HydroBrick Basic



HydroBrick is another superb flame powered vaporizer from Sticky Brick Labs.

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HydroBrick Basic

HydroBrick is another superb flame powered vaporizer from Sticky Brick Labs. It’s very similar to the classic The Brick, but instead of a glass mouthpiece, it features a glass 18 mm male joint that lets you connect it to a water filter. Just like The Brick and Sticky Brick Junior, Hydro Brick is a 100% convection, on-demand vaporizer that provides exceptionally good quality vapor within seconds. Thanks to the water filter, the vapor is cool and smooth, yet thick and potent. HydroBrick delivers clouds of vapor larger than any other device we’ve so far tested! HydroBrick is very efficient and generates aromatic vapor rich with active ingredients. The air that heats the herbs is heated through a butane torch lighter. Sounds scary? No worries, it’s 100% safe! Sticky Brick makes their vapes in the USA and covers their devices with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Designed to be used with a water filter

HydroBrick is another great vaporizer from Sticky Brick Labs. The main difference between this device and the classic The Brick is that HydroBrick is designed for use with a water filter. A glass 18 mm male joint lets you connect it to the silicone hydratube (with a glass-on-glass adapter) of any water pipe. HydroBrick is crafted from high-quality wood (cherry or iroko) and strong, borosilicate glass. It’s a very durable device, which is best proven by the fact that the manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty. Wooden modules are attached to one another with strong magnets.

This vaporizer has no battery or any electronic component. The heat source is a butane torch lighter (or jet-flame lighter). The air heated by the lighter’s flame gets sucked into the heating chamber, providing exclusively convection heat. Heating the air with a lighter is entirely safe for your health, especially if you use good quality butane. Burnt gas breaks down into water vapor and carbon dioxide – in quantities completely safe for your health. With a daily use of HydroBrick, a can of good quality butane (e.g. Colibri, available at VapeFully) lasts for around 2 months, a very economical solution.

Amazing performance

Given the technical construction of the chamber and the mechanics of HydroBrick, you can place any amount of herbs in the chamber. The flowers just have to cover the bottom screen, so you can start with an amount as small as 0.1 g. If you use a larger amount of herbs, don’t pack them too tightly in the chamber, because it can reduce the air flow and make the herbs heat up too much. It doesn’t matter whether you use coarse or finely ground herbs. The only part that needs to be cleaned is the glass joint, making HydroBrick a very undemanding vaporizer.

HydroBrick is designed for home use. After previous tests with The Brick, we knew that the device needs only two seconds from the moment you start heating it to the moment it produces thick and powerful vapor. However, the water filtration is a total game changer. It not only cools down the vapor (which prevents throat irritation) but also lets you take even longer draws and produce even bigger clouds of thick vapor that are as dense as smoke. HydroBrick literally blows you away!

In conclusion

Thanks to on-demand vaporization, the possibility to load a very small amount of herbs and powerful aromatic vapor, HydroBrick is single-handedly the most efficient vaporizer in our product range. It will help you save huge amounts of herbs without compromising the quality of your vaping experience! HydroBrick is a unique, top-notch vaporizer – a real treat for the fans of huge clouds and water filtration! Lifetime warranty, just like in the case of other Sticky Brick Lab products, is a bonus that makes this great device even more reliable. 


– HydroBrick vaporizer from Sticky Brick Labs;
– glass 18 mm male joint;
– metal stirring tool;
– 2 wooden picks for mixings/screens removal;
– two plugs to close the air inlet;
– manual.

HydroBrick Basic - Pros

– superb vapor and flavor quality;
– on-demand vaporization – vapor available within a few seconds;
– great extraction efficiency;
– water-filtration;
– lifetime warranty.

HydroBrick Basic - Cons

– it needs a water filter to work (not included);
– vaping technique presents a learning curve.

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