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X-MAX V3 Pro Vaporizer review – the Top Budget Vaporizer

The X-MAX V3 Pro is a hybrid vaporizer that favors convection heating. It can be used in both session mode (a full deep inhalation consisting of several consecutive draws; the heater remains active throughout) and on-demand mode (intermittent inhalation with single draws taken at the user’s convenience; the heater activates only when the button is pressed).

A key feature of this device is its replaceable 18650 battery. This ensures that you won’t run out of power, especially when vaping on the go or with friends. The vaporizer comes at an affordable price and offers excellent vapor quality, distinguished by its pure flavor.

What will you learn from this article?

👉 What are the advantages and disadvantages of the X-MAX V3 Pro vaporizer?

👉 What are the most important features of the X-MAX V3 Pro?

👉 Tips on how to use the vaporizer to its full potential.

Table of contents:

  1. X-MAX V3 Pro from a technical perspective – specifications and functionality
  2. How does the X-MAX V3 Pro perform?
  3. X-MAX V3 Pro vs. the competition
  4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the X-MAX V3 Pro?
  5. Tips & Tricks: how to get the best experience with the X-MAX V3 Pro
  6. Who should use the X-MAX V3 Pro?
  7. X-MAX V3 Pro, the budget vaporization king

X-MAX V3 Pro from a technical perspective – specifications and functionality 😶‍🌫️

This vaporizer performs exceptionally well both at home and on the go, thanks to its compact design. The X-MAX V3 Pro fits easily in your pocket, making it highly portable. It offers a fast heat-up, excellent vapor quality, and the convenience of replacing the battery yourself.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the technical features of the X-MAX V3 Pro.

Vaporization methodHybrid with Convection Dominance
Inhalation styleSession or On-demand
CompatibilityDry herbs and concentrates
Power sourceRemovable 18650 battery with 2600 mAh capacity
Charging methodUSB-C
Battery lifeUp to 40 minutes
Heating timeUp to 30 seconds
Heating chamber materialStainless Steel
CapacityUp to 0.15 g of ground flowers
Temperature rangeFrom 100 to 220°C
Temperature controlAdjustable in 1°C increments
Dimensions2,6 × 2,4 × 15 cm

The X-MAX V3 Pro box also comes with a USB-C cable, an insert for vaporizing concentrates, a small cleaning tool, and a stainless steel herb tool. This vaporizer is compatible with various external accessories, such as a water filter adapter, dosing capsules, or even 3D mouthpieces.

How does the X-MAX V3 Pro perform? 😮‍💨

For both regular and occasional vaping, The X-MAX V3 Pro works exceptionally well. The inhalation experience is pleasant for several reasons. First, the vapor is not as hot as you might expect. The vapor path is short, but the manufacturer has taken steps to ensure that the vapor cools down properly.

Second, the vapor first passes through a metal filter that traps herb particles. It then passes through a ceramic cooling element. Only then does the vapor reach the mouthpiece. This design works well, but it doesn’t provide the same level of cooling as the Arizer Solo 2 or the Mighty.

The X-MAX V3 Pro performs best for solo vaping sessions, whether at home or on the go. It’s an incredibly discreet device, often mistaken for a regular e-cigarette. However, the option of a replacement battery allows for extended vaping sessions. When connected to a water filter, the X-MAX V3 Pro becomes a versatile tool for comfortably vaping with friends.

Its simplicity of use is quite outstanding. Just fill the vaporizer with ground herb, select the desired temperature, and you’re ready to go. The heat-up cycle takes approximately 20 seconds. The inhalation technique is straightforward and at the end of the session, you can easily empty the herb with the built-in mouthpiece scoop. This makes it an ideal choice for those who value simplicity or enjoy vaping outdoors.

There are some minor drawbacks to consider. For those who favor a stronger experience, this may not be the best news, but the vaporizer doesn’t perform at its best at higher temperatures. Above 200°C, the vapor can become too hot and harsh, significantly affecting the flavor. When vaping at the highest temperature settings, you have to be careful not to overheat the flowers. This may not be the ideal choice for those who prefer “heavy hits.” The best experiences are achieved at lower temperatures.

X-MAX V3 Pro vs. the competition 🤔

This vaporizer stands out for its attractive price. For around 300 PLN, you get a device that matches the vapor quality and taste of much more expensive models. It’s also worth noting that you can replace the battery yourself. Not all vaporizers on the market, especially in this price range, offer this option. It’s really convenient because you don’t have to carry around a power bank or charger – just an extra charged battery or two. A replaceable battery also extends the unit’s life, since if the battery cell is worn out, you can just replace the cell, not the whole device.

The mouthpiece of the X-MAX V3 Pro has a built-in scraping tool. This handy accessory allows you to conveniently stir or remove herbs from the chamber. It also makes cleaning the chamber after vaping much quicker and easier.

The on-demand mode allows you to take individual draws of vapor, extending your session over time. This is possible thanks to X-MAX V3 Pro’s quick heat-up time. However, in our opinion, the vaporizer performs significantly better in session mode. The on-demand mode is more of a novelty feature.

The lightweight and compact size of this device are other distinguishing qualities. In terms of portability, you can compare this vaporizer to the Fenix Mini, although their shapes are completely different. However, the X-MAX V3 Pro is more interesting because it allows you to change the battery instead of recharging the whole unit. You can take this vaporizer literally anywhere, and with a spare set of batteries, it will always be ready when you are.

Comparison of the X-MAX V3 Pro to other vaporizers in a similar price bracket

Comparing the X-MAX V3 Pro to other vaporizers in its price range, it is clear that this unit distinguishes itself from other budget vapes. Its direct competitors at the moment are the Fenix Mini, VapCap M, and X-MAX Starry 4. Of course, you can also find other devices in this price range like the Vivant VLeaF GO or AirVape XS Go, however, the X-MAX V3 Pro stands out from the rest. It can be considered the best option for the following reasons:

  • The vapor quality is very good.
  • The vapor is well-cooled, thanks to the ceramic element in the mouthpiece.
  • Ease of use is better than with the Fenix Mini and other models, thanks to replaceable and rechargeable batteries.
  • The choice between session and on-demand mode is rare in this price range.
  • The vaporizer offers similar extraction to the Fenix Mini, but better than, for example, the X-MAX Starry 3.0.

This is a device that is worth investing in. The X-MAX V3 Pro heats up quickly, provides efficient extraction, and offers many features that other devices in this price range lack, such as the on-demand mode. The discreet design, the built-in scraping tool, and the option to replace the battery are convincing reasons to choose this vaporizer over another model.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the X-MAX V3 Pro? 💚

The device is compact and intuitive, featuring an excellent heater that allows for both session and on-demand modes. However, it does have some drawbacks, such as occasionally warm vapor and a casing that may not be as durable as desired.

Benefits and Defects

  • intense production of high quality vapour;
  • clean flavour of the vapour;
  • high quality of workmanship;
  • replaceable 18650 battery;
  • instant heating;
  • on-demand mode;
  • USB-C charging.
  • the vapor is quite warm during longer inhalations in session mode;
  • using additional glass accessories requires replacing the mouthpiece with a special adapter;
  • the device’s display is relatively easy to scratch, especially when carried in a pocket;
  • the battery cover can be easily damaged if not handled carefully;
  • 0n-demand mode may not provide as effective an extraction as session mode.

The X-MAX V3 Pro vaporizer is an excellent choice as a first device or as an additional model in the budget category. It provides everything a good quality device should offer. This vaporizer is a very satisfying choice, especially for medical cannabis therapy, if you are looking for functional performance and simplicity.

Tips & Tricks: how to get the best experience with the X-MAX V3 Pro ☁️

Despite its low price, the X-MAX V3 Pro is quite versatile. It excels at vaporizing dry herbs, but may not perform as well with concentrates, which require higher temperatures. Keep these tips in mind to get the most out of your vaporizer.

🌿The herbs should be finely ground

Remember to grind your flowers finely. This will ensure a more effective extraction, as most active compounds will be absorbed by the user and not remain in the herb. Of course, the vaporized material (known as ABV) can eventually still be processed. It can still contain some active properties, but when the flowers are vaped at higher temperatures, the residual ABV will contain less active compounds.

🌿Fill the chamber, but don’t overdo it

Although the X-MAX V3 Pro is a hybrid vaporizer, it leans towards convection heating (heating with hot air). The chamber should be ideally filled to the top with ground flowers, but not packed too tightly. Keep in mind that the heat source is a stream of warm air and, to a lesser extent, the walls of the chamber itself. The herb should loosely fill the chamber. This will offer you the best vaping experience and the most effective extraction.

🌿Take long, slow draws

Since X-MAX V3 Pro is a hybrid vaporizer with a potent convection element, the inhalation technique is crucial. Remember to take long, slow draws. This will result in the most effective extraction and draw out the herb’s best flavor. This inhalation technique applies to both session and on-demand modes.

🌿Clean the vaporizer regularly

The X-MAX V3 Pro is relatively easy to clean. For thorough cleaning, clean the chamber with an alcohol-soaked swab and disassemble the mouthpiece into separate components. Each part can be wiped with isopropyl alcohol or even soaked in alcohol (except for the plastic mouthpiece cover – it’s better not to soak it). It’s highly recommended to perform a general cleaning from time to time to ensure the best vapor taste and optimal airflow.

After each session, it’s best to wipe the chamber and the screen with the cleaning tool. This will help you quickly and easily remove any remaining herb particles. It’s important to remove residue after each session, as leaving it in the vaporizer can often lead to airway blockage.

🌿Use accessories

The X-MAX V3 Pro is compatible with a wide range of additional accessories. You can find different 3D mouthpieces that extend the airpath to cool down the vapor even more. For water filtration enthusiasts, there’s a special water adapter that allows you to connect it to a bong. Dosing capsules are available.

Who should use the X-MAX V3 Pro? ✅

It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for a good vaporizer at an affordable price. The X-MAX V3 Pro costs just over 65 EUR and performs exceptionally well. The device is discreet and comfortable. Another advantage is that it is easy to use and clean. The X-MAX V3 Pro can be considered one of the most interesting options for beginners.

If you don’t need advanced features or specific functions such as mobile app connectivity, this model will serve you very well. You may have some reservations about the short vapor path or the less effective on-demand mode. Nevertheless, the X-MAX V3 Pro remains a very cost-effective vaporizer.

The X-MAX V3 Pro is an ideal choice for new users, thanks to its ease of use and efficiency, making the first steps in vaporization simple and fun.

Lucas Cysewski – CEO and founder of VapeFully

The combination of convection and conduction works well in this unit. With the right inhalation technique, temperature, and herb grind consistency, you can obtain surprisingly good results. Of course, you can’t really compare it to the Mighty or HR Rogue, but it is nonetheless a very impressive device. It’s undoubtedly one of the best vaporizers for under 90€.

X-MAX V3 Pro, the budget vaporization king 👑

The X-MAX V3 Pro is often chosen as an entry-level vape. It’s an ideal starting option due to its affordable price, excellent performance, ease of use, and versatile functionality. This vaporizer is also discreet and user-friendly, which is crucial for many users. When needed, you can easily take it with you on all your trips. When the battery runs out, all you need to do is insert a spare battery.

For a modest investment, you get a hybrid device that combines convection and conduction heating. It heats the herb primarily with hot air and to a lesser extent through the walls of the chamber. This combination ensures a truly effective extraction of active compounds. With the proper inhalation technique and good quality herb, it’s hard to distinguish this model from even more expensive alternatives.

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