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The Brick, a portable, analog vape from Sticky Brick Labs (commonly known as Sticky Brick) is an unique, powerful, flame fuelled vaporizer.

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Original Sticky Brick

The Brick, a portable, analog vape from Sticky Brick Labs (commonly known as Sticky Brick) is a unique, powerful, flame fuelled vaporizer. The majority of the elements are made of high-quality wood (cherry or walnut) and robust, borosilicate glass. Individual modules are attached to one another through strong magnets. According to many vaping experts, Sticky Brick provides the best quality vapor among all portable vaporizers. Sticky Brick is a 100% convection, on-demand vaporizer, which means that within seconds it’s ready to deliver vapor, allowing you to take quick and short hits whenever you want and pause your session at any moment. It offers an exceptional extraction efficiency and guarantees the best flavor of your favorite herbs. The air that heats the herbs is generated by the flame of a torch lighter. Sounds scary? No worries, it’s 100% safe! Sticky Brick comes with a lifetime warranty so you can be sure it will keep you company for a long time!

Handmade quality

The Brick is the first vaporizer from Sticky Brick Labs, an American company. One of its most impressive features is its handmade quality. The materials used for the production are high-quality wood and durable borosilicate glass, and a few elements made of stainless steel. Individual modules are attached to one another with strong rare earth magnets. The vaporizer is battery-free and requires a torch lighter as a heat source (which you can find in our lighters category). The lighter’s flame heats the air that’s sucked into the chamber through a glass nozzle, which means that the vapor is completely produced through convection heat. This process takes place in a wooden chamber, which delivers The Brick’s a unique signature vapor flavor. It’s one of the purest vapors we’ve ever tried, enriched with a touch of precious wood — a masterful fusion! The vapor is also pleasantly cool and mild since it needs to travel a long way through the chamber.

Great construction

Heating the air with a torch lighter is entirely safe for your health if you use good quality butane. Burnt gas breaks down into water vapor and carbon dioxide – in such minimal quantities that it’s completely safe for your health. A can of good quality butane (e.g. Colibri) lasts for around 2 months of daily use. Therefore, it’s a very affordable solution.

Thanks to The Brick’s chamber design and its mechanics, you can place any amount of herbs in the chamber – it will comfortably vaporize between 0.1 g and 0.4 g of flowers. It’s important, however, to not compress the herbs too much in the chamber because it can reduce the air flow and make the herbs heat up too much. The vape’s performance is optimal whether you use coarsely or finely ground herbs. This vaporizer is really undemanding.

Outstanding vapor quality 

Sticky Brick is quite large and might not have the most discreet look, but these drawbacks are fully compensated by the quality of the vapor it generates. Our experts were speechless! From the moment they started heating the air that was entering the chamber to the moment when the first inhalation was produced, they waited only 2 seconds! The vapor is very aromatic and powerful – The Brick is one of the best ways to consume medicinal herbs that we’ve found so far. Thanks to the on-demand vaporization and the possibility of loading the chamber with just a small amount of herbs, The Brick has an unbelievable extraction efficiency, which translates into huge savings on herbs. The Brick is a unique, top-notch vaporizer that provides premium quality vapor, while the aromas and effects are unforgettable! The lifetime warranty is a logical vote of confidence to this masterpiece.

Benefits and Defects

  • superb vapor quality and flavor;
  • on-demand vaporization
  • vapor available within a few seconds;
  • great extraction efficiency;
  • lifetime warranty.
  • herbs can get burnt when packed too tightly in the chamber;
  • vaping technique requires practice.


– The Brick vaporizer by Sticky Brick Labs;
– metal mixer;
– tweezers with a built-in torch;
– set of spare screens;
– pick for screens removal;
– two plugs to block the air inlet;
– manual.

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