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VapeTube is an elegant and discreet case for your VapCap vaporizer. It has an extra compartment for the herb and a magnet that serves for putting the cooling cap on and off the vaporizer. What’s more, every VapeTube comes with a vapor cooling 3D Flow Stem.

NOTE: The Tip (heating chamber) and the Cap (heating chamber cap) you can see in the photo are not included in the set.


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Meet VapeTube – a revolution in the way you’ll use DynaVap vaporizers and the first accessory from VapeFully brand. VapeTube is an elegant and discreet case for your VapCap vaporizer. It has a herb compartment and a magnet that serves for removing and cooling the cap. What’s more, every VapeTube comes with a glass 3D Flow Stem that cools vapor down.

VapeTube is a product that was born out of love for DynaVap brand and its VapCap vaporizers. VapeTube is designed for comfortable carrying and storage of your VapCap vaporizer and your favourite herbs. In the lid, there is a strong magnet that lets you take the cap off your vaporizer or simply cool it down during the inhalation. Along with every VapeTube comes a unique, glass 3D Flow Stem designed to cool the vapor down.

Airtight and safe main compartment

The compartment for your vaporizer protects the device from mechanical damage, which is especially important when you use the glass 3D Flow Stem. VapeTube is made of durable metal so there’s no risk it will get damaged if someone e.g. accidentally sits on it. What’s more, the compartment is fully smell-proof. Even if your vaporizer is filled with aromatic herbs, it won’t be noticeable if you carry it inside the VapeTube, which is a very practical solution. The main compartment is big enough to house all types of standard length VapCaps, including the thicker ones, like HydraVong Vaporizer, NonaVong Vaporizer and OmniVong Vaporizer. The compartment was designed to house the 3D Flow Stem with the Tip attached. Currently, VapeTube is not compatible with the XL (longer) versions of DynaVap vaporizers.

VapeTube oraz Ustnik 3D do VapCapa


Herb likes glass

On the other end of VapeTube, there is a compartment for ground herb. It houses enough material to fill the chamber of your VapCap a few times and it’s also completely smell-proof, which allows for a high level of discreteness. What’s more, the inside of this compartment has a glass insert for the herb. The insert is removable so it’s easy to fill and clean. It’s worth mentioning that glass is the best material for herb storage – it doesn’t react with the active substances in the herb, and it helps preserve its amazing aroma. All of these features, along with protection against the UV rays make VapeTube the perfect solution for your herb storage.


VapeTube wraz z magnesowym wieczkiem

Strong magnet in the lid

In the lid of VapeTube, there is a strong magnet, which is a very practical solution. It lets you take the hot cap off in order to check the state of the heating chamber content, which eliminates the risk of burning your fingers while doing it. The magnet is peripherally polarized, which means the strongest attraction occurs on the perimeter. This is a great solution for people who like vaping with friends – one magnet can hold up to three DynaVap vaporizers. You can also use the magnet to cool the cap down during the inhalation, which improves efficiency. The magnet can be used both when the lid is screwed onto the VapeTube and when it’s e.g. on the table.


3D Stem Flow – amazing, dense and tasty vapor!

3D Stem Flow is the latest trend among users of portable vaporizers. It’s made of glass, which guarantees an exceptionally pure vapor flavor. Inside, there are special divots that make the vapor travel down a winding route, so before it reaches the user’s mouth, it is already cooled down. 3D Flow Stem is compatible with all Tips (chambers) of DynaVap vaporizers – both steel and titanium ones. 3D Flow Stem doesn’t have the ‘clutch’ you might know from classic VapCaps, which makes the use easier and guarantees the production of very dense vapor. If you love your VapCap, you will love it even more with 3D Flow Stem!


VapeTubie - pokrowiec do VapCapa


VapeTube and 3D Flow Stem – a must-have for DynaVap fans!

VapeTube is a practical accessory, designed by DynaVap fans for DynaVap fans. It’s very handy in everyday use of your VapCap, especially is you move a lot from one place to another. The herb compartment, the glass insert and the strong magnet in the lid have been created with the most demanding users in mind. The 3D Flow Stem that comes with VapeTube will add variety to your inhalations and will guarantee a completely different experience than in the case of standard DynaVap configurations. If you love your VapCap, get him a VapeTube.

NOTE: The Tip (heating chamber) and the Cap (heating chamber cap) do not come with the set.


VapeTube oraz ustniki 3D do VapCapa firmy DynaVap