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The X-MAX V3 Pro uses a hybrid heating system with a predominance of convection heat, offers a choice between session and on-demand modes, delivers great quality vapor and is powered by a replaceable 18650 battery.

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X-MAX V3 Pro 99,00 69,00 

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X-MAX V3 Pro Vaporizer – the new version of a legend

The X-MAX V3 Pro is the successor to one of the most popular portable vaporizers of all time, namely the X-MAX V2 Pro. While the previous generation was based on conduction heating (directly from the walls of the herb chamber), the new X-MAX V3 Pro uses a hybrid heating system with a clear predominance of convection heat (through streams of hot air). This portable vape produces large amounts of great-quality vapor with considerably less dry herb consumption. The new version of the legendary model is thus a completely new vaporizer, although it is still a pen vape, a shape appreciated by vaporization fans for its discretion.

On-demand or session mode? You decide!

A very interesting innovation in the X-MAX V3 Pro is the ability to choose between session mode and on-demand mode. In the latter one, after pressing the button, the vaporizer instantly reaches the set temperature, which begins to fall as soon as you finish your draw and release the button. The X-MAX V3 Pro uses primarily convection heating and warms up fast enough to perform perfectly in on-demand mode! It is worth mentioning that heating the dry herbs in this way helps to save money and maintain the optimum flavor for a longer period of time. In session mode, on the other hand, the heater is active all the time – which is perfect if you’re inhaling with a group or when you’re ready for a really potent session at the end of the day.

A short vapor path? Not necessarily

Although the vapor path may appear short and the mouthpiece is made of plastic, the X-MAX V3 Pro delivers vapor at a comfortable temperature and with a very clean flavor. How is this possible? The vapor first encounters a steel filter above the chamber, which stops the herb particles and starts pre-cooling the vapor, before entering the ceramic cooling element, which lengthens and adds a curve to the vapor path. We have to admit that this solution works great – despite the short path, the vapor is smooth and does not irritate the throat. The vapor becomes warmer only with a longer use in session mode when the ceramic element in the vapor path heats up more intensively and stops cooling the vapor. 

Replaceable 18650 battery and USB-C port

A great advantage of the X-MAX V3 Pro is that it is powered by a replaceable 18650 battery. The battery has a capacity of 2600 mAh and allows for about 40 minutes of continuous operation, which is a pretty good result for a convection-based vaporizer. Additionally, the X-MAX V3 Pro is charged via a USB-C port, allowing for a much faster battery charge compared to a micro-USB port. The combination of these two features means you won’t have to worry about powering your X-MAX V3 Pro.

 X-MAX V3 Pro – the most interesting new product of 2021?

For sure, the X-MAX V3 Pro is one of the most interesting new products of 2021 in the vaporization market. It’s an extremely discreet vaporizer that generates great vapor, offers both session and on-demand modes, and is powered by a replaceable 18650 battery, which is a much-appreciated solution. Add to this the fact that the X-MAX V3 Pro vaporizer is available at an extremely favorable price, and you can safely announce another hit from X-MAX! We highly recommend it!

Benefits and Defects

  • intense production of high quality vapour;
  • clean flavour of the vapour;
  • high quality of workmanship;
  • replaceable 18650 battery;
  • instant heating;
  • on-demand mode;
  • USB-C charging.
  • the vapor is quite warm during longer inhalations in session mode;
  • using additional glass accessories requires replacing the mouthpiece with a special adapter;
  • the device’s display is relatively easy to scratch, especially when carried in a pocket;
  • the battery cover can be easily damaged if not handled carefully;
  • 0n-demand mode may not provide as effective an extraction as session mode.


– X-MAX V3 Pro Vaporizer;
– USB-C charging cable;
– Concentrates insert;
– Cleaning brush;
– Stainless steel dry herb tool;
– User’s manual.

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  1. Alcatraz


    I have my Vapka and I am quite satisfied. The taste is nice, cleaned quickly, magnets work just in time. The battery is exhausting quite quickly, but it is a great matter to the exchanges of batteries, thanks to which I bought batteries and I have no problem with a quick battery replacement. The downside is a poor air flow, but as far as I know it was repaired in the previous version, which I did not buy because I learned about its existence the same day after receiving the equipment. In addition, I bought the device at a fairly low price, which is why the Gratki for vapefully.
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  2. 420culture


    I need a vaporizer for a senior.
    Does XMAX V3 Pro remember previous settings before excluding? I would like to set it once to the demand mode and a specific temperature so that it is already in this setting.
    And will connect it 24/7 to the charger and disconnect only to the session negatively affect the battery?
    Please reply 🙂
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  3. Vapemaster2000


    Transfer from Fenix, which after 6 years of brave work refused to obey.
    Unfortunately, with a candle to look for someone who will fix it, so the choice fell on the Xmax V3 Pro.
    My opinion after intensive use for 10 months. First of all, a dried chamber much smaller than in Fenix, I got used to time, but printed on a 3D printer, funnels are very useful.
    On Demand mode it makes no sense, you are waiting for heating the same as with session mode, for this you have to hold the pressed button – totally ill -considered.
    Ceramic filter uncomfortable in cleaning – a necessary toothpick or narrow stretch to clean it as it should. Relatively expensive accessories – I would like to buy a bubbler, but it comes out 25€ with a shipment …
    After these 10 months you can see that it is time to replace the gasket – a set of a selush gasket – 6€, you can survive. After this time, the battery holds the original parameters, and it is great to use when charging.
    Generally cool. Maybe over time it will be compared with something from a slightly higher shelf, because I am really curious if there is a difference between a vapweight for 70€ and 350€ (except for WiFi, BT, or dedicated apps ;-))Translated automatically from the store

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  4. Pawela


    So much good has already been written that I will not duplicate. Faaaaajny equipment and that’s it! A joke can be said that because of the mouthpiece it is almost like he plays on a clarinet xD. I recommend using with dispensing capsules. A brilliant solution for me. A great help and lazy you do not need so much alcohol to clean the chamber.
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  5. Christopher


    Cool vaporizer, that’s why I decided to change to a newer model X-Max Starry 4.0 version not available here but I found on and I recommend 4.0
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