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The Opinion of the Month Contest

Reviews have become an integral part of online shopping. They help us decide if a product is actually worth your attention, time and money. So what kind of reviews are most likely to convince you to make a purchase? Certainly not the ones that sound like they were written by a bot, copy/pasted the same for all products. At VapeFully we aren’t fans of boredom and repetition either, which is why we want to let you prove yourselves in our Opinion of the Month contest!

Everyone has opinions and the vast majority of people like to express their opinions. Regardless of whether it is positive, negative, funny or shocking. Starting in July, when you give your feedback on the products in our store, you have a chance to win a 4-piece Swiss Grinder Fire!

It doesn’t matter what you purchase – it could be a vaporizer, a bong, a battery, a case or even pipe cleaners. As long as you tell us, and potential buyers, in a creative and original way, if the purchase was worth its while.

We will select the best review at the beginning of each month and then contact the author via e-mail and post their review on our website. There is no limit to how many times you can participate in the contest.

The Opinion of the Month contest launches in July – so, join the fun, and we look forward to your feedback!

The list of winners of current edition, where you can win the Swiss Grinder Fire:

  • Opinion of the month: July 2022 – “Aomai – Jet Torch Lighter” by Justin Rice

  • Opinion of the month: August 2022 – “VapCap M 2021” by Sven

  • Opinion of the month: September 2022 – “Arizer ArGo” by Morgan

  • A loooong Opinion of the month: October 2022 – “X-MAX V3 PRO” by Henrique

  • Opinion of the month: November 2022 – “FURY EDGE SE” by BmBlBz

  • Opinion of the month: December 2022 – “Fenix Mini” by Joni

  • Opinion of the month: February 2023 – “Healthy Rips FURY EDGE SE” by Gustavo

  • Opinion of the month: May 2023 – “X-MAX Starry 3.0” by Jami

  • Opinion of the month: July 2023 – “Arizer Solo 2” by Kresimir
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