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Titan Hebe

Titan 2 Hebe Vaporizer – Why is it dangerous to your health?

A few paid reviews about Titan 2 Hebe Vaporizer were enough for this device to gain the opinion of a good-quality product that’s worth an investment. However, it’s far from the truth. This vaporizer is not only of poor quality but it’s also dangerous for the users. Our experts explain why it’s best to avoid Titan 2 Hebe Vaporizer.

Titan 2 Hebe Vaporizer
Titan 2 Hebe Vaporizer

Titan 2 Hebe Vaporizer has been promoted as a great quality model in a simple and tricky way. Some of the stores that were selling this vaporizer simply created a few 100% positive reviews of this product and then published those reviews on several forums to make it look like they were written by real users.

It was in the times when there were no independent portals with unbiased reviews of vaporizers so people who were looking for information about a cheap and good vaporizer could only find those fake reviews of Titan 2.

Since there were no reviews of other models, Titan 2 was immediately considered to be one of the most often recommended products. Along with the temptingly low price, it quickly gained popularity among fans of vaporization.

Even though since that time many professional and trustworthy reviews have appeared, Titan 2 Hebe Vaporizer is still popular among new users who are not well-acquainted with various aspects of vaporization.

The fact is, however, that Titan 2 Hebe Vaporizer is dangerous to your health and it’s made of the cheapest possible materials, which results in such poor vaping experience that some people might be completely discouraged from reaching for a vaporizer again.

Why did those stores decide to promote such a bad quality product, then? They were driven by the desire to make money, of course, and they didn’t care about the health and satisfaction of their customers at all.

Titan 2 Hebe Vaporizer – why is it dangerous?

There are two main reasons why using Titan 2 has a bad influence on your health. First of all, the heating chamber in this device is located just below the mouthpiece, which means that the vapor only travels 2-3 centimeters before it reaches the user’s mouth.

Titan 2 Hebe Vaporizer Set
Titan 2 Hebe Vaporizer Set

On top of that, the mouthpiece has no cooling system so the vapor from the chamber goes almost directly into a plastic mouthpiece, which means that it has no chance to cool down to the appropriate temperature.

In practice, it means that the user may inhale a vapor that reaches even 220 degrees Celsius, which can result in burns of the throat, trachea, and bronchi. Many users complain about cough attacks after they used Titan 2.

Another reason why this vaporizer is bad for your health is the fact that the quality of materials used for the production of this device is extremely low. When you buy Titan 2 online, directly from the manufacturer, you only pay about $17. If we assume that this price includes the manufacturer’s margin, the real cost of production of each piece is about $10.

With this level of costs, it’s impossible to create a device that’s made of safe, attested materials that are resistant to high temperatures, sometimes even 220 degrees Celsius. This means that Titan is made of the cheapest possible materials that meet no safety requirements.

After all, there must be a reason why there is no manufacturer info on Titan 2 Hebe Vaporizer packaging. This way, the users who want to sue the manufacturer for health damages caused by Titan 2 find it very difficult to contact the company.

The easiest way to see the poor quality of Titan 2 Hebe for yourself is to switch the device on with an empty chamber. You will notice an intense smell of melted plastic and rubber, and if you look closely, you will see fumes released from the heating chamber.

In normal conditions (when you use dried herbs for inhalation), these fumes are inhaled by the user, along with the vapor. This might result in a strong headache and in some more extreme cases, it can lead to a serious intoxication. If you also bear in mind that the whole process takes place at a very high temperature, you definitely realize that Titan 2 Hebe is clearly a device you should avoid at all costs.

Those users who have never noticed the smell of melted plastic might not be aware of the fact that the strong smell of the herb simply masks the scent of the toxic substances.

Titan 2 Hebe Vaporizer? No, thanks!

The low production quality is also reflected in the durability of Titan 2 Hebe – almost every unit breaks down after a maximum of a few months. Instead of spending 50$ on a vaporizer that’s dangerous to your health, that cannot guarantee a good vaping experience and will break soon after the purchase, it’s better if you save a bit more money and buy one of the verified and safe vaporizers you can find in the VapeFully offer.

The cheapest, safe, electronic model is available for as little as 85$, and for just 45$ you can get a very efficient and fully safe for your health, butane-powered VapCap. That’s less than you’d spend on Titan 2 Hebe!

If you have doubts whether your vaporizer is suitable for aromatherapy or you would like to get more information about it – contact us, our experts will be happy to give you professional and free advice!


  1. thanks for professional words.
    original titan-2 Hebe from VS factory ,the raw cost is $17,with tax and shipping ,it is higher price .and most online cheap one maybe copycats .
    in 2019 ,VS factory put out silicone adapter for 12mm water bubble ,if user need cooler vape flow,

  2. But…respect the Dynavap(Vapcap), what about the O-ring material? Rubber, Silicone, Nitrile, Fluorocarbon? . I couldn’t find info about that material anywhere

  3. Hello
    I’ve been using the Titan2 for 18 months. I originally purchased it as a ‘disposable’ vape for traveling, because i’m paranoid about taking a used vape on a plane. I liked it so much, it’s become my daily driver. I like the ease of use and specific temp settings. By starting with a low temp(360), i can enjoy 8-10 sessions with 3-4 inhales each session. Are they made with materials that are more dangerous than other vapes?! The reviewer has not substantiated their claims in any way! The hard plastics, glues, etc seem very similar to many of the other vapes that i own. Whenever i purchase new vape, i always fully charge it, then run it again and again at the highest temps until i run the battery dry. Then I fully recharge it and repeat. Do that 2 or 3 times and most of the burnable crap should be burned off.

  4. Best dry herb one ive used so far. Cant expect high quality out of affordable products…. Look at basic life. Food that is tha minimal of nutrition is affordable, food that is sctually good for you is highly priced… We stop eating food bc its not top quality?…doubtful. Marketing is marketing. And frankly tha U.S. already spends billions to slowly die, why not get some enjoyment?..

  5. I’ve been using the Hebe Titan 2 for about a month now, until this point. Thank you so much for this review, but now I am legitimately worried about my health.

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