Sticky Brick Junior Vaporizer

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Sticky Brick Junior is a 100% convection, on-demand, dry herb vaporizer made in the USA.


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Sticky Brick Junior

Sticky Brick Junior is a 100% convection, on-demand, flame-fuelled, dry herb vaporizer made in the USA. Within a few seconds, it starts generating a tasty, thick and powerful vapor, which allows for short, but very intense sessions. It’s a smaller and more portable (fits in any pocket) version of The Brick – the vaporizer that many experts consider the producer of the best possible quality vapor.

High quality construction

The majority of the parts in Sticky Brick Junior are made of high-quality wood and very durable borosilicate glass. It’s a very efficient device that won’t waste any of your flowers’ active ingredients. The air that heats the herbs is generated with the flame of a torch lighter. Sounds scary? No worries, it’s 100% safe! Sticky Brick Junior comes with a lifetime warranty so you can be sure it will keep you company for a long time!

Sticky Brick Junior is another hand-made vaporizer from Sticky Brick Labs, an American company, known for putting the highest attention to detail in its design, production and materials in order to deliver a premium performance and superb vapor.

High extraction efficiency 

Sticky Brick Junior consists of three modules attached to one another by strong rare earth magnets. The vaporizer has no battery and uses a torch lighter as its heat source (a jet-flame lighter that is relatively inexpensive).

The flame of the lighter is placed in the intake tube, the hot air then arrives into the herb chamber. The vapor is thus produced completely through convection heat, guaranteeing great flavor and an excellent extraction efficiency of your herbs’ active ingredients. The dry flowers are placed in a wooden chamber, which uniquely enhances your vaping experience. On one hand, this device produces one of the purest vapors available, on the other, its aroma is enriched with a touch of precious wood. It’s a masterful fusion!

Heating the air with a torch lighter is entirely safe for your health if you use good quality butane. Consumed butane breaks down into water vapor and carbon dioxide – both in quantities completely safe for your health. A can of good quality butane (e.g. Colibri) lasts around 2 months if you use Sticky Brick Junior every day. A very clean and convenient solution. Colibri is available in the accessory section of the VapeFully store.

Economical device

Thanks to the chamber’s design and the engineering behind Sticky Brick Junior, you can use at once any amount of dry herbs. They just have to cover with plant material the screen at the bottom of the chamber, so your sessions can be with quantities as low as 0.1 g. 

This vape is considered an on-demand device: you can pause your session at any moment without continuing to consume the remaining herbs in the chamber.

If you use a larger amount of herbs, don’t compress them too much in the chamber, this can reduce the air flow and make the herbs overheat. It doesn’t matter whether you use coarsely or finely ground flowers. The cleaning process of this vaporizer only concerns the glass pieces, making it a very low-maintenance vaporizer.

Surprising vapor quality

Sticky Brick Junior can really surprise you with the quality of the vapor it generates. From the moment you start heating the air (that gets sucked into the chamber) to the moment when thick, powerful clouds are generated, the device needs only 2 seconds!

The vapor is very aromatic and potentin our opinion,  Sticky Brick Junior is one of the best ways to consume herbs for medicinal purposes. Thanks to the on-demand characteristic and the possibility of loading the chamber with just a small amount of herbs, Sticky Brick Junior is unbelievably efficient, permitting huge savings on herbs.

Last words

Sticky Brick Junior is a unique flame-fuelled vaporizer that provides the best quality vapor. On top of that, it’s small and stealthy, and can be purchased at a really affordable price. The lifetime warranty is the cherry on the cake that turns Sticky Brick Junior into a must-have for every fan of vaporization!

Benefits and Defects

  • superb vapor quality and flavor;
  • compact size;
  • on-demand vaporization
  • vapor available within a few seconds;
  • great efficiency;
  • lifetime warranty.
  • the vapor is a bit warmer than in The Brick;
  • vaping technique requires practice.


– Sticky Brick Junior vaporizer from Sticky Brick Labs;
– metal mixer;
– two wooden picks;
– 5-piece set of spare screens;
– manual.

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    Is the torch included in the pack?

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    • Lucas


      Oh yes, indeed! But remember it’s empty, so you should buy e.g. Colibri (you can get it at!)

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      Something wrong with this post? Thanks for letting us know. If you can point us in the right direction...

    • Lucas


      Oh yes, indeed! But remember, it’s empty, so you should buy e.g. Colibri (you can get it at!)

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      Something wrong with this post? Thanks for letting us know. If you can point us in the right direction...




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