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PAX 2 is a portable vaporizer characterized by a modern design, great vapor quality and a unique and discrete appearance.

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PAX 2 is a portable vaporizer characterized by a modern design, great vapor quality and a unique and discrete appearance. It’s an absolute hit in the USA and it’s been long awaited by vaporization fans in Europe. PAX 2 Vaporizer was released a few years after its predecessor and it quickly gained its well-deserved popularity.

Minimalist style

PAX 2’s widespread recognition comes at no surprisea minimalist style, great extraction efficiency and incredibly innovative solutions (such as a movement sensor on the mouthpiece!) make it easy to fall in love with this device. Could this be a new leader on the market of portable vaporizers? PAX 2 is a vaporizer that’s definitely worth recommending. It surprises not only with its flavorful clouds, its pocket size and rich vapor but also for its advanced technology and very durable battery. And, by the way, it’s simply beautiful!

The improvements introduced to PAX 2 by Pax Labs – the vaporizer’s manufacturer – are based on customer feedback of the first generation PAX. Practically all the issues present in the first generation device have been addressed. As a result, PAX 2 features all the advantages of its predecessor but in a greatly upgraded version. The mouthpiece doesn’t slide out anymore, which eliminates the bothersome maintenance issues present in the first PAX. Now, the vaporizer is smaller, lighter and performs much better. From the very first glance, it is evident that elegant aesthetics are a priority for Pax Labs experts. They created a device that is extremely minimalist and sleek, stylistically similar to Apple products.

Advanced Technology 

By removing the buttons from the cover, now PAX only features one button, which you find under the mouthpiece. To activate it, you just need to push on the mouthpiece. PAX 2 is a session conduction vaporizer, which means that it vaporizes herbs through direct heat from the metal herb chamber — the contents of the chamber should be used in one go, during a single ‘session’. It is worth mentioning that vaporizers operating on this principle are slightly less efficient because they constantly heat the herbs, also when you are not inhaling.

Extraction efficiency

However, PAX 2 features a range of solutions that help solve this problem and increase the extraction efficiency. First of all, the mouthpiece in PAX 2 is equipped with a movement sensor that notes the presence of the user’s lips. After a draw, the device automatically starts to cool down, which helps preserve the herbs.

Whenever the sensor notes the lips on the mouthpiece, the temperature starts to rise again. Another solution in PAX 2 – intelligent heating control – is based on a similar principle. It uses a gyroscope that recognizes when the device is not being used (eg. when you place it back on the table) and drops the chamber’s temperature.

Additional information

When you take the vaporizer again in your hand, the temperature will rise very fast and it will reach an optimal vaporization level. Both of these solutions greatly improve the efficiency of PAX 2. PAX 2 communicates its status through 4 LED lights, arranged in a characteristic X — the PAX logo. The diodes light up with various colors and in various configurations, showing all the most important parameters, such as the set temperature (four settings to choose from), the battery level, heat up status or active status.

Huge clouds

The herb chamber is quite large. It is both an advantage, as one load lasts longer, but also a disadvantage – it must be fully packed with herbs. Luckily, there are many ways to achieve great results with a half-full chamber. It’s worth purchasing a Half-Pack or a Pusher – accessories that reduce the size of the chamber. You can notice some resistance when you inhale but the draw remains quite smooth. PAX 2 lets you take both small, short draws and some larger and longer ones that end up as huge clouds of vapor.

Just like all the other parts of this vaporizer, the battery is premium quality. Fully charged – which takes about 2 hours – it guarantees around 90 minutes of constant use. The charging process is very easy thanks to the induction charger. All you need to do is place the PAX 2 on top of it. There’s no need to plug any cables.

Last words

If you value elegant minimalism and the simplicity of use in a vaporizer, but equally expect the highest possible quality of vaping experience, there is no other vaporizer better suited for you than PAX 2. Highly recommended!


– PAX 2;
– 2 different mouthpieces;
– induction charger;
– USB adapter;
– cleaning set;
– manual.

PAX 2 - Pros

– intelligent technology that guarantees high extraction efficiency;
– high quality vapor;
– highly durable battery;
– pocket size;
– stylish design;

PAX 2 - Cons

– slight inhalation resistance;
– one of the standard mouthpieces is not very useful;
– PAX 2 must be laid flat during charging.

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