Do you use a butane vaporizer or are you planning to buy one? Or maybe you like dabbing? If so, you will need a jet-flame lighter. We offer a wide range of high-quality lighters and torches. If you have a vaporizer from DynaVap (VapCap, VapCap S, VapCap M, TiWoody, TiVong or OmniVap), you should get a double-flame lighter that lets you heat the cap of your VapCap much faster. If you’re looking for a lighter for one of the vaporizers form Sticky Brick Labs – Lotus or Vapman – choose a single-flame lighter, with the flame coming out of the lighter at a 90° angle in relation to the handle. The largest jet-flame lighters are perfect for dabbing as they let you heat your nail without the risk to overheat the lighter. If you have any doubts about which lighter to choose for your vaporizer, contact us! Our experts will be happy to help you choose the right model.

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