottom of the heating chamber. This helps you save money you spend on the herbs, which is very important for every regular user.

Just like all the other vaporizers from Sticky Brick Labs, FlipBrick is covered with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, which makes this device an even more economical purchase. While we’re talking about money, FlipBrick is the cheapest model from all the Sticky Bricks and you can get it at a very affordable price.

FlipBrick Vaporizer – available soon!

Our offer of devices from Sticky Brick Labs will soon grow by one new member – FlipBrick Vaporizer. If you already have one of the previous models and you’re in love with it, you just have to try the new version, with the option of an easy connection to a water filter.

And if you’ve never had a chance to try any of these devices, then FlipBrick is the best and the cheapest way to get to know this amazing technique of inhalation. Stay tuned – FlipBrick Vaporizer will soon be available in VapeFully store!

If you have doubts whether your vaporizer is suitable for aromatherapy or you would like to get more information about it – contact us, our experts will be happy to give you professional and free advice!

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