Bongs, or water pipes, are normally used for smoking marijuana. All of the bong models we offer can also be connected to a vaporizer. We have carefully selected our water pipes bearing in mind this important aspect. Water filtration guarantees the production of a vapor that’s moist and cool so it’s gentler to your throat and doesn’t irritate or dry your air passages. The use of a water pipe greatly improves the comfort of inhalation and lets you inhale larger amounts of vapor. All the water pipes that can be used with vaporizers are built in such a way that you only remove the blowpipe and replace it with a water adaptor that’s connected to a vaporizer. All the bongs we offer are made of the highest quality glass that’s safe for your health and keeps the vapor flavor pure and free from any flavors or aromas. The most basic models simply filter the vapor through the water and the more advanced ones feature diffusers, screens and “honeycombs” that provide extra cooling and diffusion of the vapor. The majority of the water pipes in our offer come with a glass, 14,5 or 18 mm cut female type joint (concave). While choosing a water filter for your vaporizer, make sure it has the same size cut as the water filter adapter that’s installed on the vaporizer. Only then will it be tight and allow for the whole set to work properly. We also offer bongs that are perfect for dabbing. If you’re not sure which bong to choose, send us a message and our experts will be happy to help!

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