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Mighty Vaporizer is unanimously considered the best portable vaporizer, which comes with no surprise – it produces the highest possible quality, density and intensity vapor, and also has a very efficient battery that allows for 1.5 hours of continuous operation. PREORDER: Expected date of shipment to the customer – 29.09.2023.

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Mighty Vaporizer

Mighty Vaporizer is unanimously considered to be the best portable vaporizer, which comes as no surprise – it produces vapor of the highest possible quality, density and intensity. What’s more, it has a very powerful battery that allows for 1.5 h of constant work. The temperature regulation with one-degree precision and a unique vapor cooling system guarantee that Mighty will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users.

The device is quite large, but its performance fully compensates for it. Each unit is 100% made in Germany. Are you looking for the best portable vaporizer? You’ve just found it!

* We offer the latest version of Mighty, with a 20% more powerful battery and a Booster mode. 

Mighty vaporizer

German precision, the best production quality 

Mighty Vaporizer is a great example of the famous German precision. Not only is it made with outstanding attention to detail (it’s made in Germany from start to finish), but also the materials used for its production are of the highest quality, which makes them safe for your health, which is confirmed by numerous certificates.

The construction itself is also well thought through. Under the mouthpiece, just like in Crafty, there is a special module that cools the vapor down, which guarantees a comfortable temperature of the inhaled vapor, even if you use the highest settings. On top of that, there is no resistance when you take a draw from MIghty, which adds to the comfort of its use.

Powerful heater, unmatched vapor quality

A very powerful 30W heater lets you take draws as long as you want. Mighty never has troubles keeping the right temperature, even during a group session. The flavor, the intensity and the density of the vapor are really impressive. Only desktop vaporizer can compete with Mighty in these aspects.

It’s worth mentioning that Storz & Bickel guarantee a comparable quality of vapor on each of their devices and that each of them is the best in its category. The ‘heart’ of Mighty is an efficient, hybrid (convective-conductive) heating system that guarantees the maximum extraction of the active substances from the vaporized dry herb. The chamber houses c.a. 0.25 g of material, but if you use a dosing capsule that comes with the set, you’ll need only c.a. 0.15 g per session.

Mighty Vaporizer

The king of portable vaporizers

Apart from the powerful battery, Mighty vaporizer also has an LCD display showing the temperature, plus buttons that let you set is with a one-degree precision, within the range from 40 to 210 degrees Celsius. This means that with Mighty you can vaporize all kinds of herbs, no exception.

The display also informs about the battery level. What’s more, the set includes a pad for concentrates vaporization and Mighty does a great job at it.

Overall, Mighty seems to be the perfect vaporizer – it provides the best vapor, its battery life is long, and the use is very simple and intuitive, so is the inhalation technique. However, Mighty has one major drawback – all of the above-mentioned improvements affected its size.

Of course the amazing vaping experiences totally compensates for it. The set also comes with a special tool that lets you fill the  chamber in a few seconds without making the slightest mess. Another item included in the set is a high-quality grinder that guarantees the optimum consistence.

Powerful battery – up to 90 minutes of work!

Faster heating and larger capacity of the battery are the main advantages of Mighty over Crafty. Mighty, as the name itself suggests is powerful and allows for an hour and a half of constant vaporization on one charge. This means that even if you use it intensely when you’re outside, you won’t have to face the problem of an empty battery.

The battery gets fully charged within just 2 hours and you can use the device while it’s charging, which is another plus for the impatient vapers.

The mouthpiece in the photo is not included in the standard set.

Vaporizer Mighty with Bubbler

Mighty Vaporizer is a device for truly demanding users.

It lets you make dense, milky, aromatic clouds of vapor. Mighty represents German precision at its best – the highest production quality and full reliability. The battery life is impressive. The chamber capacity is good enough even for group sessions. If you want to get an efficient vaporizer and you don’t mind using a slightly larger device, Mighty is the perfect vaporizer for you. Well-recommended!


– Mighty Vaporizer;
– wall charger;
– chamber filling tool;
– herb grinder;
– cleaning brush;
– dosing capsule;
– set of spare screens and gaskets;
– manual.

Mighty - Pros

– great quality, tasty, dense vapor;
– vapor is always perfectly cooled down;
– precise temperature control;
– great capacity of the battery (the latest version has a 20% more powerful battery);
– sturdy, durable construction;
– device can be used while charging.

Mighty - Cons

– large size and weight.

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