VapCap M7 & M7XL Vaporizer


The VapCap M7 vaporizer (and its extended version M7XL) delivers phenomenal vapor quality, is extremely efficient, and allows for the most effective use of dry herbs. A 100% analog device, free from batteries, made in the USA. Highly recommended!

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VapCap M7 & M7XL 85,00 

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The VapCap M7 and VapCap M7XL Vaporizers – a New Incarnation of the Legend. Double the excitement!

The latest incarnation of the legendary M series from DynaVap brings not one, but two versions of the iconic vaporizer – the standard length (92 mm) M7 and the extended M7XL version (109 mm). Besides their lengths, they differ by an additional mouthpiece in the XL version and in vapor cooling – the longer version cools it slightly better and also features a new generation condenser without seals. Both models are characterized by what fans have loved the M series for – excellent vapor quality, brilliant efficiency, and great durability – both models are made 100% of stainless steel, and their production takes place in the USA.

What’s new in the VapCap M7 vaporizer?

The VapCap M7 and M7XL vaporizers have a completely new body. It is smooth yet has a porous texture, providing an incredibly secure grip and a pleasant visual experience. The air inlet is also new, and easier to partially cover, although we recommend doing this only when inhaling through a water filter – in the case of standard use, it’s best not to cover the air inlet at all – the vapor will still be dense. The manufacturer has abandoned the profiled mouthpiece, giving the body a uniform shape.

The heating chamber tip is also completely new. It does not have cooling ribs, yet it significantly prevents the body from heating up, which was reduced by 20%. Most importantly the new tip has a much larger thermal mass, ensuring better heat retention and faster active substance extraction.

VapCap M7 & M7XL – a strong player

Both models deliver the same excellent quality vapor – it is smooth, has a clean taste, and is highly efficient, appreciated even by experienced users. In the case of the XL version, the vapor is also slightly better cooled, but the difference is not colossal. The chamber holds about 0.1 g of dry herb, but its capacity can be reduced by half, making the VapCap M7 an ideal tool for microdosing. In both cases, it is the right amount to achieve the desired effects. Compared to earlier models, the VapCap M7 and M7XL are characterized by significantly faster extraction, more intense vapor, and greater heat retention in the chamber, allowing for more inhalations in one heating cycle. We can also heat the tip in one place, below the cap, and achieve full extraction in one heating cycle.

No batteries, no problem

The VapCap M7 and M7XL are 100% analog devices – they do not have any electrical or electronic components. This means reliability, and combined with almost entirely stainless steel construction, also means great durability. No battery means no need to charge it and no other issues related to it. The VapCap M7 can be heated with a butane torch or an induction heater. After heating its tip, the cap will emit a characteristic click to indicate the optimal temperature has been reached. When the temperature drops, the cap will click again to signal the need for reheating. It’s a brilliantly simple and effective temperature control method!

VapCap M7 & M7 XL Vaporizer – check it out!

After years of minor changes, we finally received a model from the M series that works differently than all previous ones, without the need for alternative heating methods, although they are still possible. The VapCap M7 and its extended version M7XL, though modest, are powerful vaporizers, offering excellent vapor quality, fabulous efficiency, and remarkable durability. Combined with a favorable price, this makes them an extremely profitable solution. We recommend the VapCap M7 and M7XL vaporizers to both beginners and experienced users.

Benefits and Defects

  • Excellent vapor quality;
  • Clean vapor taste;
  • High efficiency and dry herb savings;
  • Quick extraction;
  • Strong performance;
  • Excellent for water filtration;
  • The ritual of usage.
  • Requires some practice;
  • No accessories included in the set.


– Does not include accessories in the set. We recommend equipping yourself with VapeCleaner liquid and a butane torch.

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