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HydroBrick Maxx

[TIPS] HydroBrick Maxx Vaporizer

HydroBrick Maxx Vaporizer is an absolute hit among all the butane devices! On one hand, it’s very efficient, on the other – it offers a great quality vapor. We’ll be honest – we fell in love with this device immediately. Check our tips and find out which aspects impressed us the most.

Hydrobrick Maxx Vaporizer Walnut
Hydrobrick Maxx Vaporizer Walnut

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1. HydroBrick Maxx vaporizer – preparation

– HydroBrick Maxx, unlike the majority of vaporizers, doesn’t need the “burn-off” before the first use. It doesn’t have a battery so you don’t need to charge it.

HydroBrick Maxx Cherry
HydroBrick Maxx Cherry

– HydroBrick Maxx vaporizer can work like a regular Sticky Brick (inhalation through a glass mouthpiece) or HydroBrick (inhalation through a water filter). If it’s the first time you use a vaporizer from Sticky Brick Labs, start by inhaling through the glass mouthpiece in order to control the technique better.

– There are two ways to connect the water filter to HydroBrick Maxx: directly to a male type joint with 18 mm cut or with an adapter that comes in a set. In the latter case, one end of the adapter needs to be placed on the 18mm cut joint, on Hydro Brick Maxx and the other and – in the joint of the water filter.

– HydroBrick Maxx is a convection vaporizer, in which herbs are heated with a stream of hot air. In the case of this type vaporizers, there is no need to grind the herbs very finely. Medium-ground herbs will do just fine.

Place the herbs in the chamber but don’t squeeze them (it might block the air flow). The chamber is quite large but there’s no need to fill it 100%. It’s enough if the herbs cover the screen inside. Feel free to use a larger amount of herbs but if you’re just learning how to use Sticky Brick, start with some smaller amounts of material.

– You will need a good quality lighter – the cheapest models cost a few pounds, some more advanced ones 10-15 pounds.

– It’s very important to use a high-quality butane – we recommend gas from Colibri. The high quality of butane is necessary due to the fact that we heat the air with a flame from the lighter, then we inhale the same air. Pure butane turns into water and carbon dioxide when you burn it so it’s tasteless and has no flavor. A low-quality butane may contain mixes that you shouldn’t inhale. Plus, it can have an unpleasant flavor.

2. How to use the vaporizer

– Once you fill the chamber with herbs, connect all the elements of HydroBrick Maxx Vaporizer and connect the glass mouthpiece, a water filter or an adapter.

Water Bubbler 14 mm
Water Bubbler 14 mm

– HydroBrick Maxx requires practice in terms of taking draws. From our experience, we know that the best technique is the following:

  • Switch the lighter on and regulate the flame so that it is around 2 cm long.
  • Bring the flame of the lighter closer to the glass nozzle (the air inlet) through which the hot air gets into the chamber.The ending of the flame should be very close to the nozzle but not inside. Direct the flame onto the nozzle from the top and keep it in a perpendicular position in relation to the device.
  • Start taking very slow draws until you see vapor in the mouthpiece (or a water filter). Don’t switch off the lighter and increase the intensity of vaping, Your draws can be as strong as you with. However, if you notice a drop in the vapor production, slow the breath down a bit.Once you feel that you’ve inhaled enough, switch the lighter off and inhale the rests of vapor from the mouthpiece or the water filter.

HydroBrick Maxx vaporizer requires the herbs being mixed in the chamber ever few draws, which guarantees an even vaporization. We recommend mixing the herbs every 2-3 draws.

– The density of the vapor depends on the speed of the draw and how close to the air inlet the flame will be placed. You just have to practice and feel the difference yourself.

– If you’re not planning to use your HydroBrick Maxx for a while (e.g. a few days), don’t leave it connected to a water filter, otherwise, the wooden parts might absorb the water, which will damage the device. When you store the device, use the wooden cover that protects the glass joint and is perfect for storing the vaporizer.

– HydroBrick Maxx has a compartment for herbs – you can use it as a measuring device that will help you precisely prepare the right amount of herbs.

– When you use a water filter, cover the “clutch” just beside the chamber by using the plug that comes with the set. A vast majority of water pipes/bubblers has its own “clutch” that you can cover with your finger. In this case, it becomes quite uncomfortable.

– If you notice a hotspot on the herbs (a dark/burnt spot), it means that your draws were too slow or that you squeezed the herbs too much in the chamber. If you want to avoid hotspots, you can additionally make small circles around the tip of the nozzle.

– A small amount of vapor usually results from a wrong vaping technique and that your draws were probably too fast. Using the right vaping technique helps you make large, milky clouds of vapor.

3. How to clean HydroBrick Maxx vaporizer?

– The only part in HydroBrick Maxx that requires cleaning is the 18 mm glass joint and the water filter adapter.

Vape Cleaner
Vape Cleaner

– All the glass elements can be soaked in isopropyl alcohol. Before you do it, make sure you remove all the gaskets because they can get damaged when they come in contact with alcohol.

– Never clean any wooden elements with isopropyl alcohol as it can lead to a permanent damage. The wooden parts can be cleaned with a cleaning rod or a cotton bud soaked in warm water. Make sure you remove the excess of water from the cotton bud and let all the elements dry out after the cleaning.

– If you burn the herbs in the chamber by accident, stop inhaling immediately and remove the herbs from the chamber straight away. If you continue inhaling, the herbs will keep on burning, which will spoil the flavor for the next few sessions and may actually damage the device. Once you remove the herbs, clean the inside of the device with a cotton bud soaked with warm water, then let all the elements dry out. The bad smell will be gone after a few vaping sessions.

We recommend VapeCleaner for HydroBrick Maxx cleaning.

Do you know already why HydroBrick Maxx stole our hearts? It has exceeded all our expectations! How do you like it? Let us know in the comments below!

If you have doubts whether your vaporizer is suitable for aromatherapy or you would like to get more information about it – contact us, our experts will be happy to give you professional and free advice!

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