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Vaporizer – what is the best vaporizing temperature?

Whoever starts using his or her first vaporizer gets to a point when they wonder what vaping temperature is best for them. You can obviously experiment with various settings, but if you read this article, you will find out what vaporization temperature is best for you and there will be no need for experiments.

If you have a look at all the models of vaporizers available on the market, you will see that almost all of them feature the option of electronic temperature setting. There are, indeed, some models that have no temperature setting option, but in those cases you can still regulate the temperature somehow (e.g. by adjusting the strength of the inhalation or the time you press the heater button), even though it’s much more difficult.

VapCap 2020
VapCap 2020

The vaporizers with temperature setting option can be divided into those, in which the temperature can be set at one of the various levels and those, in which we can set it with an accuracy of one degree. The latter solution allows for selective vaporization of various active substances, provided we know their vaporization temperature.

The vaporizers equipped with this option let us precisely control the result of the inhalation. However, in the case of devices with only a few temperature settings, we can still alter the quality of the generated vapor.

Vaporization temperature – general rules

There are a few general rules related to the changes of the vapor and its qualities based on the temperature. The vaporization temperature should be obviously adjusted to the type of herb we want to vaporize.

In the case of the most frequently vaporized herbs, the range of temperature that allows for optimal effects of vaping is between 180 and 220 degrees Celsius. If you apply a temperature below 180 degrees, the process won’t have satisfactory results, but if you go above 220 degrees, you will get very close to burning the herbs, which happens at 238 degrees.

Grinder with herbs
Grinder with herbs

It should be stressed that the healthiest vaporization temperature is 200°C – no harmful substances get released with this temperature. The closer we get to the temperature of burning the herbs, the larger amount of harmful substances get produced.

Vaporization temperature vs flavor and smell of herbs

The lower the vaporizing temperature, the better the flavor of the vaporized herbs. You will achieve the best taste if you set the vaporizer in the 180-190°C range. The higher the temperature, the weaker the flavor and smell will be.

Obviously, even if you vaporize at the temperature of 220-230°C, you will get vapor that tastes way better than smoke, no doubt about it. However, the flavor and smell of the vapor produced at the temperature of 180-190°C is outstanding and whoever tries it once, will never feel like going back to traditional smoking.

Vaporizing temperature and the intensity of sensations

When it comes to the intensity of sensations you get while vaporizing, it is the exact opposite of the situation with the flavor – they get stronger when the temperature goes up and weaken when the temperature drops.

A vaping man
A vaping man

Vaporizing in the temperature of 180-190 degrees will give much milder effects – the herbs will still do the work but you will have more energy and the sensations will be very intense.

Vaporization temperature in the range between 190 and 200 degrees will guarantee some more noticeable results, while applying the temperatures above 210 degrees Celsius will make the vapor the most intense, close to the sensation of traditional smoking. It must be noted that stronger doesn’t always mean better.

Many people prefer milder sensations that allow them to carry on with their normal daily routine while enjoying the beneficial properties of the herbs. It is especially important to those who use the herbs for medical purposes.

Vaporizing temperature and the vapor quality

The temperatures above 210 degrees Celsius may result – apart from the stronger sensations – in the creation of a less subtle vapor that will irritate the throat and will be felt more strongly in the lungs. It is sometimes perceived as an advantage by those who switched from traditional smoking to vaporization – the use of a vaporizer at the highest temperatures can give them an experience closer to traditional smoking.

Cooler vapor may be hard for them to taste, however, it’s a matter of individual preferences. Along with the growth of the temperature, the vapor will be also thicker and more visible as it will be produced in greater amounts.

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer
Ghost MV1 Vaporizer

At the temperature of 180-190 degrees, the vapor will be more subtle and less visible, but it will undoubtedly do the work. If you vaporize in the temperature above 200 degrees, you will be able to make big clouds of vapor that look like smoke.

You’ve got the vaporizer – what’s the best temperature?

Once you know how the temperature influences the properties of the vapor, you can answer the most important question: what is the best vaporization temperature? Every user needs to find his perfect balance between the flavor, the strength and the quality of vapor.

The VapeFully team has agreed that in the case of the majority of the vaporizers the optimal temperature is around 195 degrees Celsius. This temperature allows you to enjoy the wonderful flavor of the herbs and delicate vapor that doesn’t cause irritation but is strong enough to provide intense sensations.

In our opinion, vaporizing at this temperature gives the biggest pleasure. And what is your favorite temperature?

If you have doubts whether your vaporizer is suitable for aromatherapy or you would like to get more information about it – contact us, our experts will be happy to give you professional and free advice!

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