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Baner główny Storz & Bickel VENTY

VENTY vaporizer review: experience elegance and power in the premium segment

Introducing the VENTY, the newest innovation from the renowned Storz & Bickel, creators of the Mighty, Volcano, and Crafty vaporizers. The VENTY vaporizer utilizes a hybrid heating system with an entirely new design. It is distinguished by its immense power, typically known from stationary devices.

The VENTY sets a new standard in unrestricted airflow for portable vaporizers. The device heats up instantly (up to 20 seconds) and cools the inhaled vapor excellently. Besides, the device works with a mobile app, providing extensive configuration options.

The manufacturer has ensured a solid construction, as the vaporizer fits comfortably in a hand. While the VENTY exudes premium quality, its larger size does not make it the most discreet option in vaporizers. It is quite large and heavy, and although it gives the impression of premium quality, it is definitely not the most discreet vaporizer on the market.

What will you learn from this article?

👉 What are the most important features of the VENTY vaporizer?

👉 How does the VENTY vaporizer compare to other devices on the market?

👉 What effects can you expect from a session with the VENTY vaporizer?

Table of contents:

  1. Storz & Bickel VENTY from a technical perspective – specifications and functionality
  2. How does the VENTY vaporizer perform in practice?
  3. What are the most important advantages and disadvantages of the VENTY vaporizer?
  4. Tips & Tricks, or how to achieve the best results with VENTY
  5. Who will find the VENTY vaporizer an excellent choice?
  6. VENTY Vaporizer vs. competition
  7. Storz & Bickel VENTY vaporizer – summary

Storz & Bickel VENTY from a technical perspective – specifications and functionality

VENTY is a portable vaporizer that can be used both at home and outside. However, it’s worth noting that the design is not discreet – it is relatively large.

The equipment is perfect for vaporizing alone or with friends due to longer sessions and abundant vapor production. VENTY vaporizer has a brand new, innovative heating system, designed specifically for this device. VENTY measures the amount of air that is flowing through and heats it more or less intensively depending on the amount. This allows it to keep up with vapor production even during the strongest inhalations.

The core of VENTY is a powerful 140 W heater that ensures abundant vapor production regardless of the strength and duration of the inhalation.

Despite its immense power, VENTY is characterized by a relatively slow extraction, especially when using moderate temperatures – in this case, the session can last up to 10 minutes. At the same time, the extraction is incredibly effective. 

A distinctive feature of VENTY is the extremely free airflow, which is adjustable and can reach up to 20 liters of air per minute. This allows each inhalation to be both effortless and rich in dense vapor. A large chamber (that holds up to about 0.2 g of dry herb) has also been provided, which can satisfy even demanding and experienced users. It’s worth adding that VENTY is compatible with S&B dosing capsules.

VENTY’s robust heating system is perfectly complemented by its efficient power supply design. The built-in double battery lasts for a maximum of 80 minutes of continuous operation, but it’s worth noting that this varies with different temperature settings and inhalation styles.

As our tests show, the actual working time on a single charge may be slightly lower, but still satisfactory. This is ensured by the double battery, which, unfortunately, is not replaceable. However, it can be charged very quickly thanks to the USB-C connector – even 40 minutes can be enough if using a charger of sufficiently high power.

How does VENTY perform technically?

Vaporization methodHybrid with a predominance of convection
Inhalation styleSession
CompatibilityDry herb
Power sourceDouble built-in 18650 battery
Charging methodUSB-C
Battery lifeMaximum 80 minutes
Heating timeMaximum 20 seconds
Heating chamber materialSteel coated with ceramic
CapacityUp to 0.25 g of ground dry herb
Temperature rangeFrom 40 to 210°C
Temperature controlAdjustment by 1°C; 3 configurable settings 
Dimensions15,7 × 5,5 × 3,7 cm

Included with the VENTY vaporizer are a USB-C cable, 2 standard mesh screens, 3 coarser mesh screens, 2 cooling unit screens, 2 seals, a dry herb tool, and a cleaning brush. Thus, we receive many useful elements, so there’s no need to purchase them over time. The only thing missing is accessories that would expand the capabilities of the device.

How does the VENTY vaporizer perform in practice?

VENTY stands out for its production of dense and flavorful vapor. This hybrid device with a powerful 140 W heating system can be compared to stationary devices in terms of extraction efficiency and flavor.

Sessions with VENTY can last really long. Using a single chamber typically gives about 8-10 minutes of inhalation, translating into a significant number of breaths. However, this time can be much shorter if using slightly higher temperatures.

venty vaporizer opinions

In our opinion, VENTY performs excellently at low temperatures, around 175-180 degrees Celsius. This allows plenty of vapor production, it is perfectly smooth and pleasant for the respiratory tract, and the flavor is optimal. The higher the temperature, the more harsh the vapor, but there will be even more of it, and it will be even more pronounced. Each user must, therefore, find the optimal configuration for oneself.

A feature that distinguishes VENTY is its airflow which helps ensure the free flow of air. It can be regulated by using a dial, allowing the user to adjust the vapor parameters to individual preferences. The most free airflow in vaporization history is within this, and no other, device.

venty vaporizer review
Dial for regulating airflow

The vapor will be most pleasant at the beginning of the session and lower temperatures. After a few breaths, unfortunately, the flavor will start to weaken and fade, although the vapor itself will still be smooth and pleasant. Longer inhalations, especially if conducted several times a day, however, could be tiring for the throat.

The Storz & Bickel VENTY vaporizer is also very easy to use. After filling the chamber, just turn on the device and select the temperature – heating will start automatically and be almost instantaneous (up to 20 seconds). 

The manufacturer allows for modifying the temperature both through using buttons on the outside case (with an accuracy of 1 degree) and by choosing one of the programmed settings. The user can choose their values themselves through the mobile app.

The inhalation technique should not pose much difficulty even for beginner users. It is important to remember about relatively long inhalations, but they don’t have to be slow – the VENTY’s heater always keeps up with the vapor production.

The vapor cooling system does an excellent job of cooling the vapor even at high temperatures. A 2-level cooling unit configuration with an additional screen has been used to filter out herb particles. , We must admit, the brand new VENTY cooling unit performs really well.

venty vaporizer opinions
Interior of the cooling unit.

Using VENTY at home is very convenient although using it outside can be a bit more problematic due to its size and weight. However, despite being a little less discreet, it works just as well, even in the cold.

Ideal for social settings, VENTY elevates group vaporizing sessions with its user-friendly features. Long sessions are ideal for group inhalation, thanks to its simplicity in operation and inhalation – even complete newbies can handle it.

It is always important to remember to empty the chamber after vaporization and gently remove any herb residue with the brush included in the set. This way, deep cleaning of the equipment will not be required so often.

Of course, VENTY is not a device without flaws. Although extraction is extremely effective, it is a typical session vaporizer, so some users may find the inhalation sessions a bit lengthy. This equipment is also not suitable for interrupting inhalation; the entire chamber should be used at once.

Along with VENTY, we find a package of additional accessories in the box. We get a set of screens and seals, a dry herb tool, and a cleaning brush. The set contains everything needed to use the device for an extended period without having to buy any elements.

venty vaporizer review
Contents of the Storz & Bickel VENTY set.

Nonetheless, there is a lack of dosing capsules or other additional accessories that would expand the capabilities of the vaporizer. We must admit, given the price of the device, we expected a slightly larger number of accessories – such as the Volcano grinder, which was previously included with portable S&B models.

VENTY is a brilliant premium-class device. It has several significant advantages and a few minor disadvantages, which we will discuss in a moment. After testing the VENTY vaporizer we can admit that it performed excellently and can be considered one of the best – alongside Tinymight 2 and Mighty+ – portable vaporization devices currently available on the market.

What are the most important advantages and disadvantages of the VENTY vaporizer?

The VENTY vaporizer provides extremely effective extraction of active substances; it is an exceedingly efficient device producing vapor of exceptional quality.

In addition, the manufacturer has ensured excellent vapor cooling and free airflow with a huge (and adjustable) capacity. 

The powerful 140W heating system provides dense vapor despite free airflow even at low temperatures and even during the strongest and longest inhalations. 

VENTY consistently delivers results every time, which is a huge advantage, just like the simplicity of its operation and inhalation.

Another great feature is the rapid heating, which wasn’t so great in previous S&B vaporizers.

VENTY lacks a replaceable battery. Nevertheless, a USB-C port and a fast charger somewhat compensate for it. The other flaws are minor.

One of them is that the manufacturer used buttons that may give the impression of an incomplete “click”. They do their job, but in our opinion, they could function in a more satisfying way.

It’s also worth paying attention to the price of the device. The VENTY vaporizer is an expense of almost 500 euros. The equipment will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users, but for a significant part of them, it may simply be too expensive.

It’s also worth remembering that this is not a very discreet device, and the significant length of inhalation further limits this discretion.

advantages_from_product id=”1354576″]

VENTY is a vaporizer designed for advanced users. Of course, a complete beginner can also handle it, but for occasional dry herb users, the effects of inhalation using VENTY may be somewhat overwhelming.

Despite a few minor flaws, VENTY offers everything one can expect from a premium-class vaporizer. Effective extraction, brilliant quality, and taste of vapor, as well as predictability and convenience of use, mean that you will quickly forget all the minor imperfections of this vaporizer.

Tips & Tricks, or how to achieve the best results with VENTY

VENTY is top-tier among vaporizers – below we present a few tips to utilize 100% of its capabilities.

Replace the screen above the chamber ♨️

In the cooling unit, just above the dry herb chamber, there is a factory-installed screen with a rather coarse mesh. Herb particles pass through it into the interior of the cooling unit, gradually clogging it. This can be easily remedied by replacing this screen with one of the finer mesh ones found in the set. Such a change will not worsen the airflow but will slow down the clogging of the cooling unit and allow for the collection of high-purity condensate that can then be used.

venty vaporizer opinions
A finer screen slows down the clogging of the cooling unit.

Grind the herb finely 🥦

Despite the brilliantly effective extraction offered by VENTY, the consistency of the herb still matters. Ideally, the herbs should be ground very finely. This mainly affects the speed and efficiency of extraction, which translates into the density of vapor with each inhalation. The rule here is simple – the finer the ground herb, the faster and easier you vaporize the substances contained in it. However, remember not to grind the herb into complete dust – this can cause herb particles to enter the cooling system and clog the vaporizer.

Fill the chamber properly 🍀

VENTY’s chamber should be filled with the herb completely but without unnecessary tamping. It’s important to remember that this is a hybrid device with a predominance of convection, meaning the herb is primarily heated by the hot air flowing through it. Too much herb in the chamber can cause significant resistance during inhalation or completely prevent inhalation. For VENTY to work correctly, fill it fully but loosely, without stronger flattening.

Trust the low temperatures 🍃

Even if you prefer high temperatures daily, you can trust VENTY’s capabilities and test it at a slightly lower temperature, e.g., at the factory setting of 180 degrees Celsius. Low vaporization temperatures provide wonderful effects, while the vapor is incredibly pleasant and aromatic. Of course, there is nothing to prevent you from increasing the temperature towards the end of the session to effectively vaporize all remaining active substances.

Remember about long inhalations 😮‍💨

Each vaporizer has a characteristic inhalation technique. VENTY is very forgiving in this area – just remember to take sufficiently long inhalations, but they don’t need to be particularly slow or gentle. Only appropriately long inhalations will effectively heat the herb in the chamber.

Regular cleaning of the vaporizer improves the quality and comfort of vaporization 🫧

Every vaporizer needs some attention to maximize the comfort of inhalation and extend its lifespan. VENTY also requires cleaning; regular maintenance will keep the vapor parameters at an optimal level. For this purpose, it is best to use isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs.

venty vaporizer review
The herb chamber.

The best performance can be maintained by cleaning it regularly every dozen sessions or so. After each session, the device should be cleaned of the herb residues. For this purpose, use the brush included in the set. This will slow down the accumulation of dirt.

Connect with the app and customize the vaporizer to your preferences 📱

The ability to adjust the airflow allows you to tailor the device to your preferred inhalation technique, and the temperature settings can affect a range of vapor parameters. Additionally, when you connect it to the Storz & Bickel mobile app, you gain access to a variety of other customizations.

VENTY allows you to configure the Booster, Super-Booster settings, LED brightness, vibration strength, etc. Each user can adjust the operation of the vaporizer to their preferences. This way, everything will work exactly as you want.

Think about the battery 🔋

If you are using a high-power charger, it’s worth choosing such settings in the app that favor eco-friendly battery operation. This will extend its lifespan, while not affecting the convenience of use in any way. If you want the battery to last as long as possible, we recommend using these solutions.

venty vaporizer opinions
VENTY has a USB-C port.

Who will find the VENTY vaporizer an excellent choice?

This model is recommended primarily for users with significant needs. It’s perfect if you were previously a fan of Mighty, but it’s also hard to find a better choice for those switching from smoking to vaporization. VENTY has the power that most portable vaporizers can only dream of.

If you expect possibly the most effective extraction and first-league quality vapor, VENTY will not disappoint you. Similarly, if you expect a vaporizer to be easy and intuitive to use – VENTY undoubtedly also reigns supreme in this area.

venty vaporizer review

Remember that in VENTY, sessions must be long enough to use the entire chamber – this means many inhalations in a row, and not everyone prefers such a style of inhalation. However, if you are a fan of longer sessions, VENTY will perfectly suit your taste. If you prefer faster and more intense – just increase the temperature a bit.

Given its specification, VENTY performs well in group vaporization, because of its ease of use and inhalation technique. So, if you often vaporize in a company, this is an additional point for VENTY.

VENTY is one of the easiest to use and most convenient vaporizers on the market, but beginners might want to consider something else – VENTY, due to its power, might be a bit overwhelming, which is not a good combination with the need to use the entire load at once. It is also not a device for fans of microdosing.

venty vaporizer opinions
VENTY’s versatile charging options, including a USB-C port, cater to convenient and quick power-ups.

VENTY is also not the best device for those looking for a “quick hit.” In this case, the Tinymight 2 vaporizer will perform much better.

Although VENTY excellently cools the vapor, each session means inhaling large amounts of fairly dry vapor. In this context, frequent and regular sessions can slightly irritate the throat, which is worth mentioning.

VENTY Vaporizer vs. competition

Compared to the competition, VENTY stands out with extremely effective extraction. In this respect, the device can only be compared to the Mighty+ vaporizer, Tinymight 2, and stationary devices.

VENTY also wins over the competition in terms of ease and convenience of use. It’s hard to find something more intuitive in this area. Inhalation is also trivial – you just need to inhale for a reasonably long time; that’s the whole philosophy. The strength and pace of inhalation are of secondary importance.

The web application (requires a browser supporting BLE, solutions are available for both Apple and Android phones) is also intuitive and allows for a lot of customization of the device, including settings related to battery operation. It’s worth using it – in this aspect, VENTY also wins against the competition, which offers less interesting mobile applications.

Certainly, VENTY is one of the larger devices on the market. It is smaller than MiniVAP Portable vaporizer, but larger (or rather taller) than Mighty+. At the same time, VENTY is a bit thicker and significantly narrower, making it more handy than its older cousin. Nevertheless, it is still a large device, which matters when there is an intent to use it outside the home.

Comparing VENTY to other premium vaporizers

VENTY is a top-shelf vaporizer, so it should only be compared to the premium class. Similar devices in terms of performance include the aforementioned Mighty+, MiniVAP Portable, and Tinymight 2, although, in the latter, the sessions are quick. However, similar quality of vapor and efficiency can also be offered by devices from a much lower price range, such as the Arizer Air MAX or Arizer Solo 2 vaporizers. However, all these devices “lack something” compared to VENTY.

VENTY is a well-developed successor and a step forward compared to the already iconic vaporizers Mighty and Mighty+. Why?

  • Highest quality vapor;
  • Extremely effective extraction;
  • A lot of dense vapor even at relatively low temperatures;
  • Completely free airflow with adjustable regulation;
  • Convenient and intuitive operation with many customization options;
  • Consistency of results;
  • Durable double 18650 battery;
  • Quick charging via USB-C port;
  • Very fast heating.

Compared to Tinymight 2, VENTY loses in terms of operation speed, it’s just slower and requires a significantly larger number of inhalations to use the same amount of herb. The taste of vapor is also better in the case of Tinymight 2, which additionally offers a replaceable battery, an unquestionable advantage. Both models have a 3-year warranty (TM2’s warranty was shortened from 10 to 3 years). VENTY, however, is easier to use, cools the vapor better, and seems to be more durable in terms of construction.

venty vaporizer review

VENTY is smaller than the MiniVAP Portable and heats up faster, offering a similar quality of vapor but a slightly weaker taste. Both models, in our opinion, are best used at home, although VENTY is much more mobile and easier to use outside the home.

VENTY is a quite solid proposition from the highest price range. Demanding and experienced users will appreciate its capabilities, although it will impress anyone who can try VENTY. If you like longer sessions and are looking for top equipment, there is currently no better portable vaporizer on the market.

Storz & Bickel VENTY vaporizer – summary

VENTY is a top-shelf vaporizer. It is certainly a premium-class device, so you can have high expectations. VENTY meets them – it’s a device that offers brilliantly effective extraction, top-quality vapor, extraordinary ease of use, and options that allow for extensive personalization of the entire experience.

In addition, the vaporizer offers a powerful heating system, a mobile application, a substantial double battery, a USB-C port, and a fast charging function. In short, “it has it all” – well, maybe except for a replaceable battery.

Storz & Bickel VENTY might not be a revolutionary vaporizer, but it certainly is an exceptional one. It’s a very successful development of the Mighty+ concept as it improves a lot of its features. A lot of new solutions were added, resulting in a vaporizer that will make its mark in the history of vaporization. Storz & Bickel once again proved that vaporizers can still get better.

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