Medicuana – Snow Princess CBG Flower

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Medicuana’s Snow Princess is a unique, fully organic premium CBG flower, which is cannabigerol-predominant fibre hemp flowers (10-13% of CBG) with a THC content below 0.2%. The product is fully legal.

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Medicuana – Snow Princess CBG Flower

Snow Princess by Medicuana is a product like no other – it is 100% organic, grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, PGR or any other chemicals. The flowers of Snow Princess are extracted from fibre hemp plants grown indoor, which allows for a complete control over growing conditions. The manufacturer uses only organic ingredients naturally found in nature, such as citrus, algae and seaweed, honeys and many others to nourish and care for the plants. As a result, the flowers are not as compact as competing products, but they are 100% organic. It should be added that this is a Polish product!

High CBG content

Snow Princess is a selected fibre hemp variety with a cannabinoid profile dominated by CBG, or cannabigerol. CBG is a fully legal and natural cannabinoid whose popularity is not as high as that of CBD, but it is growing rapidly. Snow Princess contains around 10-13% of CBG, around 1.5% of CBD and THC within the legal limit – the maximum content of the latter cannabinoid is 0.18%. Thus, it is a 100% legal product that complies with the legal requirements for fibre cannabis.

Wonderful aroma

Snow Princess CBG flower has a unique aroma with a distinct diesel note. And it’s not just the aroma of Snow Princess that’s wonderful – the flowers are covered with a very large amount of trichomes, making them look “frosted” and simply beautiful. Medicuana’s Snow Princess CBG flower comes in jars made of tinted glass, which is the best possible packaging that doesn’t react with the substances and protects it from the harmful effects of UV rays. If you are looking for the best CBG flower available, you have just found it – we strongly recommend it!

  •       This product is fully legal and authorised for use in the EU;
  •       The product is free of psychoactive (intoxicating) properties – the THC content is below 0.2%;
  •       Cannabinoid content: CBG: 10- 13%, CBD: approx. 1.5%, THC<0.2%;
  •       Completely seed-free;
  •       Packages available: 1g, 2g, 5g;
  •       Cultivation method: indoor;
  •       Country of origin: Poland;
  •       The product is intended for adults;
  •       The product is not intended for consumption.

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  1. Marcin Kaczmarek

    Marcin Kaczmarek

    Dry has strong actions and an intense aroma. Worth the price. I recommend
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  2. They willden

    They willden

    Delicious 😎
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  4. Andzia


    The best on the market!
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  5. michal.dabrowski8


    I am undoubtedly pleased to present the full review of the exceptional dried fruit, which in my opinion is Snow Princess by Medicuana.
    And at the outset, praise for original naming and very natural methods of growing plants used by this Polish producer and distributor of the CBD/CBG drought. These plants are cultivated a fully natural and organic way without using any artificial fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

    Name: snow princess
    Brand: Medicuana
    Country of origin Poland
    Cultivation method: indoor
    Dry type: CBG
    Concentration: 10% – 13%
    Tested portion: 1 g
    Real weight: 1.45 g
    Price: 1 g – 9,3€N, 2 g – 18,60€, 5 g – 46€

    We get Medicuana drought in dark glass jars, which is in my opinion the best packages suitable for longer drying of dried. Their advantage is that they do not let either light nor air, dry in them, thanks to this, it does not dry too quickly and you can store it for many weeks, and if we add a sachet regulating humidity, it is even a few months (it would be nice if such a sachet was already if such a sachet was already such a sachet inside). An additional advantage is that they are of course reusable.
    These specific jars from Medicuany have a minimalist design without any labels or stickers. We can only find basic information printed with paint. If we would like to have a completely clean jar, this print can easily be scratched.

    Inside the jar I found 3 very similar tops with a total weight of 1.45 grams, apart from them, there were no unnecessary fillers in the form of fine coal, stems, leaves or seeds.
    They had a very light green color with a huge number of white trichomes and orange, raised hair.
    The combination of all this gave an unusual end result reminiscent of the legendary variety of White Widow, famous for its almost light white inflorescences.
    Topki had adequate humidity and resin for cbg. They were elastic, but they did not crumble, leaving a thin, sticky layer of resin covered with light pollen, from numerous trichomes.
    I also assess the precipitating, although individual small leaves could be observed here and there.
    Therefore, I assess all the elements of the appearance positively and add even a bonus point for an extremely attractive and unique look.

    This is another element that makes this drought special, because I have not felt such an aroma in any dried CBD/CBG. He is definitely closer to thc diesel type varieties. This smell was strong and very easily noticeable. It could be felt the aroma of the aforementioned diesel, which definitely dominated, and at his side one could feel earthy, dill, herbal and citrus notes. So the whole was quite complex and really mega cool, although I also know that not everyone is a fan of diesel fragrances. After grinding, he became even stronger and sharper. I immediately fell in love with this smell.
    It is also worth adding that during longer storage the aroma did not change and did not lose its intensity. Here, too, in my opinion, this drought deserved bonus points.

    In the form of joints, this drought burned very pleasantly. The smoke was not biting and did not irritate my respiratory tract in any way. A pleasant diesel and herbal aroma could be felt in it. The turns burned at the right pace and did not dim. Personally, I prefer to dry, of course, but if someone also likes to light a joint, this dried in this form works very well.

    And we go to the most important element, i.e. vaporization. I was able to test Snow Princess in two vaporizers, i.e. Vapcap M 2020 and XMAX Starry 3.0. Both classically, as well as in combination with a water filter. Each of these options was very successful.
    When it comes to performance, in Vapcap it was at the level of 6 – 7 clouds, while in old sessions lasted between 15 and 20 minutes. The clouds were quite large, not somehow mega so that I would curl, but still the volume of the vapor was significant and impressive. In Old Old, they were slightly smaller than in Vapcap, but in this first the aroma was perceptible longer. In both vaporizers, the couple was tasty, filling and did not irritate my respiratory tract in any way. The addition of water filtration in both cases further pleasing to the vaporization. The aroma that could be felt at the beginning of the session was hemp-herbal with dill and diesel accents. He was felt for a long time, which is a big advantage. After some time, he turned into a classic, hemp aroma. I did not observe any flavor distortion even at the end of the session.
    Summing up this element, despite the fact that this drought did not have record performance or mega large clouds, the vaporization was very pleasant and successful, especially in combination with water filtration.

    It was what I expect from dried CBG, i.e. improving concentration, greater focus, overall improvement in mood and humor. The action was easily felt and positive. I have not observed any negative effects. To achieve the intended effects, my standard dose was enough, i.e. one standard insertion of the vaporizer chamber or one medium -sized joint.

    Appearance 5/5 +1 bonus
    Smell 5/5 +1 bonus
    Smoking 5/5
    Vaporization 5/5
    Measure 5/5
    Price/quality 3/5
    A total of 30/30

    The appearance of White Widow, smell of sour diesel, positive, stimulating action, very successful smoking and vaporization. Everything at the highest level, I have absolutely nothing to attach to. You can see and feel that this is a fully natural, organic and clean product, prepared by a real enthusiast who knows what he does and loves what he does.
    Snow Princess is definitely one of my favorite drought. I will not hide that after these tests I became a fan of the Medicuana brand and I hope that more products that I hope in the future will test the same successful. I encourage everyone to buy and test yourself because it’s really worth it.
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