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Vaporization – the ultimate beginner’s guide


Smoking herbs, especially when you do it regularly, is bad for your health – you’ve probably heard about it many times. If you want to eliminate the harmful smoke and buy a vaporizer, you are in the right place. This article will tell you everything you need to know in order to choose the right vaporizer among dozens of models available in our store. Step by step, we explain what vaporization is, what the differences are between various models and which ones are recommended for you. We will help you define your needs and find a vaporizer that best meets them. Have a look at the guide our experts prepared for you.

For your convenience, we’ve divided the guide into several sections:
1. Introduction to vaporization:
 1.1. Vaporization – what is it?
1.2. Vaporization – why is it better than smoking?
2. Vaporizer – how to choose the model that will meet your needs?
2.1. What’s better: a desktop or a portable vaporizer?
2.2. Portable vaporizer – session or on-demand model?
2.3. Convection or conduction – what’s the difference?
3. Before you buy a vaporizer
4. Best vaporizers
4.1. Best vaporizers below £100
4.2. Best vaporizers between £100 and £200
4.3. Best vaporizer above £200
5. Essential accessories
6. Most common errors
7. Have you got a question? Contact us!
8. Get your dream vaporizer now!

1.1. Vaporization – what is it?

Vaporization has revolutionized the use of herbs, which is best proved by its popularity in the USA, where vaping is gradually becoming the most common way of enjoying the properties of herbs. On one hand, the popularity of vaporization is a surprising phenomenon.

Vaping girl
Vaping girl

On the other –  it shouldn’t surprise anyone because all the reasonable arguments suggest that vaporization of herbs is, by all means, better and more pleasurable than smoking. Let’s start with the basics: what is vaporization and what are the most important benefits of vaping? To find out more about what vaporization is, click here.

1.2. Vaporization – why is it better than smoking?

→ Vaporizer vs. Health

The greatest benefits of switching from smoking to vaping are the ones related to your health.

When organic material gets burnt through any method, it always irritates the air passages.’ – explains Dr. Mitch Earleywine, a professor and researcher from the State University of New York at Albany.

When you vaporize herbs, they don’t get burnt. Vaporization not only eliminates the absorption of toxins, which was proven in this study but also helps you reduce the annoying symptoms related to smoking. A constant cough, the presence of phlegm, the shortness of breath and pressure in the chest – you can forget about all of these things within a few weeks of switching from traditional smoking to harmless vaporization. It has also been confirmed by two independent studies that you can read about here and here.

‘Vaporization is the healthiest method of enjoying herbs. I wouldn’t recommend smoking to anyone. You should use vaporizers only.’  – adds Dr. Earleywine. Vaporization, unlike smoking, doesn’t cause shortness of breath so it’s a good choice if you do sports.

If you like practising any sport, but you are a fan of herbs, vaporization is a perfect solution for you – it lets you maintain your body in a good form with no need to compromise the pleasure of herbs absorption. Vaporization and herbs is a great combination that your body will thank you for.

When organic material gets burnt through any method, it always irritates the air passages.’ – Dr. Mitch Earleywine

→ Vaporizer vs. Discreetness

The smell of the vapor produced by a vaporizer is subtle and delicate and has nothing to do with the strong smell of smoke that not only stays for long in the air, in your clothes, the walls and furniture but also attracts the unnecessary attention of people around you.

This is not the case with vaporizers – since the herbs don’t burn, there is no smoke or any problems related to its presence. Vaporizers produce only gentle vapor that disappears almost instantaneously and can be noticed within a maximum distance of one meter. If you vape in a closed room, the smell disappears within minutes. A portable vaporizer guarantees maximum discreetness, which is a very practical solution.

→ Vaporization Means Savings…

Vaporization lets you save a lot of money that you would normally spend on herbs because you use a much smaller amount of herbs when you vaporize, while the experience is much better compared to smoking. How is it possible? Smoking destroys a large amount of the active substances from herbs. Vaporization helps maintain all of those substances so that you can absorb them.

That’s why vaping is much more efficient and requires a smaller amount of herbs to provide the same results. This allows you to save as much as half of what you would normally spend on herbs!

→ …and Pleasure!

Apart from the aspects related to health, discreetness and savings, vaporization gives you one more important benefit – your pleasure. Vaping is a much better choice in this respect. The flavor and aroma of vaporized herbs are out of this world! What’s more, the experience is a lot more effective and pleasurable.

If you want to learn more about why vaporization is better than smoking, read our article here.

2. Vaporizer – how to choose a model that meets your needs?

The first time you browse the offer of a store with vaporizers, you can feel a bit lost due to the large variety of models and new terms, like conduction, convection, hybrids, desktop vaporizers, portable vaporizers… Don’t worry, our experts will help you find your way in the world of vaporization and vaporizers! We’ll help you choose the perfect vaporizer in just a few simple steps. Ready? Let’s go!

Group session vaping
Group session vaping

2.1. What’s better: a portable or a stationary vaporizer?

The first and most important question that you need to answer is where you are planning to vape. If you plan on doing it only at home, you might want to choose a stationary vaporizer that requires a permanent power supply from an electric socket. A stationary vaporizer is usually a highly efficient device and the permanent power supply allows for installing a stronger heating elements.

As a result, a stationary vaporizer is much better for group vaping sessions with your friends – there is no battery that might die and it doesn’t lower the performance, which sometimes happens in the case of portable vaporizers. A stationary vaporizer provides vapor through a silicone tube (e.g. Arizer V-Tower) or a balloon filled with vapor (Volcano Vaporizer). Both methods are comfortable but if you want no restrictions, you can choose one of the multifunctional devices that combines both methods. The best model of this type is Arizer Extreme Q.

If you value mobility and want to have a complete freedom in terms of the place of vaporization or if your family situation forces you to choose a more discreet method of enjoying herbs, a portable vaporizer will be a better choice.

A great majority of these devices is powered by rechargeable batteries so you can take these vaporizers with you wherever you go – to your friend’s place, for a walk, on holidays… A portable vaporizer is usually a very small device that can fit into your pocket or a small bag. However, there are many types of vaporizers – we’ll try to help you find out which one will be the best for you.

2.2. Portable Vaporizer  – session or on-demand?

If you’ve already decided that a portable vaporizer will be the right choice for you, it’s time to find the type and model that will best meet

your needs. The most important criterion is the inhalation method. In the case of portable devices, you can choose between session and on-demand vaporizers. In a session vaporizer, you have to use the whole content of the chamber in one, uninterrupted session that consists of several drags.

The herbs are heated inside the chamber throughout the whole session, also in between the drags, which makes this inhalation method slightly less efficient. The use of this kind of vaporizer looks more like smoking tobacco from a pipe.

One of the cheapest and the best session vaporizers is Storm Vaporizer – a device that is a great value for money. The highest quality vaporizer among all the session type models is PAX 3 Vaporizer that features a smart heating system and is more efficient than other vaporizers of this type.

An on-demand vaporizer heats up very fast (within seconds) and lets you take a few drags and then make a break as often as you like, with no loss to the herbs. It’s because they heat up only when you inhale, which makes the on-demand vaporizers much more efficient. One of the best quality on-demand vaporizers is the fully convection-based Firefly 2 Vaporizer but in the ‘below 100£’ category, the small and stylish Magic Flight Launch Box is a definite winner.

What inhalation style will be the best for you? Think about how often you want to enjoy the herbs – do you tend to smoke them in the form of a joint or rather take a few drags from a pipe or a bong? In the first case, a session vaporizer will be more suitable (e.g. PAX 3 Vaporizer). If a few quick drags on the go is what you need, choose an on-demand vaporizer (e.g. Firefly 2 Vaporizer or Original Sticky Brick).

2.3. Convection or conduction – what’s the difference?

While browsing the offer of vaporizers, you may come across the terms of ‘conduction’ and ‘convection’. They refer to the manner in which the herbs are heated in each vaporizer. In the case of conduction, the walls of the chamber get heated and pass the heat onto the herbs that start to evaporate. With convection, the herbs are heated with a stream of hot air that passes through the herbs, which also results in the production of vapor.

The choice between a conduction and convection model is as important as the one related to the session and on-demand device. Convection vaporizers are technologically more complicated, which usually makes them more expensive, compared to the conduction models. To compensate for that, it offers a better efficiency, flavor and quality of vapor.

The drawback of these devices is that the majority of them requires the herbs to be mixed up during the inhalation, which makes the use a bit bothersome when you vape outside. The convection heating system needs more energy, too, so the battery in a convection vaporizer will almost always last shorter than in its conduction counterpart.

The majority of on-demand vaporizers are convection devices. Conduction vaporizers are usually a bit cheaper, but they may be slightly less efficient than convection models and the vapor they produce can be of a lower quality. There are some exceptions to it, though – PAX 3 Vaporizer is the highest class conduction model that matches the quality and performance of the best convection vaporizers. A large majority of conduction vaporizers are session devices and their batteries normally allow for numerous inhalation sessions between charging. Do you already know what kind of vaporizer is best for you?

2.4. Vaporizery butanowe

You can find a wide range of butane vaporizers in our offer. They come in various options and they all have one thing in common – the source of heat used for heating the herbs is the flame from burnt butane. A butane vaporizer may utilize an external source of heat, like e.g. VapCap OG Vaporizer or Sticky Brick Jr. It can also have a built-in container with gas, like e.g. Hammer Pro or WISPR 2. All the butane vaporizers are safe for your health and some of them provide some great quality vapor, like the American vaporizers from the Sticky Brick series – available in UK, only on VapeFully Website.

You can read more about pros and cons of conduction and convection vaporizers in our article here.

3. Vaporizer – not all stores are equal!

You don’t like bad surprises? Of course, nobody likes them! When you choose VapeFully, you can be sure you won’t have to deal with them! One of the most frequent negative surprises is the purchase of a poor quality vaporizer, which is a real plague in UK. The quality of the device is very important because low quality means not only poor vaping experience but also danger for your health!?

Why are cheap vaporizers bad for your health? First of all, the cheapest models, like the popular Titan and Titan 2 Hebe have a construction that doesn’t guarantee a proper vapor cooling, which may result in your throat, oesophagus and respiratory tract getting burnt. Believe us, it’s not something you want to experience! Secondly, the poor quality of the materials used in the cheapest devices is an even bigger problem. It’s impossible that a device made for just 5$ is built with high-quality materials that will be resistant to high temperatures and won’t degas.

Due to the use of the cheapest materials, the user may be exposed to the fumes from melted plastic and overheated electronic components, to toxic gases generated by batteries that reach a very high temperature and even to fumes from heavy metals used for the production of the heater.

The majority of stores have these kind of vaporizers in their offer even though they pose danger to your health. To make matters worse, they are sold alongside some high-quality models and since the price difference is so big, they often get picked by unaware consumers.

When you choose VapeFully, you don’t need to worry about these things – we sell only devices that are verified and safe for your health, as well as made of high-quality materials. This way you can be sure that you will avoid any bad surprises while buying your vaporizer and that your device will be safe for your health and made of the highest quality.

Another aspect you should pay attention to are fake products. Don’t ever buy vaporizer on any auction or advertising platforms. It’s the easiest way to get a fake that will not only be of a poor quality but also can be bad for your health due to the low-quality materials used by the manufacturer. Why choose a cheap product if it equals poor performance, a danger for your health and lack of warranty?

Auction and advertising platforms are the worst places to go to when you look for a vaporizer. We strongly advise that you don’t buy your vaporizer on these kinds of websites! When you buy in VapeFully, you can be 100% sure that your product is original and comes with the manufacturer’s warranty – we are an authorised seller of the leading and recognised brands. While choosing the store to buy a vaporizer, remember also that VapeFully guarantees the lowest prices. If you find the same product at a lower price in a different store, send us a message and we’ll do our best to beat it!

Do you want to know what kind of vaporizers we strongly recommend not to use and why? Find out from the article here.

More about the best butane vaporizers here.

If you’re still not sure what vaporizer will be best for you, read the article here.

4. Best vaporizers

Below we present our experts’ picks, categorized by price and – in the case of portable devices – by the inhalation method offered by each model. We present the vaporizers in three price ranges: below £100, between £100 and £200, and over £200.

4.1. Best vaporizer below £100

The cheapest electronic vaporizer in our offer is £59 but within the range of £100 you can find many interesting portable vaporizers, both session and on-demand models. Check what our expert have chosen for you!

4.1.1. Magic Flight Launch Box: On-demand Vaporizer below £100

Magic Flight Launch Box, commonly known as Launch Box or MFLB is a very small and inconspicuous device, hand-made in the USA. It’s an on-demand model and it’s one of the most efficient vaporizers. It not only allows you to use a very small amount of herbs but also lets you stop vaping at any time with no loss to the vaporized herbs. MFLB is very stylish and has numerous fans all over the world. Apart from providing the vapor of a great quality and flavor, this model comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty that covers even the damage caused by the fault of the user.

4.1.2. Storm Vaporizer: Session Vaporizer below £100

Storm Vaporizer is really sensational! It’s a very discreet portable vaporizer that has the shape and size of a regular e-cigarette. In fact, it’s one of the best portable session vaporizers that guarantees a highly comfortable inhalation wherever you are. There’s no need to mix the herbs in the chamber throughout the session.

Storm Vaporizer features five temperature settings that let you adjust the inhalation parameters –  such as the density and the strength of the vapor – to the individual preferences. What’s more, Storm has a replaceable battery (you can buy a spare one) and features the option of micro-USB charging, which makes it a perfect choice for active people.

Storm generates vapor of a very good quality, which – along with all the other features and the accessible price – makes it the best value for money. You can buy Storm Vaporizer here. Do you already know what vaporizer from ‘below £100’ range is best for you? Or do you want to read more about other devices from this category that we recommend? If so, you should read our article about the best vaporizers below £100 – you can find it here.

4.2. Best vaporizers between £100 and £200

There are many interesting models available in the £100-£200 price range, both in terms of stationary and portable vaporizers. Our experts have chosen the best models from both categories – you will definitely find something that will suit you!

4.2.1. AirVape XS: Session vaporizer below £200

AirVape XS is one of the smallest and most discreet models available on the market. Don’t be deceived by appearances, though – AirVape XS is one of the best and the most efficient session vaporizers. AirVape XS uses a hybrid heating system (a mix of conduction and convection) and features a relatively small heating chamber, which makes it a very economic portable vaporizer. AirVape vibrates when it reaches the desired temperature, which takes as little as 20 seconds. A ceramic heating chamber and a glass mouthpiece featuring a special system that cools the vapor guarantee that the vapor is always full of flavor and adequately cooled down. AirVape XS has a large LED display that shows the most important information. All of that is locked in an elegant and durable metal case. You can buy AirVape XS here.

4.2.2. Original Sticky Brick: On-demand Vaporizer below £200

Original Sticky Brick is an outstanding portable vaporizer that’s hand-made in the USA. Sticky Brick is a fully convectional model – the herbs are heated with a stream of hot air, only while the user is taking a drag, which guarantees a great efficiency and economic use of herbs. Sticky Brick has no battery or cables – the source of heat comes from the flame of a gas lighter.

Among all the vaporizers in this price range, Sticky Brick provides the best quality vapor – it has a great flavor and is very thick and powerful. Original Sticky Brick is made of the highest quality materials (precious wood and durable borosilicate glass) and comes with manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. A well-recommended purchase!

You can buy Original Sticky Brick here.

4.2.3. Arizer Extreme Q 6.0: Desktop Vaporizer below £200

Arizer Extreme Q 6.0 is the best stationary vaporizer that you can get for less than £200. It’s made by Arizer Tech, a Canadian manufacturer that uses only the best quality elements in their vaporizer. You can inhale through a balloon (3 settings to choose from that let you control how fast the balloon gets filled and how strong and thick the vapor will be) or through a silicone tube.

It’s an energy-saving and very efficient vaporizer. It guarantees great quality vapor and features a unique option – you can manage it with a remote control. The case is durable and stylish and in the darkness it provides extra impressions thanks to the LED diodes that light up the base of the vaporizer. Arizer Extreme Q 6.0 is single-handedly the best value for money – no wonder why it’s the most often bought stationary vaporizer in Europe!

You can buy Arizer Extreme Q 6.0 here.

Are you planning to buy a portable vaporizer? Find more info about best portable vaporizers below £200 in this article

4.3. Best vaporizers above £200

Above £200 starts the highest price range of vaporizers. This is where you can find the best vaporizers available on the market. They all stand out due to the highest quality, a very high efficiency and the best quality vapor.

4.3.1. PAX 3 Vaporizer: The Best session vaporizer above £200

Are you wondering what portable vaporizer is the best? Our experts have no doubt: PAX 3 Vaporizer! PAX 3 features the latest technology: an intelligent heating system that heats the herbs stronger when you inhale and cools the chamber down between the drags.

As a result, PAX 3 can guarantee the efficiency that no other conduction device can provide, while assuring all the benefits of conduction, which is the comfort of inhalation, simplicity of use, no need to mix the herbs in the chamber and long battery life – you charge PAX 3 once and you can vape for over 90 minutes! PAX 3 is very small and inconspicuous and its design is a real work of art. The inhalation parameters can be easily adjusted with a mobile app that’s free in Apple AppStore and Google Play.

PAX 3 heats up in just 15 seconds and vibrates when it’s ready to work. The set contains a Half-pack lid that lets you fill only half of the chamber. It also comes with an insert for the vaporization of concentrates. When you buy PAX 3 Vaporizer in VapeFully store, you can be sure that it will be covered with the manufacturer’s 10-year warranty.

You can buy PAX 3 Vaporizer here.

4.3.2. Firefly 2 Vaporizer: The best on-demand vaporzer above £200

Firefly 2 Vaporizer is definitely the best on-demand vaporizer. It reaches the vaporization temperature within less than 5 seconds, which allows for instant inhalations that can be stopped at any given moment and continued later on with no loss in the efficiency.

On-demand vaporization and the small size herb chamber that fits 0.15 g of herbs make Firefly 2 the most efficient and economic vaporizer on the market. This model is also valued for the highest quality and best flavor of vapor among all the vaporizers. Special inserts for the chamber let you vaporize concentrates, too and the temperature can be regulated with a mobile app.

Another feature worth mentioning is the battery – its life has been greatly improved compared to the previous models. What’s more, the battery is replaceable and the set comes with a spare one. If you need a vaporizer for a seasoned user and look for a device that produces the best quality vapor – look no more. Firefly 2 Vaporizer is the best choice.

You can buy Firefly 2 Vaporizer here.

4.3.3. VapeXhale Cloud EVO: The best desktop vaporizer below £200

Do you want to buy the best desktop vaporizer in the world? That’s great cause we have it in our offer! Let us introduce you to VapeXhale Cloud EVO, a desktop vaporizer that no other device can beat in terms of the vapor quality and power. Cloud EVO is the first model that managed to outperform the legendary Volcano vaporizer. VapeXhale provides the best quality vapor, both when you vaporize herbs and concentrates. The built-in Glass-On-Glass 18 mm joint lets you attach any kind of water filter or a bong. The standard VapeXhale Cloud EVO set comes with a long glass mouthpiece that cools the vapor down perfectly and guarantees the purest flavor. You can also get a so-called HydraTube, which is a dedicated water filter. If you look for the most efficient vaporization method and the best quality vapor – choose VapeXhale Cloud EVO.

You can buy VapeXhale Cloud EVO here.

If you want to learn more about other desktop vaporizers below £300, we recommend that you read the list prepared by our experts. You can find it here.

5. Essential accessories

Have you already chosen your first vaporizer? That’s great! If you want to enjoy the vaping experience to the fullest and be able to take a good care of your vaporizer, you will need some accessories.

→ Good grinder – it’s a device that you use for grinding the herbs. In the case of conduction vaporizers, the more finely ground the herbs are, the more efficient the vaping is. The best grinder for this kind of vaporizers is MFLB Finishing Grinder or Volcano Grinder. In the case of convection vaporizers, it’s enough to have a regular grinder – you’ll find a wide range of them in our offer. Check here.

→ Cleaning products – isopropyl alcohol is a popular product for vaporizers cleaning. However, since it’s a dissolver, it can have a different reaction on various materials. If you are not sure whether your vaporizer is made of materials resistant to isopropyl alcohol, choose one of the professional products designed for vaporizer cleaning. VapeCleaner is an organic cleaning product that lets you remove sticky residue even from very delicate materials. VapeCleaner is a multi use product that removes even the most stubborn resinous residue.

You can find more about cleaning your vaporizer with isopropyl alcohol here.

Find more on how to take care about your vaporiser here.

→ Herbs container – a hermetic container is a comfortable solution both for storage and transport of your favourite herbs. The right container not only locks the smell of the herbs inside, which lets you maintain discreetness but also guarantees the right humidity level of the herbs so that they don’t get too dry. You can find a wide range of specialist containers in our offer. They will all help you preserve the qualities of your herbs. Check them here.

→ Carry case for a portable vaporizer – it’s a great solution if you take the vaporizer and the accessories with you and you don’t want them to be noticeable. Smell Safe carry case from Ryot not only protects your vaporizer from mechanical damage but also blocks the smell completely, which is achieved thanks to the use of active carbon fibres between the layers of the case. The case fits the majority of vaporizers and some basic accessories, such as a herb container, a grinder or a spare battery.

Do you want to learn more about the accessories that may be useful when you start vaporization? Check this article!


6. Most common errors

Beginners who want to try vaporization usually make the same errors that often lower the quality of vaping experience or can even discourage them from the use of a vaporizer. Our experts give you advice on the types of errors you should avoid so that you make the most of the vaping experience.

→ Inappropriate preparation of herbs – if your herbs are not properly ground, the flow of air may be reduced and the amount of vapor can be smaller. Remember that in the case of conduction vaporizers, the herbs should be ground as finely as possible – the texture of sand is the best. If you use a convection vaporizer, don’ t grind the herbs too much – a medium texture that can be achieved with the use of a regular grinder should be good enough.

→ Wrong inhalation technique – when you vape, you shouldn’t inhale too fast. With a convection model, a short drag won’t generate a sufficient amount of hot air so the herbs won’t get properly heated and won’t evaporate the way they should. On the other hand, in the case of conduction models, the chamber can get cooled down too much when you take short drags and the vaporizer won’t keep up with the production of vapor. Vaporization is the most efficient with the majority of devices when you take slow, even and long drags – that’s when the largest amount of vapor gets produced.

→ Failure to clean the vaporizer – it’s crucial that you clean the vaporizer regularly. Due to the condensation, a sticky residue accumulates in every vaporizer. If you don’t clean it, the quality of vapor may drop and eventually the device can get damaged. That’s why regular cleaning is unavoidable. You can find more about the cleaning process of specific types of vaping devices in the knowledge section, where we provide lots of advice related to the use of vaporizers. You can also ask one of our experts for help.

Do you want to learn more about the most common errors? Find more in this article.

7. Got a question? Send us a message!

Remember that vaporization is a much better choice than smoking – it’s healthier, more tasty, powerful and much more economic. If you’ve read all the previous sections of this guide, you already know a lot about vaporization. Well done! However, the more we know, the more questions we ask. If there are any questions or doubts that still bother you or something is still not clear and you need advice – send us a message. Our vaping experts will be happy to answer all your questions!

8. Get your dream vaporizer today!

Remember that when you buy a vaporizer in VapeFully store, you can ask our experts for free advice. They will help you choose the perfect device that will meet your needs. This way you’ll definitely be happy with your purchase. We only sell good quality, premium vaporizers that are made of materials safe for your health. All of our products are very efficient devices, which will let you save a lot on the herbs. Do we need to say more? Make the best choice and choose vaporization! Buy your first vaporizer in VapeFully store today!