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FlowerPot is a vaporizer mounted on a bong, bringing you the best of both worlds: delicious and fresh vapor through a water pipe.


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NewVape FlowerPot

FlowerPot is an incredibly powerful desktop vaporizer made 100% in the USA. It’s a vaporizer mounted on a bong, bringing you the freshness of water filtration without the combustion of your herbs. This is why FlowerPot is able to meet the expectations of even the most demanding and advanced users.

To use it, you mount a chamber with dry herbs on the water filter, then you put a convective heating element and a handle on top of it. The heater is connected to a digital temperature controller. As a result, we get a desktop version of an on-demand vaporizer which – once it heats up (the process takes about 5 minutes) – can be left on for the whole day, ready whenever you want to use it.

FlowerPot V-Rod Vaporizer – dry herb and concentrates at the same time!

If you’d like to vaporize both dry herbs and concentrates, you definitely want to try FlowerPot Vrod. Apart from a standard herb chamber, it has a large e-nail with a 28 mm diameter. The nail lets you vaporize big ‘dabs’, or pieces of concentrate. FlowerPot Vrod gives you the options to vaporize dry herbs or concentrates, or both at the same time, which is the favorite method of the majority of users of this FlowerPot version.

FlowerPot WeedEater Vaporizer – the master of dry herb vaporization

If you’re sure that you are only interested in vaping dry herbs, you might opt for the FlowerPot WeedEater model. It doesn’t feature the e-nail, but it has an equally powerful heater that can provide silky, dense and abundant vapor. The temperature of vaporization is regulated with a 1-degree precision, with the same type of controller as in the Vrod version. 

Titanium construction and great vapor quality

FlowerPot desktop vaporizer is a solution chosen by many seasoned herb lovers because the vapor quality it delivers sets a whole new standard in the industry. It amazes not only with the intensity and density but also with the smoothness and an incredibly pure flavor. It is possible thanks to the fact that most elements, including the herb chamber, are made of top-quality titanium (Grade-2 Titanium). The powerful heating element allows you to vaporize very small quantities of herbs, even though the device handles larger amounts of herb very well, too.

A solid set of accessories

Both FlowerPot Vrod and FlowerPot WeedEater can be mounted on water filters with a GonG female joint of 14.5 mm or 18.8 diameter. The set comes with suitable adapters. Every set also includes a thermally isolated stand, where you can safely put the heating element away while not vaping. All you need for FlowerPot to work is a compatible water filter.

FlowerPot Vaporizer – the most powerful vaporizer ever made

FlowerPot delivers, hands down, the fastest and the most efficient thermal extraction among all desktop vaporizers available on the market. And that’s why vaping fans are in love with FlowerPot – it’s the only vaporizer that can efficiently offer the performance of a standard bong, yet doesn’t burn the herb at all. If you don’t want to compromise on vapor quality and you’re looking for the most powerful desktop solution – you have just found it!


FlowerPot WeedEater Essentials Bundle:
– WeedEater heater;
– herb chamber with a mounting set;
– 14.5 mm male adapter;
– 18.8 mm male adapter;
– a set of titanium screens;
– standard pad;
– thermally isolated stand for the heater;
– temperature controller;
– e-nail handle;
– 20 mm coil heater;
– EU power cable.

FlowerPot Vrod Essentials Bundle:
– Vrod heater with a built-in e-nail;
– universal carb cap with an integrated dabber;
– herb chamber with a mounting set;
– 14.5 mm male adapter;
– 18.8 mm male adapter;
– a set of titanium screens;
– standard pad;
– thermally isolated stand for the heater;
– temperature controller;
– e-nail handle;
– 20 mm coil heater;
– EU power cable.

NewVape FlowerPot - Pros

– incredible quality, quantity and intensity of the vapor;
– the fastest and the most efficient extraction among all vaporizers;
– outstanding efficiency and economical use of herb;
– made of top-quality titanium (Grade-2 Titanium);
– perfect quality of workmanship;
– it can be on for the whole day and work on-demand;
– suitable for the most demanding users;

NewVape FlowerPot - Cons

– the risk of burning your fingers with the heater if you’re not careful enough.

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