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Vaporizers / Aromatherapy

Vaporization is a process in which herbs are heated up to a temperature high enough to extract all the natural properties out of them, without generating any tar or carcinogenic substances, which distinguished vaporization from smoking. It’s the most effective, the healthiest and definitely the most pleasurable form of inhalation. Read more about other aspects of vaporization: Why vape?

A vaporizer is an electronic device used for vaporization. It heats up herbs to a required temperature so that the plants release their natural properties: medicinal, relaxing, calming, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, expectorant and many more – depending on the type of herb. Vaporizers are divided into two main groups – portable and stationary/desktop devices. Read more about vaporizers here: What is a vaporizer?

Yes, absolutely! It’s the best way to absorb all the properties from herbs, and aromatherapy below 200°C is completely harmless because below this temperature no tar substances are produced. What’s more, when you buy from VapeFully, you can be sure that all the products are made of materials that are safe for your health and that their vapor path is separated from the electronic parts. We make a series of tests on each device before we decide whether we include it in the range of top-notch VapeFully products.

Basically, convection vaporizers are more efficient because they extract more active substances from the plant. Those vaporizers let you cease and resume a vaping session at any time. Conduction vaporizers are usually cheaper, they reach the required temperature faster and their batteries last longer on one charge. Read more about the differences between conduction and convection here.

The main goal of vaporization is a healthy and harmless inhalation. That’s why all the Premium Vaporizers (all the vaporizers available in VapeFully store) are made of materials that are safe for your health. Your safety is our priority, that’s why we provide only verified devices.

When you vaporize herbs that require low vaporization temperatures, no vapor should be produced. Otherwise, it might result from incorrect use of the device or preparation of dry herb for vaporization. If you need advice related to the above, send us an e-mail to

CBD oil is not suitable for vaporization.

Everyone has individual needs and budget. For one, a session vaporiser will be the best. For someone else – an on-demand device. Some people like vaping in a group, others prefer vaping solo. Once you ask yourself the right questions, you’ll know which vaporizer will meet your expectations and won’t break the bank. Read this article, in which our experts help you choose a vaporizer that’s tailor-made for your neds. If you still have any doubts, contact us at and we’ll help you pick the right device.

The majority of vaporizers are very easy to use, but some devices are more complicated than others. If you look for a vaporizer that’s very easy to use (e.g. one that will be perfect for bigger parties that no one will remember afterwards), send us an e-mail at – we got more than one party started;-).

The efficiency of vaporization depends largely on how well you grind the herb. It should be finely ground for a conduction vaporizer and medium-ground for a convection device. Find out more about grinders and herb grinding in this article.

Each herb has a different vaporization temperature. Some vaporizers are not suitable for vaping certain types of herbs. Check what vaporization temperatures there are for the herbs we recommend so that you know whether they are right for your vaporizer.

Vaporizers are devices designed for aromatherapy and they are completely legal. All the vaporizers in our offer are made for vaping only legal herbs and – in the case of certain models – extracts. The devices we offer are not made for or technically adapted to e-liquids vaporization, tobacco or any other products containing nicotine.

CBD dry herb is completely legal Cannabis Sativa L., rich in CBD (cannabidiol) and with only trace amounts of THC – below 0,2% in dry material. This makes CBD herb free from any intoxicating properties, thereby the product is legal. Each batch of CBD herb is tested in an independent laboratory to check the cannabinoids content, as it often differs from the value declared by the herb producer. That’s why we removed products from IdroGrow brand and a few other producers from our offer.

CBD herb should not be mistaken for medical marijuana, which is made from a different type of Cannabis.

CBD dry herb is not intended for consumption.


If you place your order before 3 pm, Monday to Friday, we send it out the same day. All the orders placed after 3 pm will be processed the next working day. Within European Union, parcels are delivered in 2-5 working days (depending on the country). If you order from outside EU, the delivery may take longer due to customs clearance.

Orders are shipped from our modern distribution centre in Poland, near Warsaw.

We offer various payment methods so that the payment process is both easy and safe for you. You can pay by Visa and MasterCard, as well as through PayPal. We also offer the SofortBanking payment option so you can make an easy payment from such countries as Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden, Hungary, Great Britain and Italy.

We offer free shipping for all orders above EUR 40, within the European Union. Shipping costs for orders that don’t exceed this amount is EUR 7 (courier, priority).

To find out more about shipping costs to other European countries, check the Shipment section.

If you want to get a discount code, follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Also, if you sign up to our e-mail newsletter, you will automatically get a one-off 5% discount. In the newsletter, we send lots of useful information about vaporization. Plus, you’ll be among the first to know about our current offers and discounts!

On average, you won’t wait more than a week for a product that’s currently out of stock to be back. However, if you are particularly interested in a specific product, contact us to check the exact delivery date.

If your order status says ‘On hold’ or ‘Awaiting payment’ (even though you have already paid), contact us to check why we were not able to process your order.

Contact us ASAP via e-mail and inform our consultant about the situation. If the order hasn’t left our distribution centre, we’ll be able to change the shipping info. Otherwise, you’ll have to contact the courier directly.

We do our best to give you value for your money. That’s why provide a great pre-purchase support, free shipping, a 30-day money back guarantee, as well al loyalty programme, instant shipping, a wide offer and – above all – an exceptional expert support.

However, we know that price matters too, so we launched our Best Price Guarantee Programme. Have you found a better offer at an authorised seller? Send us a link – we’ll check if we can beat it or at least match it for you. NOTE – We can’t always guarantee a better price point, se we reserve the right to refusal. But make sure you try – you never know 😉

Service and Returns

It depends on whether your order has already been processed or not. Contact us and ask about the possibility of order modification. Give us your order number and let us know which item(s) you’d like to add. The sooner you get in touch with us, the higher the chances are that we’ll be able to modify the order for you.

Your browser crashed or you snoozed while chewing a ar of Snickers and you didn’t get to do the payment? It’s not too late! Get in touch with us and we’ll send you the info for a transfer.

Unfortunatelly, we don’t offer personal pick-ups at the moment.

You can easily track your parcel by clicking the link that you got in the e-mail with the shipping confirmation. You will also find that information in your VapeFully account.

If you placed your order a few days ago and you still didn’t get your parcel delivered, make sure you let us know by e-mail so we can take necessary action.

Yes, of course – just let us know ASAP that you want to do it. If the parcel has already been sent out from our distribution centre, you’ll need to send it back to us, along with a return form filled out.

If your parcel has been delivered damaged, make sure you inform the courier about it and that you fill out the damage form and take photos. Send the form and the photos to us by e-mail so we can verify it and decide about the best solution.

It often happens that a customer makes a complaint about a product that works properly but isn’t being used the right way. If you’re not sure whether you should make a complaint about your vaporizer, contact us at and let us know what the problem is. Our support team is made of experts who know this business like no one else! Sometimes you just need to ask, and we’ll be able to solve most problems remotely. If it’s not possible, we’ll let you know that you need to carry out a quick complaint process (if you’re still under warranty period).

You can make a complaint in a few steps:

1. Make sure your device is under a warranty period;

You can check the warranty period on your product card in the Technical data tab.

2. Complete this form;

3. Prepare the package for shipment:

a) If you make a complaint about a vaporizer, the product should be cleaned very well using e.g. VapeCleaner. An uncleaned unit may result in immediate rejection of the complaint.

b) On the outer part of the package write the RMA number you received from us after completing the form. This will let us easily identify the parcel and will significantly reduce the time of processing the complaint. Inside, attach a card saying “Device sent for warranty service”.

4. Send the package to the following address:


Szkolna 9/2

61-632 Poznan, Poland

Complaints are considered within maximum 14 days, but we do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Your satisfaction is our priority, which is why we offer the right to return the goods up to 30 days within the date of purchase!

You can return a product in a few steps:

1. Fill out this form to receive an RMA number;

2. Prepare the package for return:

a) On the outside of the package write the RMA number you received from us after completing the for. This will let us easily identify the parcel and will significantly reduce the refund time. Inside, attach a card saying “Return of used / unused product to the online store”.
b) If you return a vaporizer you used, be sure to clean it using e.g. VapeCleaner.

3. Send the package to the following address:
Szkolna 9/2
61-632 Poznan, Poland
You will receive a refund within a week of receipt of the parcel at the latest.

Privacy and Security

Yes, all the parcels sent from VapeFully store are fully discreet. We guarantee an indistinctive packaging and a private sender address, along with a phone number that even the nosiest neighbour will never find on the Internet 😉 You can feel completely safe.

We take the security of your personal data very seriously. Your data has been and will always be used only to process the order – we will never share your data. We also use the most secure SSL certificate that secures payment transactions. We also offer the option of placing an order without creating an account.

We make sure that the product you receive is in the best possible condition. To guarantee that, we add paper fillers inside carton packaging. They are the most eco-friendly and very easy to dispose of. This way, we care both about the protection of your parcel and of our Planet.

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