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[TIPS] Sticky Brick Jr Vaporizer

Sticky Brick Jr (Junior) Vaporizer is one of the best butane vaporizers. It has impressed us thanks to its efficiency and the fact that it’s very economical. If you want to fully use the potential of this device, read the guide below and find out how to use and clean your vaporizer.

Sticky Brick Junior Vaporizer
Sticky Brick Junior Vaporizer

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1. Sticky Brick Jr vaporizer – preparation

Sticky Brick Jr  has no electronic elements or a battery so there is no need to charge it or do the “burn-off” before the first use.

Sticky Brick Junior vaporizer
Sticky Brick Junior vaporizer

Stick Brick Jr is a convection vaporizer (the herbs are heated with a stream of hot air) and it doesn’t need very finely ground herbs. Actually, we recommend not to use herbs of this concistency. Use medium-ground herbs – you can prepare them in a regular grinder.

Don’t push the herbs in the chamber too much as it can block the air flow and cause overheating of the device. In some cases, the herbs or CBD can also get burnt. We belive it’s best to simply put the herbs into the chamber and leave them relatively loose, without pushing them in.

Don’t put too much herbs at a time into the chamber. It’s enough if they just cover the screen.

– Get a good-quality lighter (the cheapest, decent lighters cost just a few pounds) and a high quality butane, e.g. from Colibri – you can also get it in VapeFully store. Since you need to heat the air with a flame from the lighter, you should choose a good quality butane, i.e. one with no additives. This kind of gas will turn into carbon dioxide and water while burning and it will be entirely safe for your health.

Sticky Brick Junior Butane Vaporizer
Sticky Brick Junior Butane Vaporizer

2. How to use the vaporizer

– Fill the chamber and assemble your Stick Brick Jr Vaporizer.

The mouthpiece can have two versions – a shorter and a longer one. It’s just a matter of your own preference.

Good inhalation experience requires the rightvaping technique.

Try this technique:

  1. Switch the lighter on and set the flame so that it’s around 2 cm long.
  2. Bring the lighter close to the air inlet – it’s the crooked, glass nozzle through which the air gets sucked into the heating chamber. The tip of the flame should be close to the end of the nozzle but not inside.
  3. Start with a very slow draw until you notice vapor in the mouthpiece. Then (without switching the lighter off) increase the inhalation intensity and the speed of draws. At this stage your draws can be as strong as you wish.
  4. Switch the lighter off and inhale the rest of the vapor that accumulated in the device.

After 2-3 draws look into the chamber and mix the herbs. This wil help you achieve an even vaporization of the material.

The density of vapor dpends on the speed of your draws and on the distance between the flame and the air inlet. You just have to feel it.

There are many videos online that show the proper technique of vaping – watching them can be very helpful.

If you notice a hotspot (a burnt point) on your herbs, it means that your draws are too slow or the you pushed the herbs too much into the chamber.

If there isn’t enough vapor, it means that your draws are too fast. Try to slow down a bit. If you use your Sticky Brick Jr properly, it produces huge clouds of vapor.

3. How to clean Sticky Brick Jr Vaporizer?

Sticky Brick Jr needs hardly any cleaning – the only element you need to clean regularly is the glass part with the heating chamber. You can soak it in isopropyl alcohol. Just make sure you remove the gasket first – it shouldn’t come in contact with alcohol.

Never clean the wooden elements with alcohol as it can cause a permanent damage. You can clean them with a coton bud dipped in warm water. Make sure you let the cleaned elements dry out well before you assemble the vaporizer.

If the herbs acidentally start burning, stop inhaling immediately. If you take one more draw, the herbs will start burning even more intensely in the chamber. Remove the burnt herbs as soon as possible, then clean the air tube with a cotton bud and a bit of warm water. Dry out all the elements well. The smell of burnt material will disappear completely after a few sessions.

Vape Cleaner
Vape Cleaner

We recommend VapeCleaner for Sticky Brick Jr Vaporizer cleaning.

Which tip did you find the most useful? Did you have problems learingn the right technique? Have you got any tips of your own?

Share them in the comments!

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If you have doubts whether your vaporizer is suitable for aromatherapy or you would like to get more information about it – contact us, our experts will be happy to give you professional and free advice!

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