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The VapCap M Plus, being the brand-new model of DynaVap’s iconic vaporizer, is the best way to vaporize in an efficient and economical way, while enjoying the wonderful flavor of herbs and top-notch vapor quality. We highly recommend it!  

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Brand new, long awaited VapCap M Plus!

The iconic VapCap M series is back with a bang after a year off – welcome the VapCap M Plus vaporizer! We can boldly say that this is the most advanced VapCap M model that has ever been released. However, this time the changes are not just cosmetic!

The VapCap M Plus vaporizer is a perfect choice for both first-time users and experienced vaping fans adding to their collection – everyone will love it! The three words that best describe the VapCap M Plus will be: flavor, savings and freedom – the freedom from having to charge batteries!

All-new tip for special tasks

The VapCap M Plus features an all-new tip that, for the first time, has no cooling fins. This allows for greater heat retention, which is extremely appreciated when used with popular accessories such as the Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) or the Armored Cap. 

The tip of the new M Plus was designed to be used both with and without such accessories, but even in the latter case it offers complete extraction in a single heat cycle, which is a highly desirable feature for the DynaVap fans.

To do so, you need to heat the tip just below the end of the cap line (the lid of the heating chamber), at the position marked by the dots. This allows you to use all of the dry herb stored in the chamber in just 2-3 inhalations.

Also, fans of micro dosing won’t be disappointed, as the chamber’s capacity can be reduced by installing the screen a little higher if necessary. This will take efficiency to a whole new level.

The famous and well-liked VapCap M…

There’s no denying that the VapCap M Plus is a successful continuation of the M series, as it offers everything that fans have come to love it for – great quality and flavor of the vapor, huge savings on your dry herb, the vaping ritual and an analog design, which is free from the battery charging or electronics failures.

The chamber can hold up to 0.1 grams of dry herb and the Captive Cap, which is responsible for temperature control, is attached to it. Once the cap is heated with a mini butane torch or an induction heater, you will hear 1-2 clicks signaling that the desired temperature has been reached. And when the temperature falls, the VapCap M Plus clicks again, letting you know that it needs to be heated again. This is a very effective method of temperature control!

…in a whole new edition!

In addition to the transformation in the heating chamber area, the entire body of the device has also been redesigned. The air intake is now square and much larger than it used to be, which makes it possible to regulate even more precisely the amount of additional air that will be pulled into the device, which in turn results in better control over the density of inhaled vapor.

The body surface of the new M Plus resembles wood bark and provides, without a doubt, the most secure grip of all previous VapCap M models. No more slipping of the device from your hands during heating! Meanwhile, the mouthpiece of the VapCap M Plus fits a 10mm grind, which means it can be easily used with a water filter.

VapCap M Plus Vaporizer – a real treat for DynaVap fans!

The brand-new VapCap M Plus works brilliantly and will be a perfect choice for users who value reliability, great vapor quality and saving on your dry herb. The M Plus is even better than its predecessors, and at the same time offers everything that its many fans have come to love the VapCap M series for. We highly recommend it!

Benefits and Defects

  • the new tip working great
  • fast, efficient extraction
  • excellent quality and flavor of the vapor
  • huge savings on your dry herb
  • ergonomic design
  • freedom from battery and electronic parts
  • possible complete extraction in a single heat cycle
  • heating up with the torch is fairly discreet
  • no accessories included


– VapCap M Plus

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