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Vaporizer ranking

Vaporizer Ranking 2024

The popularity of vaporization is increasing, making each year a breakthrough in the industry. Below, you’ll find a list of the best vaporizers of 2024. These vaporizers are so outstanding that even the most demanding users will find them suited to one’s taste!

What will you learn from the article?

👉 What innovative features you can discover in the best vaporizers

👉 Strengths and weaknesses of top vaporizers

👉 Which models meet users’ specific needs and expectations

Table of contents:

  1. VapCap M Plus – best value for money
  2. X-MAX V3 Pro – for fans of convenience within a reasonable budget
  3. Mighty+ Vaporizer – a new edition of the legend
  4. Tinymight 2 – the most powerful convection vaporizer on the market
  5. Firefly 2+ – vaporizer offering the best vapor flavor
  6. Vapman – a vaporizer like a work of art
  7. PAX Plus – an intelligent vaporizer that adapts to you
  8. PAX Mini – compact and discreet device
  9. Arizer Air MAX – best portable vaporizer for home use
  10. Dreamwood Punch Mini – best butane vaporizer
  11. Volcano Hybrid – the most durable stationary vaporizer

The best vaporizer – a product ranking

Below you will find a list of 11 best vaporizers, that you should be aware of in 2024.

VapCap M Plus – best value for money

VapCap M Plus is the latest version of the iconic vaporizer from DynaVap. Many were eagerly waiting for it. And here it is – as always, refined in every detail! It’s currently one of the most popular devices, especially for its excellent quality-to-price ratio.

VapCap M Plus – new improvements over predecessors 💪

VapCap M Plus introduces a significant number of improvements over previous versions, which is not a surprise.

Notably, it features a completely new tip without cooling fins. This allows for greater heat retention, enhancing the inhalation experience. Other innovations include a redesigned heating chamber and a new body. VapCap M Plus is perfect for microdosing fans who like to use the entire chamber contents in two or three inhalations.

VapCap M 2021 – the most cost-effective vaporizer in 2024

VapCap M Plus vaporizer is arguably the most cost-effective vaporizer of 2024, not just among butane models. Most importantly – inhaling from VapCap M Plus is a true ritual of pleasure and relaxation!

X-MAX V3 Pro – for fans of convenience within a reasonable budget 💰

X-MAX V3 Pro

X-MAX V3 Pro is a compact vaporizer with quite significant capabilities. That’s why it’s on our list of the best vaporizers for 2024 – in our opinion, it’s currently the best electronic model in the budget category, far surpassing the previously dominant models like the Fenix Mini and X-MAX Starry 3.0 vaporizers. Rapid heating, precise temperature control, the choice between session and on-demand modes, and a large, replaceable battery make the X-MAX V3 Pro the best choice for an affordable electronic model.

X-MAX V3 Pro – pure vapor taste at low temperatures ❄️

What sets X-MAX V3 Pro apart is the excellent flavor of the vapor, especially when inhaled at low temperatures. However, at higher temperatures, it can produce dense, milky vapor.

X-MAX V3 Pro also performs exceptionally well with a water filter – you can choose either a dedicated bubbler or an adapter to connect the vaporizer to your bong. Thanks to these additions, the vapor is perfectly cooled and humidified, making the inhalation very comfortable – we highly recommend purchasing water filtration accessories!

X-MAX V3 Pro – compact yet sturdy 🥊

X-MAX V3 Pro vaporizer is a great option for those who like to have it with them at all times. It’s very sturdy and takes a lot to cause some damage.

At the same time, it’s lightweight and compact, so it doesn’t take up much space in a pocket or purse. It’s easy to carry everywhere without risk of damage! Its discreet appearance also ensures that users of the X-MAX V3 Pro won’t attract unwanted attention.

X-MAX V3 Pro – the best compact vaporizer on the market 🏆

X-MAX V3 Pro offers full temperature control, ranging from 100 to 240 degrees Celsius, allowing for the vaporization of both delicate herbs and concentrates.

It’s a perfect choice for everyone! Considering X-MAX V3 Pro’s efficiency and clean vapor taste, it might just be one of the best compact vaporizers for 2024! Perfect for fans of handy vapes!

Mighty+ Vaporizer – a new edition of the legend 👀


Mighty+ is considered a worthy successor to what has long been considered one of the most iconic vaporizers on the market – Mighty!

Storz & Bickel have accustomed us to producing high-quality vaporizers, and Mighty+ is no exception. It’s a perfect blend of design, functionality, and efficiency.

Mighty+ Vaporizer – hybrid heating of dried hemp 🔥

Starting with the fact that Mighty+ vaporizer uses a hybrid method of heating the dry material, it maintains excellent effects while ensuring optimal power.

The combination of conduction and convection heating methods is considered one of the most modern and effective. Mighty+ is renowned for the pure taste of the vapor and its high-quality production even at lower temperatures. Fans of dense clouds will definitely be pleased!

Mighty+ – numerous innovations for demanding users

Mighty+ was designed with the most demanding vaporization enthusiasts in mind. It’s equipped with a range of innovative features like quick charging, SuperBooster mode, and even footing at the bottom of the case which allow the device to be conveniently put down. One thing is certain – Storz & Bickel have once again devoted a lot of time to creating a device that is 100% satisfying.

Without a doubt, Mighty+ can be considered one of the best vaporizers on the market in 2024. It’s hard to imagine a vaporizer that will surpass it. Those planning to purchase a portable vaporizer with hybrid heating should highly consider Mighty+!

Tinymight 2 – the most powerful convection vaporizer on the market ⭐️

Tinymight 2

Tinymight 2 vaporizer rightfully holds a significant spot in the ranking of the best vaporizers for 2024. It is undoubtedly the most powerful convection vaporizer available. Its exceptional vapor quality, amazing taste, and rapid heating are just a few of its many advantages!

Tinymight 2 – a great choice for those seeking intense experiences

Tinymight 2 is a convection vaporizer with huge power. It offers inhalations in both session and on-demand modes, which is an interesting and useful feature, not just for the undecided. After all, from time to time, everyone wants a long, relaxing session, even if they usually prefer quick and intense inhalations.

Tinymight 2 impresses with its simple, eco-friendly design and functionality, making it a wise choice for those who value high-quality craftsmanship.

Tinymight 2 – perfect for demanding users 🙋

Tinymight 2 allows for incredibly fast extraction, meaning a full inhalation experience can be achieved in just two breaths. In today’s fast-paced world, such rapid inhalation is a highly useful feature.  😊

Importantly, the chamber size is adjustable, making it suitable for both microdosing and standard use. We believe 0.2g is a sensible maximum capacity, though users are free to discover their preferences.

Tinymight 2 produces captivating vapor 💨

The vapor produced by the Tinymight 2 is so dense and aromatic, that it surprises even long-time vaporization fans. Its flavorful and strong vapor puts this device ahead of its competitors. It’s no surprise that Tinymight 2 is featured at the end of our list. It’s a device worth considering as a top choice – so why not do just that now?

Firefly 2+ – vaporizer offering the best vapor flavor 🍽️

Firefly 2+

What do you look for in the perfect vaporizer? While battery life, efficiency, and appearance are important, the most crucial aspect is the flavor of the vapor. There’s no doubt about that, just as there’s no doubt that the Firefly 2+ vaporizer provides the absolutely best vapor taste among all electronic vaporizers, even in 2024!

Firefly 2+ is a 100% convection device. This means the dry herb is heated by a stream of hot air. The device heats up in just three seconds, offering an incredibly pure vapor taste that will impress even the old stagers.

Those familiar with the vaporizer market might know that the predecessor of this device wasn’t a huge success. Users of the Firefly 2 criticized the need for a specific way to fill the chamber and the difficulty of inhalation. The manufacturers rose to the challenge and quickly released the Firefly 2+ – and even exceeded all expectations and addressed almost all the previous issues, making Firefly 2+ a device that truly deserves attention.

Firefly 2+ – the most efficient electronic vaporizer on the market 🍀

But that’s not the end of the “bests” for the Firefly 2+. Many people consider it to be the most efficient vaporizer on the market. What makes the Firefly 2+ so efficient? There are several reasons. 

Firstly, the inhalation session can be divided into several parts, meaning you don’t have to do one long inhalation. After filling the chamber, you can take a few breaths and then come back to the device later without needing to refill it – a very convenient feature!

Secondly, the herb in Firefly 2+ vaporizer isn’t heated between breaths, preserving both the herb’s properties and the active ingredients. The herb is heated by the stream of hot air only during inhalation, allowing for herb conservation.

And thirdly, the chamber is optimally sized. It’s not too large, so you don’t need to use a lot of herbs, nor do you have to fill it completely. This is great for those who prefer short inhalations throughout the day, though it’s also suitable for long, relaxing sessions.  🧘

It’s definitely worth it!

Considering the high-quality materials, the incredibly pure taste of the vapor, and the surprising efficiency of the device, the Firefly 2+ deserves an honorable place on the list of the best vaporizers in 2024!

Vapman – a vaporizer like a work of art 🏞️


Vapman vaporizer caused quite a stir in the market and quickly proved worthy of attention, earning a spot on our list of the best vaporizers for 2024.

Vapman – a brief history

Vapman vaporizers are not new to the market. They were initially produced in Switzerland by René Balli, who was not only a vaporizer manufacturer but also a true visionary, inventor, and craftsman. However, Balli retired and stopped production.

The production of Vapman vaporizers was then taken up by young vaporization enthusiasts, David and Michael, who resumed manufacturing, and today, the device is sold worldwide to the delight of users!

Vapman – a compact butane vaporizer 🪆

Vapman vaporizer is a butane model, which means it requires an external flame source for inhalation – specifically, a mini-torch or a jet lighter. A major benefit of this design is that there’s no need to charge the vaporizer, and there’s no risk of component failure.

Despite its compact size, Vapman surprises with its rich vapor production and effective extraction. The vapor is full of flavor, and the device is incredibly efficient, using only about 0.05g of herb per inhalation!

Vapman – a new version of the iconic device

Vapman vaporizer is produced by young enthusiasts and differs slightly from René Balli’s original. The current model is made from premium olive wood, naturally found in Italy.

Each device is handmade, ensuring that each Vapman is unique and special.

Notably, the interior of the copper heating chamber is lined with a layer of 24-karat gold, guaranteeing a perfectly pure vapor taste!

Vapman – a device worth getting to know 🤝

Vapman is undoubtedly a unique vaporizer in every aspect. The appearance and materials used are sure to delight design fans.

The pure taste of the vapor, its generous production, and the joy of using the device make it a remarkable choice. If you’re looking for a truly special vaporizer in 2024, Vapman is the perfect option for you! 

PAX Plus – an intelligent vaporizer that adapts to you 🤓

Pax Plus

PAX Plus vaporizer combines all the features that vaporization fans have loved in the PAX series, along with many exciting enhancements. It stands as one of the best vaporizers to choose from in 2024.

PAX Plus is particularly famous for its innovative solutions. It heats the herb 100% conductively and is even smarter than its predecessors, adapting the herb heating to your inhalation style. This is a true revolution that will forever change the way you experience inhalations!

New to PAX Plus are the so-called Experience Modes, dedicated heating modes. You can choose among modes like Flavor Mode, which focuses on optimal taste and vapor production, and Boost Mode, which maximizes vapor production. Other modes worth trying are Stealth Mode and Efficiency Mode.

PAX Plus – a series of advanced solutions

In creating PAX Plus, a range of advanced technological solutions were used, making the device surprisingly capable. The new screen has a three-dimensional form and has been completely redesigned. This shows that the manufacturer is meeting user expectations.

The battery lasts for over two hours of inhalation, and the vaporizer itself is very discreet. This makes it a good option for those who enjoy outdoor inhalations but don’t want to worry about battery life or attracting attention.

PAX Plus – what else do you need to know? 🤔

Another important aspect of PAX Plus is that it’s made from high-class materials, and the manufacturer offers a ten-year warranty. Without a doubt, PAX Plus is one of the best vaporizers you can opt for in 2024.

PAX Mini – compact and discreet device 🔍

Pax Mini

PAX Mini vaporizer is another excellent choice for those seeking a reliable vaporizer in 2024. It’s the smallest in the PAX series, and its greatest strengths are surely its design, which makes each inhalation a huge pleasure, and the ease of use that blows you away from the first moment!

The manufacturers of PAX Mini know exactly what they’re doing and manage to spoil Mini’s users. Using the PAX Mini, you will feel completely pampered and satisfied – to a full 100%! 🌻

PAX Mini – a range of interesting solutions

While the design of PAX Mini is not surprising compared to other devices in the series, a series of solutions in the device make many people choose this smallest PAX. One of these features is rapid heating – PAX Mini is ready to use in just 22 seconds!

PAX Mini uses a conductive method of heating the herb but does so much better than many other devices, thanks to its intelligent heating system. The mouthpiece has a special sensor that detects the presence of the mouth, and then heats the herb as you inhale. This revolutionary solution is worth appreciating.

The heating chamber of PAX Mini is quite small, making it ideal for single-person use. You don’t need many herbs to fill it, and the effects of inhalation are excellent – a very economical solution.

Lastly, we need to talk about the battery – it allows for over two hours of use, which is an outstanding result! 🔋

PAX Mini vaporizer is a great choice!

PAX Mini vaporizer is a good proposal for both beginners and advanced users. It guarantees really high-quality inhalation, and using this device is a huge pleasure. That’s why the PAX Mini is on the list of the best vaporizers in 2024!

Arizer Air MAX – best portable vaporizer for home use 🏠

Arizer Air Max

Arizer Air MAX combines modern technology, excellent craftsmanship, and brilliant extraction. It’s important to highlight (or remind) the most important information about it to those who are still looking for the best vaporizer in 2024.

It’s the latest creation of Arizer Tech and the most powerful device in the manufacturer’s portfolio, designed for demanding users. It offers excellent quality vapor while maintaining comfort with quick heating and a durable, replaceable battery.

Arizer Air MAX – a hybrid for excellent results

One of the most important aspects is the method of heating herbs. Arizer Air MAX vaporizer uses a hybrid system. It combines conduction and convection, making the vapor rich in flavor and plentiful. The device heats the herb through both the heated chamber and the flow of warm air. This combination also guarantees the effective extraction of active substances.

Arizer Air MAX is very economical, and it’s important to emphasize this. For a full, really satisfying inhalation, just 0.12 grams of herb are needed. This is really little, considering the capabilities of this vaporizer and the fact that such an amount of herb allows for a long, even 20-minute inhalation.

The taste of the vapor is also of the highest quality. This is mainly due to the design of the device. The vapor path – including the chamber for the herb – is made entirely of glass, and the heater is made of ceramic, so you can enjoy an undisturbed, extremely pure aroma and taste.

The battery lasts here for 2.5 hours of inhalation, which is an exceptional result compared to other portable vaporizers on the market. The USB-C connector provides fast charging. The replaceable battery makes it an ideal choice for travelers.

Arizer Air MAX – a worthy choice in 2024 💖

Arizer Air MAX vaporizer is truly a worthy successor to Solo 2. It’s worth deciding on this vaporizer also in 2024, as it remains unbeatable in many respects. This is proved by the fact that many people still decide to purchase it.

It’s worth adding that the set includes, in addition to the Arizer Air MAX vaporizer, quite a lot of accessories – including a glass mouthpiece, a 14.5 mm water adapter, three protective tubes, two spare caps, and a sample of lavender for aromatherapy.

The manufacturer also adds an Aroma Dish for aromatherapy. This is a special gadget that allows you to instantly mask the smell with another fragrance that is released into the room – we can heat it with aromatic herbs or essential oils. All in all, Arizer Air MAX vaporizer has yet another advantage as it allows discreet inhalation even with very aromatic herbs.

In the world of vaporization, the key to the best experience is to choose a vaporizer that meets the individual needs of the user. It’s not just a matter of taste, but understanding that the right model can significantly improve the comfort of daily life.

Lucas Cysewski – CEO and founder of VapeFully

Dreamwood Punch Mini – best butane vaporizer 🎰

Dreamwood Punch Mini

Dreamwood Punch Mini is an intriguing, although less popular device. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s high time to do so. Why? Because it’s undoubtedly one of the best butane vaporizers in 2024 – if not the best!

It’s a butane vaporizer with very small measurements – just 6×6 cm – fitting easily in the hand or pocket. Despite its size, Dreamwood Punch Mini offers immense herb vaporization capabilities. But don’t be deceived by its size – Dreamwood Punch Mini has HUGE capabilities when it comes to herb vaporization. 🍀

This 100% convection vaporizer ensures good vapor taste, high efficiency, and the ability to inhale without waiting for the device to heat up.

Dreamwood Punch Mini – small but… surprisingly effective 😮

To use the Punch Mini vaporizer, a special butane torch included in the set is used. The torch heats the air drawn into the herb chamber. It doesn’t take long to heat the herb, as it almost immediately reaches the optimal inhalation temperature. This is a classic on-demand model, offering convection heating.

The special 3D Mouthpiece, which can be purchased additionally, works quite well. With it, the vapor path will be longer, and the vapor itself will be much better cooled. This is a solution for those who like a perfectly cooled vapor, although even using the standard mouthpiece, it has a good temperature for inhalation.

Since Dreamwood Punch Mini is a butane device, it contains no electronic components. This means there’s no risk of such damage or malfunction. This is one of the biggest advantages of such vaporizers – they can be used for many years, and the quality of inhalation will still be excellent. Of course, provided that we regularly clean such a vaporizer and do not break the glass elements!

Finally, it’s worth adding a few words about the design of this device, as it also deserves attention. Dreamwood likes to spoil users with vaporizers made of the highest quality exotic, noble wood. Using such a device is a pleasure in itself!

Number ONE among butane vaporizers 1️⃣

If you’re looking for a good, proven, and above all, high-quality inhalation butane vaporizer in 2024, then Dreamwood Punch Mini might be the perfect choice. This small-sized device is suitable for those who appreciate a pleasant eco-design and discretion.

True, Dreamwood Punch Mini requires some skill, but after one or two inhalations, you’ll surely master the art of using this device. And it will reward you with what it does best – intense production of very aromatic, dense vapor clouds.

Volcano Hybrid – the most durable stationary vaporizer 🔒

Volcano Hybrid

If there’s a vaporizer in the world that’s unmatched in durability, and which every vaporization enthusiast secretly dreams of, it’s the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer. It’s a true hit among stationary vaporizers, and everyone should try inhaling with this device at least once. But that’s not where the journey with Volcano Hybrid ends – it’s still a top hit among vaporizers in 2024.

Volcano Hybrid is a hybrid device, which means it combines both conductive and convective heating methods. The vaporization temperature is reached in just 40 seconds, with the herb first heated by contact with the heated chamber, then further heated by a stream of hot air. This not only provides incredible inhalation quality but also great efficiency, with no need to stir the chamber.

Volcano Hybrid – worth the wait!

Those interested in vaporization might know that the German company Storz & Bickel made users wait quite a while before releasing Volcano Hybrid. The first model, Volcano Classic, appeared on the market… 22 years ago! Its modernized successor, Volcano Digit, was launched in 2007, and the Hybrid model premiered in mid-2019. Well, the manufacturer compensated for this long wait by releasing a perfectly refined device, created with care for every tiny detail.

Volcano Hybrid allows for various inhalation methods, including using a special tube or a balloon. The set also includes a special balloon with an adapter, allowing for the self-assembly of more balloons if you buy the right roll.

The manufacturer also prepared a special app that allows for even better (though it seemed impossible!) inhalation effects. The app lets you set the temperature, and work mode, and even pump the vapor at different intervals. For instance, you can program the device to fill the balloon for 10 seconds at 180 degrees Celsius, then another 10 seconds at 220 degrees. This way, you don’t have to choose between a vapor taste and a high content of active ingredients.

Ideal for those serious about vaporization 🌱

Volcano Hybrid is a stationary device, so if you mostly vaporize at home, it’s worth considering such a purchase. It’s not among the cheapest vaporizers, but it’s an investment for years – especially if we have to wait another decade or so for the next Storz & Bickel device. In terms of reliability, probably no other device on the market can reach the level offered by the Volcano Hybrid. So it’s the best proof that it’s the best stationary vaporizer in 2024 – and this probably won’t change for a long time.

TOP 11 List of best vaporizers for 2024 – Summary 🚀

You now know which vaporizers in 2024 deserve your attention – and the above models are sure bets that don’t require much more thought. Whether you’re looking for a butane device, or you’re interested in discretion, efficiency, or vapor quality, you’ll find something for yourself here. Moreover, the list includes a stationary vaporizer – which is of course – Volcano Hybrid. 

And if you’re still not sure what to choose, be sure to contact us! We’ll advise you on which device will best meet your expectations – we can offer our experience! One thing is certain – don’t wait any longer, because 2024 is a good time to start your vaporization journey. Or to step up to an even higher level of inhalation, if you already have some experience!

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