CBD flowers, CBD and CBG concentrates and herbs for aromatherapy


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In this category, you will find a wide selection of CBD products, such as dry herbs, concentrates, as well as herbs for aromatherapy vaporization.

CBD – what is it?

CBD is cannabidiol, one of the cannabinoids contained in cannabis.

Unlike THC, CBD is 100% legal in the UK and in the majority of EU countries, therefore possession of any products that contain CBD  and CBG will not cause any legal problems.

Apart from CBD products, we also offer a wide selection of aromatherapy herbs.

The vaporization of herbs such as lemon balm, hops or valerian is an interesting alternative to classic herbal infusions, allowing you to benefit from the positive properties of these herbs in the form of convenient and pleasant vape sessions.

The herbs we offer can be used as extra help in the treatment of a number of diseases – each herb has different properties.

You can find more information in our Other Herbs section. If you have any questions or doubts about the products presented in this section – contact us!

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