FlipBrick Vaporizer


FlipBrick is a fully convective flame-powered vaporizer, which you can mount on a water pipe. It produces extremely high-quality, intense and fresh vapor, which stands out for its clean taste and rich aromas.

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FlipBrick Vaporizer
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FlipBrick Vaporizer is the newest portable and analog vaporizer introduced by the renowned American vaporizer manufacturer, Sticky Brick Labs. FlipBrick is a fully convective flame-powered vaporizer, which you can mount on a water pipe. It produces extremely high-quality, intense and fresh vapor, which stands out for its clean taste and rich aromas.

Using FlipBrick you will achieve equally good results as using other Sticky Brick Labs vapes, but this device is much smaller and affordable. Water filtration delivers fresh and moist vapor, enhancing your vaping experience and allowing you to inhale larger amounts of vapor.

If you are a water pipe enthusiast, FlipBrick Vaporizer is a must-have for you – it will let you transform your bong into a phenomenal convection vaporizer! We highly recommend it!

Beautiful design

Similar to other Sticky Brick Labs vaporizers, FlipBrick Vaporizer is made of beautiful wood (you can choose between maple, cherry and nut) and durable hand-blown borosilicate glass. FlipBrick is visibly smaller than other models from this brand, thus its construction is quite different.

When FlipBrick Vaporizer stands on the table, it looks like HydroBrick Basic, but it distinguishes itself thanks to its differently configured wooden body. It is equipped with powerful rare earth magnets and a glass joint (a male adapter used to connect the device to a water pipe) that rotates, making it possible to insert it into a water pipe without tipping the herb chamber.

This is an important change – previous models of Sticky Brick Labs intended for use with water filtration systems required either a special bubbler or the use of a hose. The design of FlipBrick Vaporizer makes connecting the water filter much easier and does not require any additional accessories.

Simple to use

Operating FlipBrick is very simple. This device has no batteries or any electronic components. Only hot air, produced by a torch lighter and that travels through the intake tube, is used to heat your flowers. 

As hot air is introduced into the chamber, it activates an intense production of vapor. It is important to emphasize that this heating method is completely safe for your health – the combusted butane from the torch lighter is fully depleted, never coming into contact with you or the herbs. You will inhale only vapor. We suggest however, to only use clean butanewe recommend the highest purity Colibri butane.

Although the technique of inhalation is very simple once it is mastered, it does present a slight learning curve at the beginning of your FlipBrick Vaporizer adventure – some users need several attempts to get satisfying results. This could be considered a disadvantage by some, but the vaping experience provided by FlipBrick is definitely worth the little effort of practicing the proper inhalation technique.

Advantages of FlipBrick

FlipBrick delivers potent and dense vapor just a few seconds after applying the jet-flame. It is also possible to pause your session at any time – it is a classic on-demand vaporizer, which allows you to personalize your sessions.

The quality and intensity of the vapor produced by FlipBrick Vaporizer is outstanding. As the vapor is water-filtered, it is extremely aromatic and fresh – as a consequence the user can comfortably inhale quite large amounts of it.

FlipBrick is ideal for both beginner and advanced users, who are interested in a powerful vaping experience – only 2-3 draws are enough to feel the desired results. 

Amazing performance

The FlipBrick Vaporizer’s extraction efficiency is truly amazing – an average session requires about  0.15 g of flowers. This translates into significant savings of plant material, making it an ideal vaporizer for those wishing to reduce their expenses on herbs

FlipBrick is considered an WPA, a water pipe adapter, offering you the possibility to directly connect it to any water filtration system, such as a bong, bubbler or water pipe. These compatibility requirements are met by all the devices available in our product range in the Water Filtration category. The FlipBrick Vaporizer set includes male glass connectors suitable for water pipe joints 14.4 mm or 18.8 mm. ​​You can exchange these joints on the WPA brick and then connect the male piece to the female fitting on your bong or water pipe.

If you want the best of both worlds, pure aromas and fresh, moist vapor, FlipBrick is the right device for you! Like all Sticky Brick Labs, FlipBrick Vaporizer stands proudly behind its products, offering a full manufacturer’s warranty. This device is suitable for anyone who can’t choose between water pipes and vaporizers, but dreams of turning their favourite bong into a powerful vaporizer. We definitely recommend it!

Benefits and Defects

  • excellent aroma and vapor potency;
  • great extraction efficiency and savings of the materials;
  • on demand vaporization
  • dense vapor in just a few seconds;
  • internet price.
  • requires mastering of the inhalation technique;
  • it does not work without a water pipe.


– FlipBrick Vaporizer;
– 14.5 mm adapter;
– 18.8 mm adapter;
– jet-flame torch lighter (without gas);
– spare strainers (6 pcs);
– steel stirrer for herbs.

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