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vaporization how does it work

Vaporization – what is it and what do you need to know about it?

Have you been hearing about vaporization more lately, but it rings no bell to you? Or maybe you’re considering buying your first vaporizer but have doubts about whether this inhalation method is healthy? Make sure to read this article – it contains answers to your questions and more interesting information about vaporization!

What will you learn from the article?

👉 What is vaporization and what characterizes this form of inhalation?

👉 What is a vaporizer and how does it work?

👉 Is it worth buying a vaporizer?

Table of contents:

  1. What is a vaporizer and how does it work?
  2. Benefits of vaporization
  3. Is vaporization healthy and safe?
  4. Vaporizing and health – research
  5. FAQ – Find answers to your questions!

What is a vaporizer and how does it work?

There’s a lot of writing these days about what vaporizers are, the effects of vaporization, and the benefits it brings. For someone new to this topic, all this information can be unclear and chaotic, especially without a prior explanation of what exactly this activity is.

🤓 So what is vaporization?

The idea that desired components can be evaporated from herbs, instead of simply obtaining them by smoking, emerged in the early 90s in California. Initially, this idea was not very popular, but this began to change over time.

More advanced devices for vaporization began to appear and the phenomenon started to gain popularity. Along with it the term “vaporization” was used. But before we explain what vaporization looks like, we must answer an important question!

What is a vaporizer? 💨

Simply, a vaporizer is a device used for vaporization (inhalation) using your favorite herbs. In other words, it’s a device for evaporating the active substances contained in herbs.

In this process, the herbs are not burned but heated to the appropriate temperature to vaporize the active ingredients. Vaporizers are not designed for tobacco – they are not technically capable of vaporizing it, as tobacco requires significantly higher temperatures.

With the growing popularity of vaporization, the market has expanded and many interesting vaporizers emerged. The various models range between the methods of heating herbs, which can be stationary or portable, battery-operated, or butane-powered.

How does a vaporizer work? 🤔

In the context we are discussing, vaporization means heating your favorite herbs to a specific temperature, enabling the evaporation of active substances and then inhalation of the resulting vapor.

This solution allows us to absorb the same active substances as in the case of smoking herbs, but without inviting smoke to our bodies. Now that we know what a vaporizer is, let’s consider how it works. It heats the herbs to the right temperature, initiating vapor release, or in other words vaporization.

Depending on the type of vaporizer, the vapor can be delivered to the user in various ways – in some models, it’s possible to inhale directly from a built-in mouthpiece, while in others, it’s done through a silicone hose or a balloon filled with vapor. There are many models of vaporizers on the market, of better and worse quality!

Due to the high temperatures involved in vaporization, a vaporizer should be made of materials resistant to heat – otherwise, using it could pose a health risk. The use of the cheapest, low-quality materials is a common problem with the lowest-priced vaporizers.

What else should you know about herb vaporization?

Every vaporizer has what’s called a ‘vapor path’ – the route that vapor takes before reaching the user’s respiratory system. In the cheapest vaporizers, this path is often not isolated from the rest of the device’s components, including the battery and electronic parts.

In these cases, the air entering the chamber or the exiting vapor flows around components like the battery or transistors, which can cause the so-called off-gas when exposed to high temperatures. A lack of an isolated vapor path means that all unwanted material will be inhaled by the user along with the produced vapor.

On the other end, there are devices with completely isolated vapor paths – this design ensures that even if the heated components are off-gas, the user will not inhale these vapors along with the vapor. Therefore, when choosing a vaporizer, it’s important to ensure not only that it’s constructed with health-safe materials but also features a fully isolated vapor path.

With the growing popularity of vaporization, the question of what a vaporizer is becomes less frequent, and awareness about this form of inhalation continues to grow. It’s undoubtedly the healthiest way to use herbs, allowing the most effective use of their active ingredients. Plus, vaporization guarantees exceptional pleasure from inhalation – thanks to the wonderful aroma of herbs, among other things.

Benefits of vaporization

There are numerous reasons why vaporization is better than traditional methods of consuming herbs, and everyone has their own motivations for choosing to inhale using a vaporizer. For some, it’s about health aspects, for others, it’s about saving on herbs, while others appreciate the ability to use it discreetly or select precise temperatures. There are many benefits – which is why vaporization is rapidly gaining popularity worldwide.

Health comes first

Vaporization minimizes health risks – there’s no doubt about it. It’s safe to say that currently, it’s the healthiest (and most efficient!) method of utilizing favorite herbs and benefiting from their active ingredients.

The vapor produced by a vaporizer is completely safe for the body. It is gentle on the respiratory system and free of harmful, carcinogenic substances. This is one of the reasons why vaporization is much more worthwhile – because health is priceless.

You can save a lot of money

With many vaporizers, just 0.1 or 0.2 g of dry herb is enough for a full inhalation session, which allows you to maximize the use of all the active ingredients in the plant. Vaporization is a process where the device produces vapor that is neutral to the body. However, this vapor is incredibly rich in valuable active ingredients that quickly enter the bloodstream and bring the desired effect, such as relaxation or an energy boost.

With other methods, the amount of herbs used is much greater, meaning much higher expenses – especially over the course of a month or year. Of course, it all depends on how often you use herbs, but with a standard frequency of sessions, say 2-3 times a week, the savings on used herbs can be truly spectacular.

Vaporization is very cost-effective 🥇

For many people, the price is a serious obstacle preventing them from buying a vaporizer. The common belief is that vaporizers are very expensive equipment, certainly not for every budget. But this is a myth!

Currently, the vaporizer market is highly developed, and good quality vaporizers are available even for around 50 euros. For 120 euros, you can buy a decent, good-quality device, and the bigger the budget, the better it gets.

As you can see, a good vaporizer does not have to be very expensive. On the contrary – an amount of 50-120 euros is sufficient to acquire equipment that offers everything best in inhalation.

But that’s not all! It is also worth remembering that the amount of herbs used during inhalation is much smaller. Often, the purchase of a vaporizer can pay for itself after just a few sessions, and over time the savings become increasingly apparent. So, there’s no doubt that vaporization is very cost-effective!

Vaporizer – is it worth it? Definitely yes!

All in all, buying a vaporizer is a very good and profitable decision. One of the most important reasons to choose a vaporizer is health. Vaporization is much healthier, so those who like to use various herbs will certainly feel an improvement in their well-being if they choose vaporization.

Another aspect is the potential for savings. Vaporization is much more efficient, so you can enjoy better effects for a lower price. It’s no wonder that vaporization is becoming more and more popular. If you’re still wondering whether it’s worth buying a vaporizer, now you know that the answer is: YES!

Vaporization is a great option when it comes to a method of using herbs. It’s much better than traditional smoking because it gives you full control over the amount you want to use, and on top of that, it doesn’t emit the harmful substances that are produced when burning. With vaporization, you can really take advantage of all the benefits of herbs!

Lucas Cysewski – CEO and founder of VapeFully

What are the advantages of herb vaporization?

You already know that buying a vaporizer is a really good investment. Now, let’s learn more about the benefits of herb vaporization!

Unlimited choice of herbs for vaporization 🌿🌱🍃

In reality, many different herbs can be vaporized – depending on the effects you’re looking for. However, it’s important to remember that herbs should be vaporized at different temperatures, as they are often very delicate.

Here are some examples of herbs that can be vaporized:

🌿 hops – although you might associate hops more with the golden beverage you reach for on hot days, they turn out to be excellent for vaporization. Importantly, hops work well in case of stress or sleep difficulties, as it has strong relaxing and calming properties. Moreover, hops can also have antioxidant and antibacterial effects. Discover the interesting aroma of hops during inhalation!

🌿 lavender – lavender also acts as a calming and relaxing agent, reduces stress levels, aids in calming down and falling asleep, and improves mood. Most importantly – it smells really great, and during vaporization, its unique aroma is intensified.

🌿 valerian, or valeriana officinalis – this herb is also suitable for those seeking to soothe their nerves. It’s a good alternative to lemon balm (which can also be vaporized!). Valerian can also have antispasmodic effects. Its fresh and pleasant scent will surely appeal to every herb vaporization enthusiast.

🌿 ginkgo biloba (also known as maidenhair tree) – You’ve probably heard a lot about its positive properties, as it’s a popular ingredient in dietary supplements. Ginkgo biloba is suitable for those seeking intellectual stimulation, and wanting to be more focused and efficient! It’s a great alternative to a cup of strong coffee. Try it, and you’ll surely be surprised by the effects.

These are just some examples of herbs for vaporization. One of the great advantages of this method of inhalation is that it offers an endless adventure. The list of herbs for vaporization is really long, so it’s definitely worth regularly testing new herbs!

What other benefits does herb vaporization offer?

Herb vaporization has many advantages, which is one of the reasons why the fan base of this inhalation method is growing so rapidly. Here are the most important benefits of vaporization:

  • completely safe method: the vapor from a vaporizer is free of any toxic substances, making this method of inhalation safe for everyone who wants to enjoy the positive properties of herbs.
  • material savings: vaporization is a method that reduces the amount of herbs used, especially compared to smoking. This is great news for those who care about efficiency. Buying a vaporizer is an investment that pays off quickly, especially if you use herbs very often. In many cases, just 0.2 grams of herbs are enough for a full session.
  • discretion: herb vaporization is a very discreet method of inhalation. If your household members don’t like the aroma of herbs, but you do, vaporization will surely suit your taste. Vapor from a vaporizer is very subtle, and many manufacturers offer special attachments that reduce the intense fragrance.
  • most importantly – health! This is definitely the most important benefit you can count on when choosing vaporization. The active ingredients contained in herbs are completely natural and incredibly effective in supporting the body. Herb vaporization is therefore an excellent method for improving physical and mental condition.

Herb vaporization – for whom?

Herb vaporization is a method suitable for everyone. It will certainly be appreciated by all those who prefer natural methods of supporting the body – there is nothing more natural than herbs!

Herb vaporization is perfect for people struggling with constantly elevated stress levels, having difficulty falling asleep, and finding it hard to relax. It’s also a good option for those who want to be more focused and efficient during the day, for example, with Ginkgo biloba. One thing is certain – it’s worth experiencing firsthand the benefits of herb vaporization!

Is vaporization healthy and safe? ❤️‍🩹

Although we have already mentioned this issue, it’s worth taking a closer look. The trend of caring for one’s health is not fading. On the contrary – we are increasingly concerned about taking care of ourselves, eating well, and staying active.

The rising popularity of vaporization is also linked to this trend – it is much healthier than traditional methods of consuming herbs. However, many people still wonder whether vaporization is truly healthy and safe.

what is vaporization

Vaporization is a healthy way of consuming herbs

During inhalation, the vaporizer produces vapor that contains all the positive active ingredients found in the herbs. During inhalation, this vapor enters the respiratory system, and the active ingredients penetrate the bloodstream.

This form of inhalation has been known for a long time and is recognized as a safe and especially effective method of utilizing the properties of herbs. Thanks to vaporizers, there’s no need to inhale using a bowl of hot water and essential oils anymore. This form of inhalation is completely safe for the body, for many reasons.

Is the vapor from a vaporizer safe for the respiratory system? 🫁

Unlike the smoke produced during burning. During combustion, many toxic, often carcinogenic substances are released, which we inhale with the smoke. As a result, toxins enter the body, which not only cause deterioration in well-being or induce ailments such as cough and hoarseness but can also cause serious damage to the body over time.

With vapor from a vaporizer, it’s completely different. Clean vapor is neutral to the body, so it has no negative impact on health. During inhalation, we inhale vapor rich in active ingredients from the vaporized herbs, such as sage or lemon balm. Pure health! 🙂

Temperature regulation is very important! 🔥

Our respiratory system is not accustomed to high temperatures. That’s why smoking, during which we inhale smoke at very high temperatures, causes a range of ailments.

High temperatures can irritate both the throat and other parts of the respiratory system. In the case of vaporization, this problem is solved. The vapor from the vaporizer is not only safe but also – depending on the settings – can have a temperature that does not irritate.

It is also worth mentioning water filtration, which further cools and moisturizes the vapor. This is another reason why vaporization is undoubtedly a much better choice.

😷 End of poor condition and coughing!

People who smoke regularly often complain about poor physical condition. Additionally, they suffer from persistent cough, hoarseness, and even shortness of breath or wheezing in the bronchi. Quitting smoking and opting for vaporization allows for quick relief from such symptoms.

Many people who have made this choice, after some time, enjoy the effect of “quitting smoking” – i.e., the unpleasant symptoms associated with smoking disappear. Vaporization is an effective and healthy way to quit this habit.

How to make sure vaporization is even safer?

For inhalation using a vaporizer, it should be carried out using a high-quality vaporizer if you want to be 100% safe and sure. That’s why it is so important to buy vaporizers from verified sources and reputable manufacturers. Buying a vaporizer from a foreign auction site or another unverified source can make inhalation unsafe.

Remember this! Unfortunately, while vaporizers from eBay or AliExpress may be tempting in price, they usually lack the necessary certifications and are made of poor-quality materials that are not resistant to high temperatures. It is worth buying a vaporizer from a trusted source that will guarantee safety – and make inhalation truly enjoyable!

Vaporization and inhalation efficiency 💰💰💰

A vaporizer is a device used to evaporate active substances from herbs. It allows for extracting a significantly greater amount of active material from herbs than during smoking. Why? Because a large part of the active substances in herbs is destroyed during combustion due to too high temperatures.

During the vaporization of the dry herb, the vaporizer heats up to temperatures at which the active substances are not destroyed and can be fully assimilated into our body.

This has dual consequences:

  • first, vaporization is more efficient because we assimilate a larger portion of substances than we would by burning the same amount of herbs. This means achieving a stronger effect using the same amounts of herbs.
  • second, vaporization is much more economical because to achieve the same effect, significantly fewer herbs are needed compared to smoking. This, in the long run, translates into savings, which will allow us to reduce expenses on herbs and ensure that the vaporizer quickly pays for itself.

The claim that vaporizing is less effective than smoking is completely untrue – it’s actually the opposite. You can read about the origins of this myth here. We also encourage experimenting in the kitchen with post-vaporization material (known as ABV – Already Been Vaped), which still contains about 15-20% active properties… it would be a waste to throw them away.

Vaporizing helps you relax 🙃

In the case of smoke, the smell not only stays longer but is also much more intense, penetrating furniture, walls, or worse, escaping under doors outside. The fact that vapor doesn’t smell also allows for much easier discretion – the scent of vaporized mint or chamomile disappears almost immediately, so it won’t bother anyone.

We hope to have shown once and for all that for someone who regularly smokes herbs, a vaporizer is an exceptionally smart decision, which will positively impact health, wallet, and relationships with loved ones in a short time. If you want to quit smoking and simultaneously start saving your health (and money), definitely reach for a dry herb vaporizer!

is vaporisation healthy

Vaporizing and health – research 🧑‍⚕️

The essence of vaporizing is that there’s no combustion, so instead of toxic smoke, we inhale health-neutral vapor. Often it’s said that smoke from herbs is much less harmful than that from burning tobacco. So why is vaporizing much better for our health?

While it’s true that smoke from herbs contains significantly fewer harmful compounds than tobacco smoke, it’s still toxic to our bodies – it contains potentially carcinogenic tar substances and many harmful compounds, such as carbon monoxide or benzene.

The first benefit is that vaporizing helps eliminate such substances and prevents them from entering our bodies.

Vaporizing – elimination of toxins within the body 🧹

Vaporizing is a phenomenon so new that to this day, relatively few studies have been conducted on its impact on health. However, the studies that have been carried out clearly indicate the health benefits of vaporizing. The first more extensive pilot studies on herb vaporization were conducted in 2007.

These studies compared the amount of active substances and the number of toxins delivered to the body when smoking (one group of experiment participants) and using a Volcano vaporizer (the second group).

Scientists discovered that although both groups received a comparable amount of desired active substances into the bloodstream, the participants using the Volcano ingested significantly fewer toxins resulting from the combustion process, such as toxic and brain-harming carbon monoxide.

This result led researchers to conclude that vaporizing can deliver active substances to the body just as effectively, while significantly reducing the harmful toxins that enter the body.

Less damage to the respiratory system

In the same year (2007), another study was conducted examining both tobacco and herb users. Some participants smoked herbs or tobacco, while others used vaporizers and e-cigarettes.

This study revealed that those who switched from smoke to vapor exhibited significantly fewer respiratory problems, such as coughing, excessive phlegm production, or chest tightness. In smokers, these symptoms were notably more frequent.

Interestingly, after switching to vaporizing, heavy herb users showed significantly fewer pathological symptoms than smokers.

The main conclusion from this study was that among herb users, using a vaporizer significantly reduces negative symptoms related to the respiratory system.

Improved lung condition 💪

Another important study was conducted in 2010. This research focused on herb smokers who had already developed negative respiratory symptoms due to smoking, such as persistent coughing, increased phlegm production, or wheezing.

In the study, participants with such symptoms abstained from smoking for a month and used vaporizers daily instead. Similar to the previous two studies, this one also turned out to be beneficial for vaporizer users. After a month of using vaporizers, a significant improvement in respiratory function was observed in the participants.

This improvement was as significant as in cigarette smokers who had completely quit smoking. Individuals who switched to vaporizing felt an overall improvement in their condition and experienced the positive effects associated with “quitting smoking.”

Choose to vaporize for health!

All studies conducted so far indicate that vaporizing significantly reduces the harm caused by inhaling smoke from combustion and cuts the amount of toxins delivered to the body. Therefore, vaporizing is the least harmful way of assimilating substances contained in herbs. This can be verified without conducting expensive studies – anyone who switches to vaporizing will quickly feel an improvement in their respiratory health!


FAQ – Find answers to your questions!

>> Herb vaporization – what is it and how does it work? 

Herbal vaporization is considered the safest and most effective method of using herbs, which – obviously – have numerous positive properties. For this method, a special device has to be used. The herbs are heated to the appropriate temperature, and as a result, vapor that is very rich in active ingredients is created.
This vapor is inhaled by the user, allowing it to quickly enter the bloodstream. At the same time, it is completely free from harmful substances produced during combustion, which is one of the reasons why vaporization is considered a much safer method than smoking.

>> Is it worth buying a vaporizer?

Vaporization is an inhalation method that allows for significant savings of herbs. With many vaporizers, just 0.1 grams of dry herb is sufficient for a full inhalation. Imagine how much you can save on herbs – especially since vaporizers can be used for many years, provided you choose a high-quality device!

Although purchasing a vaporizer involves some expenditure, there are increasingly more high-quality devices on the market at prices with very agreeable prices. It is certainly a good investment –aside from the financial meaning, it is an investment in your health.

>> Is vaporization healthy?

Definitely, yes. The vapor produced during inhalation is very rich in valuable active ingredients found in herbs. At the same time, it is free from harmful substances – unlike smoking. Vapor from a vaporizer is completely safe for the respiratory tract, which is why this form of inhalation is considered the healthiest method of using herbs. 

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